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4 Critical Reports You Should be Looking at to Maximize Your Facebook Marketing

Today we are going to take a dive into analytics reports that help you with your Facebook marketing. For instance, did you know that Facebook allows you to track your competitor’s pages? Well they do – we will show you how to do just that and a few other critical things.

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Bryan’s Four Favorite Tools:

  1. This is wonderful article and it provide nice information thanks for sharing this nice information

  2. Thanks Brian for the nice video.

    I guess the business potential of FB (as well as other social networks) is in its infancy yet.

    Bot I expect it to be more and more important for business owners.
    Of course, it will require some investments (time, efforts or/and money). But with the right approach it can be a gold well, because when targeting tight communities the viral power of it can be a bomb-like due to an ease of share-ability.

  3. Brian,

    Thanks for the great video. The time of day stuff is quite interesting, I hadn’t spent much time looking at that in our own analytics.

    Also thanks for the shout out about Rival IQ. Glad it is one of your fav tools! Would love to connect with you one/one if possible.

    Best, John

  4. Indeed, I think the time of day is pretty vital. Depending on your business. With any articles I publish they have to be around the time Americans are up and about, being such a vast audience. For anything smaller then I keep in mind the local English community. The thing with Facebook is it will constantly evolve over the coming years – Google Analytics is a good way to keep an eye on each change, but the best feedback’s from the people who use your site. I find, at any rate.

  5. When you add a competitor’s website to track, are they able to see that you are tracking them? Or is that confidential information?

    Thinking specifically about Report #2: Pages to Watch


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