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Creating an Effective Marketing Email (Infographic)

Email marketing is changing.

Today, more and more people are viewing emails from their mobile devices. People are getting more email than ever. And products like Priority Inbox show users the most important emails first.

So, how can your marketing email stand out in an already crowded inbox? The first step is with the subject line. Because if you can’t get them to open it, then the actual email message doesn’t matter. After that, there is seemingly an endless list of elements to test.

And this is what’s great about email – there are so many things you can test.

The sender, the subject line, the preview snippet, the layout of the email, and the CTAs make email one of the most testable assets for a marketing team.

So, where do you start? If you’re lost, today’s infographic should provide some guidance. Even if you are already an email marketing pro, you may still be able to pick up some ideas.

The Anatomy of an Optimal Marketing Email
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

About the Author: Zach Bulygo (Twitter) is the Blog Manager for Kissmetrics.

  1. Hi,
    Is Priority Inbox free? For IOS users? If not, can you suggest an app for IOS users? Thanks,

    • Hi Janice,
      Priority Inbox is a feature of Gmail. If you’re a Gmail user, you can use it. It’s included in the Gmail iOS app.

      You just have to change your settings to use Priority Inbox.

  2. Hello,

    I find the advice, “use the word FREE”, not pertinent. In my experience using this word has always lowered the sender score and affected the open rate.

    And I am talking about: double opt in, emails collected in the physical store and purchased databases.

    Maybe there is some sort of context that I am missing?

  3. Hello,

    I love the infographic and its really easy to give this advice, I am over it, however the biggest problem with everybody else it is samples, swipe files, tutorial, infographics of how you implement a an ideal flow of emails, using simple tools such as mailchimp and aweber.

    Not big ones.

    Looking forward to receive that kind of content

  4. I absolutely LOVE infographics! That’s why I actually clicked on this post.. I love it! Great stuff and please keep it coming! :D

  5. Mail Chimp advises not to use words like Free or all Caps in a subject line. Too spammy


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