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Infographic: A Guide to Consumers’ Relationship With Pinterest

Pinterest has an interesting story. It started out with a bang with incredible PR, but overtime the media buzz slowly died down. But this lack of media hasn’t stunted it’s growth. Today Pinterest has millions of users, all of whom are pinning everything from food to home products to inspirational quotes.

And it’s not just the scale of Pinterest that’s notable. It’s that Pinterest users prefer pinning pictures, and when they do, it drives traffic back to the source. This leaves a huge opportunity for a lot of content creators.

Today’s infographic covers this huge opportunity. You’ll see that Pinterest works well with food pictures, fashion pictures, home products, and pictures of exotic locations.

If you get a good amount of pins, the payoff can be huge.

Allrecipes is a site that has had such success with Pinterest. They added the Pin It button to all their recipe pages. They had good placement for the button too – placing it above the fold and adjacent to recipe photos and videos. Within three months of this Pinterest implementation, more than 50,000 recipes were shared resulting in over 139 million Pinterest impressions.

Esmee Williams, VP of Brand Marketing for Allrecipes, says that Pinterest has helped keep their brand top of mind and that Pin It buttons and Pinterest focused emails encourage their audience to evangelize the content.

Not all brands will have success with Pinterest. Outside of infographics, the Kissmetrics blog doesn’t get much traffic from Pinterest (and it’s not because we don’t have Pin It buttons next to our images). People aren’t too interested in pinning screenshots of marketing tools.

Moral of the story: Pinterest is a big social network that has huge potential for the right brands. Use the infographic below to help you understand its power and if it’s right for your brand. Thanks to Alight for providing us with this infographic.

Pinning it down infographic

About the Author: Zach Bulygo is the Blog Manager for Kissmetrics, you can follow him on Twitter.

  1. Thanks for the verification that Pinterest is a valuable tool for spreading product ideas. But Pins must be visual, interesting and “shareable”. I’m going to add to my boards right now!

  2. Yes You are right James, Pinterest is a valuable tool for spreading product ideas. I have already create account for my website in Pinterest also Pins and Boards.

  3. Mayank Mittal Jun 13, 2014 at 2:04 am

    I read this blog very carefully, really helpful and thank for verify the Pinterest value and uses.


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