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3 ways to make better use of your Feedburner data

When you use Feedburner, chances are all you look at is your subscriber count. There is nothing wrong with this, but looking at your subscriber count won’t help you improve the quality of your blog. Here is how you should be using Feedburner:

Engagement – look to see how your readers are interacting with your blog posts.

Based on the data above, RSS subscribers read certain blog posts heavily and others lightly. By analyzing your “item use” data inside Feedburner it will help you understand what type of content you should be writing and what type of content you shouldn’t be writing.

Virality – knowing where your content is spreading is a great way to increase your traffic.

Analyzing the “uncommon uses” in Feedburner will help you understand where your content is spreading. For me, I found out that my content is spreading on Twitter, which means that I should try and leverage it more to increase my readership.

Loyalty – if your readers are dropping off, something is wrong.

Within Feedburner you are given the option to be notified when email subscribers unsubscribe. Understanding your drop off rate is important in helping you determine if your readers like or dislike your content.

Obviously there are other features of Feedburner, such as website analytics, however, there are better solutions out there to track your website visitors, such as Google Analytics.

  1. I didn’t know you could get an email when people unsubscribe. That is like pure motivation there. When you haven’t posted in a while, you will get tons of emails about people leaving and that will provide the fire to write something.

  2. I always get that email when people drop off, perfect way to get insight on whats going on with the subscribers.

  3. great stuff here just like vinh le i didn’t know that you could get these data very interesting

  4. Thank you for this one…Never even saw the function in Feedburner. Got new ideas for my blog from this.

  5. Thank you for sharing tips on using feedburner. It’s help me alot!


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