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Archive for March, 2014

How to Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media

Many businesses are publishing content as a way to build their audiences and increase traffic to their websites. However, they may not be getting everything they could from each piece of content they create. If you are serious about your content, then…

How to Find a Winning A/B Testing Hypothesis

“Let’s test button color today. It has been so long since we changed it.” Wait! Testing random ideas that are not based on well-thought out hypotheses can waste your time, money, and website traffic. To develop a successful test hypothesis, you need…

A Beginner’s Guide to Lead Conversion with Social Media

So, you’ve been publishing on Facebook, Twitter and maybe a few other social media platforms, and you’ve built up a decent following in each channel. Your audience is starting to engage more and more with your content. Maybe you’re wondering, “Okay, what’s…

Which Marketing Superhero Are You?

Today we have a fun little quiz that determines what kind of marketing superhero you are. Take the quiz below and when you’re finished, share your results with your followers! This quiz was created for the KISSmetrics Marketing Blog by

8 Fresh Customer Service Ideas Worth Stealing

Our ability to complain is enhanced by technical advances in communication. Tools like 4G networks, Google Glass, and phones that double as cameras ensure we have a continuous stream of ever more effective ways to complain. But, even today, customer service still…