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5 Powerful WordPress Plugins To Increase Sharing Of Your Articles

Is your business keeping up with the ever evolving blogging industry? And most importantly, are you taking any steps to make it dead easy for your readers to share your articles?

All recent research I found points towards the fact that blogging is gaining importance month over month. In 2011 alone, 14 million new blogs were added to the blogosphere.

A lot of emphasis is placed on producing the best content for your blog to drive leads to your site. And rightly so. Yet, with this post I want to go into detail about how a few great new WordPress plugins can give you a huge boost of exposure for your articles.

1. Digg Digg – More Powerful Sharing Buttons

Digg Digg is a sharing plugin, that has gotten a big overhaul recently. It offers you a slick sharebar on the left-hand side of your articles that floats down as you read.

Of course you can also decide to put buttons at the top or bottom of your articles if you prefer not to show the sliding bar. What is also worth mentioning is that the plugin features a vast amount of services, including Social Media newcomers Pinterest and Buffer as buttons.

Digg Digg floating share bar

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

There was recently some stunning research put out by BrightEdge. The company examined how the better placing of sharing buttons on your blog can drive more Social Media traffic.

A growing number of consumers trust blogs are as likely to have the same amount of sharing as traditional online news articles. This makes sharing buttons even more crucial. And the results are quite stunning:

The research found that better placing of sharing buttons can increase sharing of articles by up to 7 times, compared to those blogs who neglect it.

increase sharing of articles by up to 7 times

2. Simple Reach – The New York Times Slider Plugin For Any Business

Have you ever read an article on the New York Times? Half-way through reading a post there is a little box slides in, suggesting you to read another article from the site. And that is exactly what The Slide does from analytics company SimpleReach.

It is a simple WordPress plugin, that will present your readers with other very valuable articles from your site, as they read through your posts. It is a fantastic add-on to keep visitors longer on your site and allow them to share your articles more easily. Here is why.

simple reach plugin

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

Now the plugin doesn’t just present you with any article that slides in. It is a highly developed algorithm from social analytics company Simple Reach, that finds the most related content based on the article you are reading.

I have also reached out to the founder of the company Eric Kim, to get some data on the plugin. He mentioned to me that on average, they see a 3-4% click through rate on the suggested post presented through the slide. This is higher than any advertising banner ever achieved.

3. W3 Total Cache – 10 Times Faster Performance Of Your Blog

Another great plugin I want to introduce to you is called W3 Total Cache. It is a performance plugin. Tests from the plugin have shown to speed up the loading time of your blog by up to 10 times (according to their company website).

By having W3 Total Cache installed, every aspect of your site will be cached. This means there is less downloading time for your visitors and everything will be snappy as it should be. And here is why this is so important:

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

A while back KISSmetrics looked at how an increase in page loading time affects visitor abandonment. In an easy to understand infographic, they evaluated how faster sites can increase time spent on site and probability of sharing.

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

Here are a few examples of what massive difference a faster site can make:

  • A decrease of loading of search results by 0.5 seconds will lead to a 20% loss of traffic.
  • A speed decrease of only 0.1 seconds will lead to 1% loss of sales.

So to get interaction and sharing of your articles up, simply making your site fast, might just give you an immense boost.

4. Facebook Commenting Plugin – Truly Social Interaction For Your Blog

With over 400,000 blogs that have already installed the Facebook commenting plugin, the positive aspects of the platform can’t be denied. Existing commenting systems such as Disqus and Lifefyre definitely have a strong competitor here.

The Facebook commenting plugin is super easy to setup. You put the customized code snippet in the comments section of your theme and you are done.

Facebook commenting plugin

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

The biggest advantage I believe that the Facebook commenting system brings is the option to post to your Facebook wall at the same time of commenting. Using this on my own blog for the past few months, this has brought a large spike in Facebook shares for my site.

At the same time, you are able to give users a much easier way to interact with your content. There is no need to sign-in and users can just write away, as soon as they have something to say.

how Facebook commenting plugin helps blog posts

5. Social Metrics – Track Your Social Shares More Efficiently

The last plugin I want to mention here is one called Social Metrics. It is a fantastic solution that helps you track the number of shares of all your articles across any social network.

What I like best is that you can filter by date or category, to make it easier to understand how well your posts are doing. The compact format is definitely a great improvement to get an overview of the sharing activity of your posts.

Social Metrics WordPress Plugin

How does it increase sharing of your posts?

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve.” Goes one of the most important sayings in business. And this is particularly true for tracking of your social mentions I found.

There were two things that helped me a great deal to increase sharing after installing Social Metrics:

  • First, I was able to see that some of my articles would perform much better on networks I wasn’t particularly using, such as StumbleUpon for example.
  • Secondly, I could filter out the best performing content more easily and analyse what makes my readers share. Since then I have focused on strongly on producing and replicating those posts that performed best.

Those are my 5 top tips to help your blog posts get more shares and better leads for your business.

Over to you now. Do you take any steps to make sharing of your articles easier and better for your readers? Let me know your thoughts below.

About the Author: Leo Widrich is the Co-Founder of Buffer, a smarter way to share your Social Media updates. He blogs more Social Media tips on the Buffer blog and feel free to hit him up @leowid on Twitter anytime.

  1. Great blog, thanks for the tips!

  2. Thanks for the info, but the slider is only available in private beta! Maybe you can get them to give me an invite?!?

  3. Lysa Saavedra Mar 21, 2012 at 11:46 am

    These are great! I’m going to check them out for my own blog. Thanks for writing this.

  4. Melanie Benson Strick Mar 21, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    These are fantastic plugins! I always wondered about the slide in bar recommending other articles.

  5. I like Digg Digg but I recently had a problem with it, when I upgraded it to the latest version. I guess it’s not compatible with my theme… Anyway, this is a great article…

  6. Great tips. I can’t wait to implement them. Thank you.

  7. These are really good plugins !! But I am confused with Facebook Comment Plugin. Should we use only this feature or both of commenting features like WordPress comments as well as Facebook comments..

    My confusion is that if we will use Facebook comments then user will do FB comments only and there will be no use of inbuilt Comments System, and ultimately we will get less user interaction..

    what do you say ?

    • Hi Kulwant,

      Great to hear from you. I think this is mainly a question of preferences.

      Personally, I have seen some great results fromt the FB-commenting system, using it as the only system on my blog. The great thing is that you can trigger a lot more engagement and get rid of the friction of putting your details in to comment as most users are already logged in! :)

  8. I prefer to go with defalt comment system rather than going with any thirdparty comment system.
    Btw nice post.
    Ritesh Warke@PSE

    • Tushar Thakur Oct 13, 2012 at 9:32 am

      Totally agree with Ritesh, Because wordpress designed and optimized for it’s own commenting system rather that any other third party system.

    • Aloha Ken, Kudos to you for your fantastic CornerPeel Plugin,Just what I have been lonikog for!!Now I can send visitors, buyers’, who access my promo blogs back to my home page where they can check out even more products they may be interested in.AND, .. what can I say more about your instant Support except, You are the BEST!! Thanks again!!Sincerely,csg

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    Will be sharing this with the Manchester WordPress User group. Thanks

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    Useful, thanks .

  16. Hey Leo,

    I’ve never heard of Social Metrics before and I want to thank you for mentioning SimpleReach.

    I have watched that slide-in box on several sites and I never was able to identify what it was, thank you man!


  17. Thanks for this a very interesting article. My only concern is that I get so many recommendations for fabulous plugin for my blog there’s a real danger of over kill and conflicts. And having them all installed make it even harder to find out what is causing an issue if one occurs. Getting the balance right is a real touch one.

  18. I use blogger as a platform of my blog and going to switch to my own WordPress hosted site. I will use all of the plugins that you have described above.

  19. the new version of dig dig is ok but the previous one was terible… everytime it gives error….

  20. In the past, those wanting a fully customized installation of Drupal had to download a pre tailored version separately from the official Drupal core. Today, however, a distribution defines a packaged version of Drupal that upon installation, provides a website or application built for a specific purpose. Thanks.

  21. Feranndo veloso Jun 24, 2012 at 7:29 am

    The main issue with WP plugins is their total number in one install, and we clearly need to avoid *some” of them – otherwise our sites will get really slow, thus hurting rankings. It’s a cat and mouse game, really. :)

  22. I have used Digg Digg, ShareBar and Sexy Bookmarks but did not satisfied with their performance. Each one loads their javascript increasing load time. I prefer to use own codes.

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  30. Tina Gleisner Sep 03, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Like the recommendations as my web developer has been slow to add social media plugins to new site … but it was kind of funny that I kept looking & couldn’t find live demo showing the author proof for what he was writing. Then LOL, guess I need to jump over to Buffer blog …

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    Like how DiggDigg looks on your site but my install was failure, including Tumblr, Pocket & Buffer being displayed even though they were never checked, and changing weight to zero also didn’t help. So still looking for alternative that does something similar

  32. Great collection but missing an essential piece: MoreSharesForYou. It’s a WordPress plugin that gets your website discovered and shared by a great community on their own social network accounts: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    It’s a social exchange site that basically gets your content discovered and shared by an amazing WordPress community.

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  34. Amreen Dhurue May 31, 2015 at 9:59 pm

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  35. Hemang Rindani Nov 17, 2015 at 9:04 am

    Nice article.

    WordPress supports many inbuilt or third party plugins to help build a strong website, however it is important to consider using the plugins that does not pose a security threat. Make use of inbuilt plugins or create customized tools to improve website efficiency. Keep the plugins updated to use the latest features. W3 Total Cache is a great plugin that helps to speed up the loading time by storing the previous session details on the local server and fetch the same as and when required. It also consider the safety of data and provides a secured data transfer network.

  36. Excellent post. I already use WP Sharely, which I HIGHLY recommend. That app alone made me start thinking of epic lists or pieces of information that my readers would NEED. This forced all my readers to share, which drove up the social signals exponentially. So, again, the best way to use WP Sharely, is to end your post with something so awesome, that no matter who they are, they will share.

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