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What Digital Marketing Branch Do You Belong To?

Today’s quiz is more on the fun side. Take the quiz below to see what branch of digital marketing you belong to. You’ll be surprised at how well it pegs you.

This quiz was created by Paxton Gray, Lead Digital Marketer at 97th Floor.  97th floor specializes in content marketing for firms like Salesforce and O.C. Tanner.

  1. I belong to Facebook PPC advertisement marketing branch and love that. Thanks for such an awesome stuff here :)

  2. That’s awesome. I tried to filled up everything with real things, and guess what. I am a killer PPC Manager.

  3. Nice post and the best part is you have included the website which we use daily for other things like twitter, youtube, quora…. Are all of these links will be dofollow and without any redirection?

  4. Michael Foust Apr 28, 2014 at 6:39 am

    Never thought I would fall to that side of digital marketing. But make me think. What if?

  5. That’s great to hear. This test is scientifically engineered to guarantee 100% accurate results after all :P

  6. SEO Manager… Hell yeah!

  7. I belong to Digital Marketing team, its happy to be a part of this team.


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