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Inside Color Labs, The $41M Idea

“Color” ( is a social app for your smartphone that simultaneously captures every phone sensor it can access (GPS, audio, video, text, accelerometer). With this information, Color Labs, the creator of Color, can give you a way to see everything that’s going on around you, and everything that’s going on around the people you care about. The amount of money raised by Color Labs ($41M) and the glitches around the launch have ignited some healthy and fun controversy in the Valley. Kissmetrics has created this infographic, along with the help of Semil Shah who recently wrote about Color Labs on TechCrunch.

Click on the infographic below to see an enlarged view: infographic small

Quotes from Twitter included in the graphic are by Alexia Tsotsis, Sarah Lacy, Josh Elman, Steve Cheney and Jason Calacanis.

Embed the above image on your site: statistics to tweet:

  • 41 million: As of March 2011, Color has closed $41 million in total funds. »tweet«
  • 7 million: $7 million in venture debt was given to Color from Silicon Valley Bank. »tweet«
  • 9 million: $9 million was given to Color from Bain Capital. »tweet«
  • 25 million: $25 million was given to Color from Sequoia Capital. »tweet«
  • 2%: Sequoia’s $25 million investment in Color represents about 2% of their entire portfolio of $1.5 billion. »tweet«
  • $350,000: The amount of money Color bought “” for. »tweet«
  1. nice infographic by Kissmetrics… Excited to know #DJ_Patil is a key person behind #Color :-)

  2. my god what a silly business model. App maybe nice, but they plan to monetize my video through data mining..what are they smoking really

  3. Seems like a good app. But, I don’t use it on my phone. Wouldn’t have any real use for it. Nevertheless, good information from you guys.

  4. interested app, thanks for this information :)


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