Customer Service Statistics

Customer service and customer relationship management (CRM) are important considerations for any business, both offline and online. When a customer calls a business she expects answers and resolutions to her problems. The customer service statistics included in this graphic show how important customer calls can be to a business not only for customer service but also for CRM and even marketing.

Customer Service Stats to Tweet:

  • 45% of consumers initiated a purchase over the phone in the last year »tweet«
  • 70% of consumer initiated phone orders were placed on hold »tweet«
  • The average caller’s time on hold is 57 seconds »tweet«
  • Business executives spend 15 minutes a day on hold »tweet«
  • 94% of most marketing budgets is spent on persuading a customer to call »tweet«
  • 6% of most marketing budgets is spent on handling the customer’s call »tweet«
  • 68% of callers stay on the line if they hear relevant information »tweet«
  • 12% of callers stay on the line if they hear silence »tweet«
  • 34% of callers who hang up do not call back »tweet«

Customer Service Statistics Infographic
via Penn Olson


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