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17 Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content

Some people have so much success with their content marketing strategies that they have hundreds of thousands of readers. Of course, great content is a big part of the equation, but the other, often overlooked area of content marketing is content promotion.

This post will cover some of the more advanced techniques for promoting your content. The most successful content marketers use them, and they are reaping all of the rewards.

Here is how you can attract scores of new visitors with your content:

1. Ask an Influencer for a Killer Quote

Before publishing your new piece of content, reach out to an influencer or influencers in your industry. Tell them the topic of your content and ask if they would be willing to provide a point of view.

You can reach influencers at scale with BuzzStream. Fill in information about a specific niche (keywords), and you’ll get tons of contact information for people in those niches. You’ll be able to contact them via email and social media, which will allow you to ask for quotes about your topics and for other information that we’ll talk about later in this post.

buzz stream

Here is a more detailed description of BuzzStream and how to use the tool.

If your piece of content is a blog post, put the quote in the post and add a link to the influencer’s website and social media accounts, such as Twitter. Once the article is published, email the influencer and tell them the content is published and ask them to share it on social media and possibly include it in their email newsletter.

This accomplishes two things: 1) you gain exposure to a new audience, and 2) your content becomes more reputable because you’re associating yourself with an influencer in your industry.

Reach out to multiple influencers. You probably won’t hear back from all of them, but you should hear back from at least one or two.

Here is a message template you can use:

2 new message to infl

2. Create 20+ Snippets for Mega Sharing on Social Media

SEMrush pulled out a statistic for their snippet in this tweet.

A piece of content should produce 20+ snippets that you can share on social media. A snippet can be any of the following:

  • Variations of the title
  • Short statements from the content
  • Short quotes from the content
  • Statistics from the content
  • And much more

Go into your content and pull out at least 20 snippets. Then share the snippets on social media over the next several weeks or even months. If the content does well, continue using the snippets.

Additionally, there are a few WordPress plugins and tools that make it easy to tweet old content:

Buffer also is a great tool for sharing posts, new and old, on social media. You can queue an unlimited number of posts and set up custom schedules for the times you want to share them.

3. Mention Your Expert Sources When Sharing

Once your content is published, share it on social media and mention the people you’ve referenced. These can be part of the snippets you use from the previous section.

The people you mention will see that you’ve mentioned them and some will re-share.

Moz mentioned me when they shared this article.

4. Email Your Sources So They Read, Share, and Link to Your Content

Any time you mention someone, interview someone, include a link to someone’s article, etc., email that person to let them know you’ve done so.

Here is an email template you can use:

5 new article that mentions you

Again, you might not get every person you mention to share the article, but one or two might, and that’s more than would have otherwise.

5. Direct Message Influencers on LinkedIn So They Read, Share, and Link to the Content

Getting into an influencer’s inbox is very powerful, but not always possible. With LinkedIn, you can get in an influencer’s inbox even if you don’t have their email address. However, you need to have a connection with them on LinkedIn first.

So, with your connections, work your way up the chain. Connect with the connections of influencers. It’s easier to become a connection with an influencer if you’re a 2nd degree connection.

6 neil patel

An even better way to connect with an influencer on LinkedIn is to look at their profile to find the groups they belong to. Join one of those groups. As a member of a shared group, you’ll be able to send a connection request.

Once you have connections with influencers, you can direct message them. Your connections will get a notice in their email inbox (depending on their settings).

Here is a potential message to send:

7 new awesome guide

6. Contact People Who Have Shared Similar Content

Contact people who have shared content similar to the item you just published.

While researching your content, you probably came across such articles. Take the URLs from those articles and search for them on sites like Twitter. You’ll be able to see the people who have shared them.

Connect with them and send them a direct message. Or, if they have a website, contact them via email or via a contact form and ask them to read and share your content.

8 results for km

7. Contact People Who Have Linked to Similar Content

Find people who have linked to similar content, and contact them introducing your new (and better) content.

There are multiple tools that allow you to find links to a website or URL. Two of the best are Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer.

Identify content similar to yours. Copy the URL from these items and paste them into Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer. You’ll get a list of pages that have linked to these items. These will be your targets. To reach out and ask them to consider linking to your new (and better) content, go back to BuzzStream to find contact information.

9 ahrefs km

When you find a site that links to content similar to yours, reach out with this message (email, contact form, social media, etc.):

10 name of site owner

8. Turn the Content into a Video to Appeal to a Totally Different Audience

Take your content (let’s say a blog post or a guide), and turn it into a video.

Publish it on YouTube, Vimeo, and other online video communities where there are millions of users looking for great videos. Optimize your video to gain more exposure.

11 how to set up conversion funnels

The service OneLoad makes it easy to distribute your video to the various video sites. You upload your video to OneLoad, and they deploy it to accounts on all major video websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo!, and more.

12 video distribution

You can turn content into video, but don’t overlook the fact that creating videos as your original form of content is potentially the best way to go. Once you record and publish a video, you can pull out the audio to create a podcast. You can pull out the transcription from the video to create a blog post and .pdf. You also can use the video content to create slideshows for SlideShare. Start with a video, and you can repurpose the content into many different forms for various communities.

People are watching more video now than ever before. Search engines recognize this trend, and they’re giving video more space in the search engine results pages.

Here is an example of this in action for the search “how do colors affect purchases”:

13 color psych serp

You see the YouTube video result. The key to this result is not that you are the first result on the page. It’s that Google will include a thumbnail of the video, which increases click-through rate. You can attract a lot of additional clicks by having your videos show up in the search results even if you don’t rank in the first or second position.

9. Turn the Content into a Slide Deck to Attract another Audience

Turn your content into a slide deck on SlideShare. It’s estimated that SlideShare receives tens of millions of unique visitors each month. That’s one of the biggest audiences on the web. According to Alexa, it’s in the Top 150 sites in the world.

Optimize the title and description. SlideShare also will transcribe the deck for you so all of your content can be crawled by search engines like Google and Bing.

SlideShare presentations, like YouTube videos, often rank very high in search results so you’re giving your content an even better chance of being found, and you’re repurposing your original piece into another format that targets another audience which may not have seen your content.

Here are a few resources for using SlideShare effectively:

14 converting the 98

It’s easy to turn webinars into decks, but you can do the same with blog posts, videos, and more.

As with all of the different forms of content that you create, upload your slideshow to different slideshow sites and communities online. Include a link back to your site and original content. Here are places to upload your slideshow:

10. Turn the Content into a .pdf

Use a .pdf as an opt-in to capture email leads on your website.

Hire a designer using a freelance website like Microlancer. They can create a .pdf template that represents your brand. Then send them a transcription of your content and have them paste it into the template.

The first template design might cost up to $200, but it should be less for future items that use the same template.

15 km marketing guides

As with other content formats, you’ll want to share your .pdf content on .pdf sites and communities. Optimize the descriptions on these sites so you get links back to your site and original content.

Here are a few places to upload your .pdf:

11. Add a Link to Your New Content from Your Most Popular Archived Content

Go to your analytics program of choice and look for the most popular pages on your website. Don’t look at the all-time most popular pages because those can be skewed to older content. You want to highlight the content that is being heavily trafficked right now. So, look over the last six months or even the last month.

Next, use Social Crawlytics to determine your most shared content. To use the tool, you’ll type in your URL to find the most shared content on your site.

Next, on the most trafficked and shared pages on your site, add links to your new content. You can add links within the text. You also can put an advertisement in the sidebar or put a related content section at the bottom of the page, like this:

16 other awesome posts

You can use sections below previous posts or add links within the content.

12. Submit to Content Communities

There are a number of sites that allow you to submit your content so their established audience has the opportunity to see it. The competition is strong on these sites, but if your content is exceptional (which you should always shoot for), you’ll likely attract some attention and get some good traffic.

Sites to submit content to include:

17 blog engage

With Blog Engage, you can submit your content to be seen by a large audience.

13. Promote the Content on StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Service

StumbleUpon has a great paid discovery service that is perfect for content. Use this service to promote your new piece of content. You’ll pay for each visitor.

StumbleUpon users can be picky and they can make quick decisions about the content they see. Make sure your content has a clear and interesting title along with some kind of image at the top so you can intrigue the StumbleUpon audience.

18 stumble upon paid discovery

StumbleUpon can send more traffic to your content than other popular social networks.

14. Create Content Ads on Outbrain

Outbrain is a service that promotes content on other pieces of content. For example, if you’ve read articles on a publication site like Fast Company, you’ve probably seen sections below the articles that promote other content.

19 fast company

When people are finished reading, they look for more content.

You can use Outbrain to bring lots of traffic to your content. The cost per click is relatively low compared with other advertising platforms, and you can target your ideal audience. It’s a good way to attract people who already are engaged with content similar to yours.

There are additional services like Outbrain that you can use as well:

15. Turn Your Content into a Killer Magazine on Flipboard

20 business stories

Sign up for the Flipboard app on your smartphone or tablet. You also can sign up on the Flipboard website using Facebook or Google sign-in. Next, install the Flipboard bookmarklet for Chrome. Go to the URL of your content and add it to your new Flipboard magazine.

Collect the best content for your niche, both yours and other great content, to create an amazing collection of content. Flipboard turns the content into a beautiful magazine that is a pleasure to read on a smartphone or tablet. Millions search for content within the app. By creating a must-see magazine with fresh, relevant content, you’ll attract readers.

You can mention other Flipboard users within the app to let them know you’ve included their content in your magazine, and you can mention other users to let them know they might be interested in checking out your magazine.

Big time brands like Inc., Fast Company, Huffington Post, NPR, and more all share content on Flipboard, and you can take advantage of the opportunity, too.

16. Publish Snippets on Sulia to Share with Millions

Update: Sulia shut down in October of 2014

Sulia is a content-sharing site where the pressure is on your headlines and descriptions to capture the attention of the millions who use the site to find content.

Sign up for a Sulia account. Add the URL to your content. Create a catchy headline and catchy description. Then share the content with people on the site who are interested in your niche.

Sulia is perfect for using snippets from your content to get attention.

In the example below, Ad Age shared a video featuring Gary Vaynerchuk. They could have shared just the video with a basic headline and description, but they used a quote from the video in the description.

Quotes, statistics, and more can increase clicks from content-sharing sites like Sulia.

21 ad age gary vaynerchuk

17. Share the Content on Your Tumblr Feed

Here’s an example of a niche business using Tumblr: Writer’s Relief. The company uploads regular content to Tumblr. The majority of the content they upload consists of photos, illustrations, and other visual items. You can see that these items (and the items Writer’s Relief shares from its own website and blog) are shared by followers.

Here are two ways to share content on Tumblr:

First, include a link with each of your updates. Make it a call-to-action. Your followers will see the link, and so will the people who follow the people who re-share your update.

Second, when you share content, include links in the first couple of paragraphs. Here is an example from Writer’s Relief:

22 self published book authors

See that link to “self-published” in the first sentence? That link is shared not only on Writer’s Relief’s Tumblr page, but also on the Tumblr pages of the other 67 people who shared it. That’s potential for a lot of links.

With this strategy, you get a link to your main content (which, in this case, was a blog post) and to another piece of content because you put in a link early in the post.

The Takeaway

In order for your content marketing strategy to succeed, you need to increase your promotion efforts. The methods outlined above are the same strategies used by the most successful content marketers in the world. Now it’s your turn to build a big audience.

Tell Us What You Think

Did we leave out an interesting or under-the-radar promotion strategy that you’ve had success with? Please share your advice in the comments. We want to hear from you so this list can be expanded!

About the Author: Aaron Agius, CEO of worldwide digital agency Louder Online is, according to Forbes, among the world’s leading digital marketers. Working with clients such as Salesforce, Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel, and scores of stellar brands, Aaron is a Growth Marketer – a fusion between search, content, social, and PR. Find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or on the Louder Online blog.

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    • Bonnie, it does take work – a lot of it. Getting the content in front of the right people can be very labor intensive and time consuming. At first there are not many options other than to get in and do the work yourself while your blog is building an audience. Once you are getting traffic to the site, capture that audience by getting them to opt-in to a mailing list so you have a pre-built audience moving forward.

      Content marketing takes a lot of time and effort and the most successful content marketers are spending far more than a day of work marketing an individual blog post. A number of people mention spending 20% of your time creating an amazing piece of content (regardless of how many hours it actually takes to put it together), and then 80% of the time actually marketing that content.

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    • Bonnie, these strategies are made to scale. When I first started I had limited resources and tried to do everything I could fit into my day. As time progressed and I received more traffic I was able to do A to Z with quicker turnaround. It’s all about getting the processes down :)

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  69. David Anderson Sep 07, 2015 at 2:24 am

    Submit your content to blog and make an article that will help u to grow more traffic to your website

  70. Chris Huntley Oct 09, 2015 at 11:47 am

    Hey Neil,
    Wow, thanks so much for this guide.

    I’ve heard of a lot of these strategies but tried few. I think the major stumbling block I have is with SO many options, which ones give you the best return on your time?

  71. I totally don’t agree with you.
    By constantly contacting influencers you will be blocked by them.
    I get messages on daily basis from authors who ask for my support, opinion, share etc.
    It really bothers me because it is huge waste of time for me.
    And the only thing those authors get is a block, since they are only energy drainers…

  72. Great list, I would make it more up-to-date by adding more submissions communities like Reddit, DIGG, Inbound, JumzleR, and Growth Hackers.

  73. Nathan Miller Jan 15, 2016 at 9:48 am

    #1, 3, 4, 14 really stand out as really great ideas to me. Thanks for the excellent ideas. I agree with some of the other posters though that bombarding sources or anyone with more than one email a month is probably too overwhelming. Temper those outbound email campaigns for sure so you don’t come off as spammy.

  74. Thanks Neil, i think for anyone who is trying to promote their product, services or blog online…this is what they should be doing…just like me.

    My current challenge is to automate this…i spend hours creating a good post and then it takes hours optimizing it for SEO and then publishing it on social media and other content aggregator websites or related blogs.

    Also, different content format requirements don’t help much.

    Any suggestions?


  75. Here is my question: If I turn my blog post into other forms of content, should I post those other forms of content on my blog as well so that visitors can choose within my blog how they would like to experience the content?

  76. I think the best way to share your content through social media websites likes Facebook, twitter etc. also we can use relevant forums, blogs and questionnaire websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. I have wasted so many time in finding bloggers and making deal with them to share my content.

  77. There are some great tips in here – loved this post and will be discussing some of the recommended actions with my team the next time we promote some new content, as it’s easy to overlook some of these actions, but they do work!

  78. #2 is challenging indeed. 20 snippet is a big task. I am yet to use buzzstream. Is there any good or cheaper alternative of buzzstream available in the market?

  79. Great tips here. I will do #4 right away later. I used to link to other sources but I never really give them a buzz. Should have do it. Thanks for sharing. :)

  80. StumbleUpon has also shut down. You should update your post to reflect that.


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