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CatchFree Acquires KISSinsights

As some of you may know, we have two products at KISSmetrics. The first one of course is KISSmetrics and second one is KISSinsights.

As we’ve been developing two products over the years, most of our time and energy has been dedicated to KISSmetrics as it is the core of what we do. Because of this KISSinsights never fully got the attention it deserved.

And as founders, when you’ve put your life into your products, it’s too hard to shut any of them down… especially when they are both growing at a rapid pace.

Luckily we’ve found a great home for KISSinsights, at CatchFree. As a quick background, CatchFree’s CEO, Sean Ellis has been an advisor to KISSmetrics since we started the company. And he was involved in helping us develop KISSinsights. A lot of what you currently see was developed with Sean’s input and feedback.

The good news is, now both products are getting the full attention they deserve. KISSmetrics is our core product and we will focus on it 100% of the time which will allow us to make improvements to it at a faster pace.

KISSinsights, will also be the core focus of CatchFree. Their team is going to spend 100% of their time and energy making the product better. Plus I’ll be joining their advisory board, which will help ensure that KISSinsights keeps exceeding your expectations.

You may have some questions and because of this, we have created a FAQ to answer them. So feel free to check it out and if you still have any questions, you can leave a comment below and we’ll answer it. Or you can email me directly at

If you want more details of what’s to come with KISSinsights, check out Sean’s announcement.

Stayed tuned as there are some great things happening to both products. :)

  1. It would be really helpful if you could put a date/time stamp on your entries so I know whether this is new news or something that was out a week/month/year ago. Thanks!

  2. Does this mean KISSinsights will be expanding into a more advanced feature? More tools etc…


  3. Kiss”insights” is a fantastic product! I’m sure KISS”metrics” is great too (just haven’t used it yet). And I’m slightly envious of the insights product it’s provided such great value to us. But guys your line extension of your KISS label is just not good! Honestly for the last couple of days I didn’t even clock on to the fact it was Kiss”insights” you acquired. Got to change the name surely? Re-read Jack Trout/Al Ries’s “Positioning” (one of the best marketing books of all time) if you’re in doubt or please argue why you would keep the name? My confusion alone almost proves the point and I’ve used insights. I doubt if any existing customers would mind as long as the tool doesn’t evolve too quickly. What do other people think and what better way to test it other than KISS”insights” itself?

  4. Hey!

    I am really happy to see you increasing featured in kissmetrics.


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