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Case Study: KISSinsights & KISSmetrics – The 1-2 Punch for Increasing Conversion

Update: KISSinsights has been acquired by CatchFree. The tool is now called Qualaroo. They provide the product and all the support.

This is a guest post written by Anand Rajaram. Anand likes to create products that people love (and use). He is the “product guy” at OfficeDrop. This post is a case study that illustrates the powerful synergistic effect a company can get when using both KISSmetrics and KISSinsights to solve conversion funnel problems.

The Problem

We expanded our product offerings

But growth wasn’t expanding along with it

We knew we had a problem – but what?

And how should we fix it?

The Context

OfficeDrop had originally set out as a startup focused on offering a document scanning service to consumers and small businesses using Netflix-style prepaid envelopes. In the middle of 2010, using the principles of customer development, we had:

  1. Launched a new cloud-connected scanning software.
  2. Narrowed down our target market to 1-25 person small businesses (by offering accounts with multiple users and auditing).
  3. Expanded our product offering to plans that offered only a self-scan option (No mail-in scanning).

Our new focus seemed to be paying off, as visits to our website doubled very quickly in the summer of 2010. New customer sign ups also increased, but at a lower rate. Our conversion funnel was clearly not keeping up with our growth, but where exactly was the problem?

So, is our funnel leaking or are we not filling it right?

Either our new positioning was not bringing the right target to the top of the funnel or potential customers were entering the sign up process and then leaving. We didn’t know which.

We needed better data. With our free analytics provider at the time, the conversion data almost never matched with our own database. We also needed to know where in the funnel potential customers were falling off of the conversion cycle. Enter KISSmetrics.

Funnel v 1.0

Once we installed KISSmetrics we had a much better visualization of our conversion funnel. And it was leaking:

pricing page conversion funnel

Users came to the pricing page from multiple landing pages and then to a registration form and a confirmation for signing up.

This visually rich funnel makes it obvious that we were losing people from both our pricing page (Step 1) and signup form (Step 2). We needed to improve both.

So our next goal was to identify what is wrong with our pricing page (including the prices), and how we can improve the entire sign up process.

Right question at the right time = Right answer every time

We had already done some qualitative testing on the pricing (via services like, so we wanted to try something different. More importantly, we wanted insights into users’ thought process when they had the most context  – when they were on the pricing page trying to decide if they wanted to purchase our product or not.

We tried initiating Live Chat with users in the pricing page, but it wasn’t particularly productive or effective. Enter KISSinsights.

We knew that visitors spent an average of one and half minutes on the pricing page, so we configured a KISSinsights survey that asked “Is our pricing clear”?, once a user has spent 40 seconds. This delay ensures that we are get answers from highly qualified (that is, highly interested) visitors.

website pricing survey questions

What we learned

In short order, we got 20 insightful responses saying, “Not so much, here is why” with several recurring themes.

The most important source of confusion was that the pricing page did not make the obvious difference between our new product, self-scanning plans and the mail-in scanning service.

What we did

Like almost everything else that we do here, we adopted an iterative and incremental approach to fix our funnel. Phase 1 was very quick copy edits to the pricing page. Simple steps increased the differentiation between mail in scanning plans and self-scanning digital filing solutions.

Funnel v 1.1 – 15% increase in conversion from incremental changes

We then A/B tested the two pricing pages and found a 15% increase in conversion and a corresponding a 15% increase from the pricing page to the sign up page.

website funnel 15 percent increase

During this period, there was also a 10.5% increase in visitors saying the pricing was clear. We were also pleasantly surprised when some of our users reported that they really liked the “pop-up thingy”. It was an easy and effective way to reinforce our commitment to listen to them. For us, this was also a very effective way to augment our input from “getting out of the building”.

kissinsights increase in clarity

Funnel v 2.0 – 40% increase in conversion from larger workflow changes

Our original sign up form was single long sign up form that asked for all details in one-shot. KISSmetrics allowed us to clearly see that we were losing a lot of interested parties after they had clicked through to the form. There were two important changes that we made to the form. First, we reduced the number of fields in the form to enable an easier sign up process. We also significantly improved the look and feel of the sign up form, such that it blended with the main site’s look and feel.

website conversion funnel example

The form started converting much more efficiently, and we saw a 40% improvement in a matter of days.

Summary of results

Increase in Conversion for step Increase in overall conversion Time to gather actionable data Time to implement changes
Phase 1 ~ 15% ~ 15% < 1 week 1 day
Phase 2 ~ 40% ~40% < 1 week 2-3 weeks


So, what are the lessons learned?

In hindsight, a lot of changes, tweaks and adjustments may seem obvious. But, to quote the American statistician, Williams Edwards Deming, “In God we trust, everyone else must bring data”.

For startups seeking to iterate through the Build->Measure->Learn Loop, having this data and insight makes it easy to commit resources to where it is needed the most and where it will have the maximum impact.

  • Data is gold, only when it is actionable.
  • Asking users the right question at the right time, gives you a real answer.
  • Always be testing and measuring.

How do you gather input from your customers and visitors? And how do you use it to improve your conversion?

About OfficeDrop

OfficeDrop is a cloud filing system, scanner software provider and document scanning service that helps small businesses manage paper and digital documents.

  1. Data overload is a bad thing. I have learned half the battle is to define the actionable data. If data leads you to a corrective action its worth it. Hard lesson though.

  2. That is a truly great example of when to gain the customer voice for best results, and the dividends it can pay. I really love the simplicity of your tool.

  3. Anand,

    What does it mean “we configured a KISSinsights survey that asked “Is our pricing clear”? – Does the survey automatically popup after a minute. Also, so yo have any data many left the page because of the survey popup? (meaning – how many considered that as an intrusion?)


    • Anand Rajaram Mar 02, 2011 at 3:21 am

      @Mads: Among other things (such as first time visitor, repeat visitor etc,.) you can also configure when the survey pop-up should be displayed. We had it show up after 40 seconds. We knew that people spent an average of 60-80 seconds on that page, so showing it after 40 seconds was a way we could target “good leads” (people who are genuinely interested). KissInsights also shows you how many times the pop-up was displayed, so you can use that to tweak when the pop-up is displayed.

      Finally, no, I don’t have specific data on the survey pop-up vs the bounce rate for that page. That would be an interesting data point indeed, but we didn’t see any big changes to the bounce rate for that page when the survey was running.

      • We know that the pop-up did not cause the conversion rate to change at all, so it most likely did not annoy anyone. Or at least anyone who was looking to purchase.
        Healy (marketing @ OfficeDrop)

      • Thanks Anand & Healy for your replies. I saw these kind of popups in couple of websites and personally they didn’t annoy me (May be i am in a ‘self-selected’ group !!!)

      • Great information Anand! I think you just need to test it out and see how your visitors respond.

    • The survey pop-ups from KISSinsights are not intrusive. I’ve seen two variants of their survey pop-ups (one on the Skitch website and the other on KISSmetrics). Both were unintrustive.

  4. Easy Fundraising Oct 31, 2011 at 8:21 am

    Thanks for all the data and graph do you mind if i use them as long as i accredit you website?

  5. Adarsh Thampy Jan 01, 2012 at 9:28 am

    It’s always nice to understand where you are losing your customers. Can you tell us how exactly KISSinsights helped you improve the order form conversions? Did you ask questions during the ordering process?

  6. This is so ironical, when I try and click on the small feedback option which ask me about whether to receive updates via Email : I get a 404 :) I wish this wss tested. Don’t expect such thing from Kissmetrics. Timestamp : 9:19-9:21 PM IST.

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