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17 Inspirational Lessons from Some of the World’s Best eCommerce Facebook Pages

According to a study conducted by Hubspot, 70% of B2C marketers have acquired a customer through Facebook.

Moreover, ComScore reports that Facebook accounts for 14.6% of all the time spent online.

It’s evident that in today’s socially driven world, eCommerce businesses must have an active and engaging Facebook Fan Page.

However, if you need some inspiration on how to improve your presence on Facebook, we’ll look at 17 eCommerce businesses – big and small – that have a great presence on Facebook and lessons we can all learn from each page.

Note that each headline refers to how each Fan Page is using their cover photos.

#1: Promote a Giveaway


Who: eBags

What we like:

  • Great use of the cover photo to promote a timely giveaway
  • Good visual branding
  • Effective use of the Facebook Page tabs to promote giveaway

Example of a great post:


#2: Show Off Your Products/Services


Who: 99designs

What we like:

  • Fantastic visual representation of services
  • Almost every post is accompanied with a photo (great for getting more likes)
  • Changes cover photo to designs created by the community

Example of a great post:


#3: Provide Instant Clarity


Who: Shopify

What we like:

  • Cover photo clearly describes Shopify
  • Great use of real person in the cover photo
  • Very visually appealing posts
  • Effective use of images that accompany posts to their blog

Example of a great post:


#4: Incorporate New Design


Who: App Store

What we like:

  • Cover photo represents newly released iOS 7 designs
  • Promotion of top apps
  • Great use of promoting new and top apps
  • Nice combination of posts that include photos and video

Example of a great post:


#5: Support a Cause

Toms Shoes

Who: Toms

What we like:

  • Great use of fan photos on the page
  • Tabs include Instagram and Pinterest
  • Nice combination of product promotion and support for causes

Example of a great post:

toms shoes facebook post

#6: Get Some Votes

sinful sweets

Who: Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company

What we like:

  • Nice way to encourage customers to vote for Intuit’s Super Bowl Ad contest
  • Asks a lot of questions to their fans
  • Great posts of Pittsburgh related content

Example of a great post:


#7: Post Fun Facts


Who: Snapple

What we like:

  • Clever posts such as “Your desk. Your pens. Your Snapple. All members of The Hands Off Club.”
  • Great use of the fun facts to engage with fans
  • Love the Videos tab
  • Great engagement with the community

Example of a great post:


#8: Duplicate Your Website Header

swags galore

Who: Swags Galore

What we like:

  • Good use of contest in tabs to get more likes
  • Clever use of cover photo that clearly states what they sell
  • Effective use of tabs to allow for shopping on Facebook

Example of a great post:


#9: Visually Explain Your Service

trunk club

Who: Trunk Club

What we like:

  • Visual explanation of service
  • Sign up tab so users can easily register
  • Outstanding use of photos with each post
  • Good use of questions to engage fans

Example of a great post:


#10: Show Off The Team


Who: US Water Systems

What we like:

  • Important to show faces behind the business
  • Good use of tabs to allow Fans to easily contact the business
  • Effective way to promote blog by using it as a Tab

Example of a great post:


#11: Have a Call-to-Action


Who: Domino’s Pizza

What we like:

  • Promotion of ordering through web or apps in the cover photo
  • Great use of tabs – gift cards and store locator
  • Love the use of customer photos
  • Effective use of tagging customers in a post

Example of a great post:


#12: Use an Eye-Catching Photo



What we like:

  • Good use of product description and eye-catching photo as cover photo
  • Replies to customers inquiries
  • Effect use of cause-based promotions

Example of a great post:


#13: State Your Mission

vans footwear

Who: Vans

What we like:

  • Stating company’s mission statement in cover photo
  • Keeping it social with links to Twitter and Pinterest at the top
  • Outstanding use of contests within posts

Example of a great post:

Vans Shoes Facebook Post

#14: Make It Easy for Customers to Contact You


Who: Aviator Gear

What we like:

  • Small business understands the value of customer service
  • Effective use of visuals within posts
  • Good weekly themed posts

Example of a great post:


#15: State the Problems You Solve


Who: Heirlume

What we like:

  • Simple cover photo stating the problems customers have
  • Posts provide great jewelry tips
  • Effective use of photos with each post
  • Understands social is very visual – tabs are Photos, Pinterest, and Videos

Example of a great post:


#16: Promote Seasonal Campaigns

target facebook page

Who: Target

What we like:

  • Timely cover photos that promote seasonal campaigns
  • Good combination of promotional and engaging posts
  • Fantastic use of tabs (this is becoming a common theme)
  • Amazing engagement with community

Example of a great post:


#17: Tout Your Awards

bare minerals

Who: BareMinerals

What we like:

  • Touting accolades in cover photo
  • Fantastic use of tabs
  • Effective combination of posts – promotions, questions, and tips
  • Good number of customer shares for each post

Example of a great post:


About the Author: Steve P. Young is the Director of Product Marketing for SmartShoot where marketers go to get stunning photos and video from the best local photographers and filmmakers. Follow Steve on Twitter.

  1. Matthew Ozolins Oct 07, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    “#9: Visually Explain Your Service” is awesome! It is important to remove all doubt surrounding what the product actually is, and to really simplify it. Much like how products at the super market have clear sections in their packaging, so people can see what it is. I’m in marketing services, so not selling anything physical. I like to think we did a good job of visuallising the benefit of our service in our logo and branding.

    What do you think?

  2. In totality, all you need to do is make your services clearly visible to users in a manner so that they can be attracted towards being your customers. Good to show discount offers on special products will also generate user deals here.

    Joining relevant groups is another activity for needful Facebook Page Optimization. Regular activities are necessary. Great post!!

  3. Awesome, nice sharing

    I will try it in my fanspage

  4. Greatshare, get 2 points have to try:
    -Outstanding use of photos with each post
    -Good use of questions to engage fans

  5. Daisy Coleman Oct 08, 2013 at 5:58 am

    Very useful post, thanks very much. I have found from my experience on Facebook to date, that Facebook users absolutely love images as part of a post. So if any of you haven’t given this a go, think of a way you can incorporate an image as part of your post then give it a go and see whether it works for you.

  6. Your services should be clearly depicting what they are meant for. Pictures really grab attention of the people and they should be used to attract more and more potential customers.
    Great post for Facebook lessons :)

  7. I think this is a very brilliant idea and provide new insights for Internet marketing, especially for beginners how to improve high interest to the audience. examples you show are very real and I need to implement on my fan page. thanks so much for sharing the idea.

  8. I think Domino`s pizza is the most functional and help them sell products, and make money,, And they are doing this from a looooooooong time ago ,,


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