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Archive for July, 2016

Customer Data: The Solution to Lead Generation

More leads, please. In most companies, it’s an ongoing process to generate interested buyers to your product and services. We want qualified leads that move effortlessly throughout the sales cycle. But the problem lies in our preparation. Some of us just don’t have…

Data-Driven CTAs for Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

The topic of conversion optimization often revolves around the call to action, with recommendations for improving conversions pointing to variations in shape, size, color, placement on page, copy, etc. That said, one factor that’s often neglected – with sometimes dire…

How Much is Bad Data Costing Your Company?

In a world of big data, bad data is becoming more and more commonplace. Part of the issue is fueled by the technology we use to help manage and organize that data. In our rush to be more on-demand, personalized and…