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Optimizing Your Brand Outreach on Pinterest (Infographic)

If social media marketing were a race, Pinterest would be that one guy who comes out of nowhere with a killer kick to win the race.

Yep, Pinterest is for more than collecting pictures of your next DIY craft project.

In fact, it’s become one of the strongest mediums for marketing your business with the rise of new features and tools just for business.

The trick is, you have to know how to use your Pinterest for Business Account to see your spike in website traffic and sales conversions…

So MadeFreshly has put together this infographic with the most important user trends so you can jump on the Pinterest for Business bandwagon… and trust us, you definitely want to be on it.

Pinterest for Business Infographic

  1. Awesome as always working with you guys!

  2. I believe I have underestimated pinterest and revisited it the other day with some content and it did wonders for my website.

  3. Will it support for travel companies? Never gave such importance to Pinterest as we were concentrating more on facebook & twitter. Anyways now it’s serious. Thanks for the valuable blog, much appreciated.

    • Here are the proofs enclosed –,…. You could check it out. All the best!


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