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How to Integrate Call Tracking Data with Your Analytics

The gap between online and offline marketing finally has been bridged. Before now, the marketing world was divided into separate silos containing online, print, and television. But thanks to developments in the analytics space, now we can blend all of these marketing niches together.

One of the most obvious, real-world sources that analytics platforms can tie into are phone numbers. Think about it for a minute. What if you…

  • Could see inbound phone calls from prospects inside your analytics reports?
  • Want to know if your website phone number actually converts?
  • Want to see which website phone number location converts the best?
  • Want to see if phone numbers printed on mailing pieces or billboard advertisements turn into online customers? Two months later?

Well, the day has arrived, and this wonderful technology is available for Kissmetrics users. Thanks to Call Tracking Metrics and CallRail, we now have two integrations that will allow you to track phone call data in your Kissmetrics account.

Picking up the Phone May be Easier for Your Customers

We sometimes forget the power that pushing a phone number can bring us.

Depending on your business and what you’re selling, it can be much easier for your customers and prospects to simply pick up the phone and call. In addition, a well-trained sales force can up-sell and even delight your customers in a way that an online checkout process cannot.

Even if you’re not sure of the effectiveness of on-site phone numbers, it may be in your best interest to test to see how well your phone numbers convert and help your business.

So How Does it Work?

In Kissmetrics, call tracking integrations allow you to use a different phone number for each particular campaign or page on your website. For example, let’s say you want to see how your home page number and a specific number you are using on a roadside billboard perform over time. And, for kicks, let’s say you changed your contact page number to see if anyone actually uses it.

call tracking phone number campaign examples

In this example, three different phone numbers are used to track specific campaigns and website phone number locations.

With KISSmetrics, you can track which phone number delivers more new customers and which number produces the most loyal customers, too, since we track your customer lifetime value.

call tracking screen

You can see what phone numbers and the number of people who converted into real business.


You can also see what phone numbers provide the best ROI.

You can also use it to:

  • See which pay-per-click campaigns are producing the highest returns by placing unique phone numbers on various landing pages
  • Track flyer, newspaper, and business card effectiveness
  • Analyze call center / support center quality and how it relates to customer retention

And what is really beneficial about this technology is you can listen to a recording of the phone call, so you can gain customer insight and check on the performance of sales representatives by reviewing their calls while looking at their performance statistics.

With Kissmetrics, you can drill down to the individual level to see the visitor/customer lifecycle and when a person made their first, second, or fiftieth phone call.

Not only can you see when they called, you can know the call duration and listen to a recording of the call itself.

callrail kissmetrics person events

Here we can see the actions (events) a potential customer took before making a phone call – all thanks to a Kissmetrics and CallRail integration.

Let’s See it in Action!

Currently, we are partnered with two call tracking companies that integrate with Kissmetrics. They both have provided demonstration videos to show how easy it is to integrate Kissmetrics with their services:

Call Tracking Metrics


Where You Can Find Our Call Tracking Integration Info

Below are links to support documentation for both Call Tracking Metrics and CallRail:

Interested in Tracking Phone Call Data Today?

To learn more about Kissmetrics and how to implement call tracking functionality on your website, please call us at (888) 767-5477 or contact us here.

  1. IS there any extra cost to use this call tracking feature with Kiss-metrics? Can we still use some of our current numbers?

  2. Charith, you would have to have an account with one of our call tracking integration partners. So based on which integration you went with and what kind of account you selected – there would most likely be an added cost.

  3. Thanks for the overview of call tracking. I’m a CallRail co-founder, if there’s anything we can do to help, please be in touch – 888-907-4718.

  4. Chris R. Keller Jun 21, 2013 at 7:35 am

    This is great. The most important thing is to always be able to track back to actual program sales delivered and ROI. Tracking marketing program by phone numbers is an excellent tactic, whether you track it online via these options or offline using your own process.

  5. First time I hear about call track and it definitely help all type of businesses. I shared this article in to my community, thanks.

  6. Any idea of when a partnership and integration with Interactive Intelligence might happen?

  7. Call tracking seems like a great asset to get important insights of our conversions.

  8. Yess this makes your eye on your business and emplyees more broader to get records of your customers and in which way they are entertained, there are another advanced option availble with open source server like call hosting, call analytic etc..

  9. This is good to know. In our business we use Gostats in data tracking and I think this is important to add also to track calls in our business as especially we are doing a lot of cold calling.

  10. Awful video player, very smart and minimalistic but i can’t skip parts nor see how long is it.

  11. Fantastic, Your article is very informative. You have described the Call Tracking process perfectly with the help of videos. I really enjoyed reading this post.


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