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45 Resources on Google Search Plus Your World

If you thought that Google+ would eventually fail like other attempts by Google to enter the social media world, think again. Google has integrated Google+ into their environment in many ways, changing the way marketers must think about search and social media marketing.

The following resources will help you understand how Google+ is now integrated into search and other products, and how you can start adjusting your online marketing strategy for Search Plus Your World.

Search Plus Your World Official Resources

  • Search Plus Your World Announcement – The official announcement of Google Search Plus Your World on the Official Google Blog.
  • Search Plus Your World on YouTube – The official video introduction of Search Plus Your World by Google.
  • Inside Search – Search Plus Your World – The official page on Google Inside Search about what you’ll find with Search Plus Your World. Be sure to read through for:
    • Personal Results – With a single Google search, you can see regular search results, along with all sorts of results that are tailored to you — pages shared with you by your friends, Google+ posts from people you know, and content that’s only visible to you (like private photos from Google+ and Picasa albums).
    • Visibility of Personal Results – To learn about the visibility of the content in your personal results, you can look at the link that appears beside each result, or for photo results, hover over the photo. Personal results may be marked as Public, Limited or Only you.
    • Details About Your Personal Results – Your personal results are unique to you. This means that your private content and any content privately shared with you will not appear in the search results of others, unless this content has also been shared with them.
    • People in Your Personal Results – If you have Google+ , your personal results will include content that has been shared by people in your circles. Regardless of whether you have Google+, your personal results show content that has been shared by suggested connections who have Google+ profiles.
    • Profiles in Search – When you search for a person’s name on Google, you might see a link to a relevant Google profile in the list of autocomplete predictions. These profile links make it easier to find information about a particular person.
    • Turn Off Personal Results – You can see what your results look like without personal content by clicking the globe button on the top right-hand side of your search results page. This setting is session-specific, meaning that if you close your browser, personal results may appear next time you search. You can also turn off personal results in your search settings . This action is account-specific, meaning that personal results will remain disabled as long as you’re signed in to your Google Account .
  • Related People and PagesWant to appear in the People and Pages on Google+ related to a search query in search results (shown in the images at the beginning of the post)? Find out how on this page in Google Inside Search.

Google+ Social Integration with Other Google Products

Opinions About Search Plus Your World

Search Plus Your World and SEO

  • Google+ SEO – This comprehensive Google+ SEO guide covers every aspect and angle of Google+ and how it impacts search. The first section covers search within Google+, and the second covers Searcy Plus Your World (or Search+).
  • What the Merging of Google+ and Google Search Means to SEO – How merging of Google+ data into SERPs will impact SEO, including why Google+ can’t be exploited and suggestions for approaching SEO in a Google+ world.
  • What Google Personalized Search plus Your World Means for Marketing – SEO Tips – One of the key Google+ takeaways for marketers is that the more people who have added your personal or business Google+ page to their circles, the greater the likelihood that your content or activity will appear in their search results.
  • How Google Search Plus Your World is Changing SEO – Now, SEO needs to be as conversational as it is contextually relevant, in order to be well represented in Google’s most recent algorithmic shifts. True to form, enterprise level SEO initiatives will have to play a game of catch-up this year in order to reap new opportunities from social search results.
  • Rank for Anything You Want on Google Search Plus Your World – Right now, early Google+ brand page adopters and those who survived the Google+ business account shutdown can rank for pretty much anything they choose in the logged in searches of the people who have Circled them.
  • Link Building in the Age of Google Search Plus Your World – The value of merit-based links will never die, and that’s for sure, as it’s still the best way to characterize and qualify credible pages over the web. At this stage of search, I believe that any link that generates traffic can and will still yield rankings, attract more natural linkers and grow a brand’s online presence.
  • Google+ Will Build Your Search Traffic – Google Search Plus Your World builds organic search traffic, big-time. Say what you want about the evil-ness of the whole thing. It’s a huge opportunity, and you need to capitalize on it now.
  • Google “Search Plus” Impact on Local: Limited So Far – Examples where the searcher toggles between personalized and general Google results. In a few cases you can see AdWords differences but the organic results appear to be almost identical. However the “personal results” (top of the page) are radically different. In some cases they’re very useful, in others completely irrelevant.
  • How Google’s Social Search Shift Will Impact Your Brand’s SEO – What does a change this big mean for businesses that depend on their Google rank for traffic and sales? Personalized results are the default when users are logged into their Google account, so it will be harder to determine your rankings. It’ll also be harder for your customers to find you, and for you to get traffic from the same ranking because more often than not, Google+ results will be appearing before public listings.

Search Plus Your World and Social Media

Search Plus Your World and PPC

What are your thoughts on Google’s integration of search and social? Have you seen any impact in your rankings and organic / paid search traffic? Please share your thoughts in the comments. And if you are not a fan of personalized search results, don’t forget these alternative search engines!

About the Author: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing for personal, professional, and business bloggers.

  1. Holy crap, this is fantastic. Now I can point people to just one post on Search+!

    Oh and thanks for mentioning the link building in the age of Search+ post :).

  2. Really fantastic work Kristi Hines. :]
    The ultimate Google+ SEO Guide by AJ Kohn is the best G+ resource in my opinion.

  3. Kristi

    Thanks a brilliant resource and so much to catch up on. With a topic as rapidly involving as this its always a struggle to keep on top.

    Its interesting that you are very positive about the usage of Google+ based on how hard Google is working to integrated this from a search and social media perspective. This is all great, fine and dandy for members of the SEO and social industries. My concern however is the real world.

    Recently, i have been taking straw polls of my clients, friends, business contacts etc. I am yet to find anybody who is not involved in “our world” that has a Google+ account. I appreciate this is is not quantifiable evidence. It would be really interesting to see if their is any early research into the demographics of users?


    • I would say that the Google+ demographic is probably more of the Internet savvy folks. Different niches might have different audiences though – I know the photography niche really exploded onto Google+, regardless of how social savvy they were up to that point thanks to some well-known photographers promoting it. I think the future number of people on G+ will depend on brands and celebrities encouraging their fans to try it out, maybe with some exclusive promotions, hangouts, etc. You can get a feel for who is on G+ now by looking at’s list of top people.

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