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10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology

The more you know about your customers, the better. If you know what makes people tick, the better off your business will be. Having at least a basic understanding of consumer psychology and why they buy specific products is a valuable asset for marketers.

As an online marketer looking to improve conversions, you need to learn why people purchase your products or services. Viewing case studies can provide ideas on tweaks that have worked for others, but if you don’t actually learn or hypothesize why one tweak increased or decreased conversions, you’ll never actually become better. Good A/B tests require proper documentation and a “post analysis” when the test is complete.

Today’s infographic lists 10 psychological studies that have been proven to convert consumers to saying “yes”.

Thanks to Helpscout for providing us with the infographic. If you’re looking for a deeper explanation on each of these tips, check out the guide they made.

10 Ways to Convert More Customers Infographic

About the Author: Zach Bulygo (Twitter) is a Content Writer for Kissmetrics.

  1. Nikhil Waghdhare Jul 11, 2014 at 3:59 am

    Great Post,
    This customer psychology strategies to convert them into paying users are great. This infographic is really crafted well. I will love to rey this tips on me website.
    Thank you for this great post…. :)

  2. Darragh McCurragh Jul 11, 2014 at 7:17 am

    (Thanks for Infographic and the link to their in-depth guide1) There’s also another aspect to customer psychology: pricing policy. If you only sell products A and B at, say, 4.99 and 9.99, then people often don’t buy at all or are slow in making their decision. Add a high-priced product C at 19.99, all of a sudden most customers feel comfortable purchasing the B product. After all, they are not going for “cheap” but they’re also not over-indulging. C does not even need to be a prticularly profitable item – it’s just there to be NOT bought …

  3. Firstly I will say this is an amazing piece of content! But I don’t think making an enemy is the best thing for me to do as a beginner blogger, just wondering though. I believe making an enemy at this stage in my business will do more harm than good.


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