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Are you viral?

Have you found it hard to make your website viral? We have had this pain for years, which is why we decided to create Product Planner. So what’s Product Planner?

Product Planner was born out of the need to help you understand and create user flows for your website. The idea is that by looking at examples of other successful websites and web applications, you can get a better idea of how to virally grow your site.

One of the sites on the web that has had tremendous viral growth is YouTube. Here is a break down of YouTube’s important user flows:

YouTube – Share Loop

As you can see from the diagram above, YouTube’s share loop is a complete circle because the process never ends. This is one of the main factors that caused YouTube videos to spread like a wildfire.

YouTube – Embed Loop

Similar to the share loop, the embed loop is also a complete circle. By being a complete circle the cycle never ends, which is why there are millions of YouTube videos embedded on websites and blogs.

YouTube – Sign Up Flow

Unlike the previous 2 examples, their sign up process isn’t a complete circle and it doesn’t have a viral aspect to it. This could be because YouTube wants users to fill out their profile first before having them connect with other members, but if they want to create a viral sign up loop they could use something similar to Twitter’s sign up loop.

How can you use Product Planner?
Most of the examples on Product Planner are probably not directly related to your website or web application, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it. You can look at another company’s user flow, learn from it, and create your own from scratch. Or you could take an existing flow, such as Twitter’s sign up process, and modify it to fit your own flow.

Once you create a user flow you can then privately share it with other people on your team.

So what’s next?
Now that you know what Product Planner is all about, check it out and give it a test drive. If you have any further questions feel free to email us or if you are going to the Startonomics conference feel free to come up to us and check out our live demo.

  1. Very nice post, I think its very interesting but for some reason the pictures are not showing?

  2. Wow this is a cool tool – we should use this at KI!

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