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How Well Do You Know Entrepreneurs? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

If you study business and entrepreneurship, you undoubtedly admire those who have reached the top. People like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Marissa Mayer, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others reached the echelon of the business ranks and created products that millions of people use everyday. They’ve put in the time, work, and have gone through the challenges to get where they are (or were) today. Lucky for us, many have shared their philosophies along the way.

To test your knowledge, we’ve created this multiple-choice quiz. Many of the questions are about product philosophy, company culture, management, and general entrepreneurial advice. We’ve posted the answers and references below the quiz.

This quiz was created by Zach Bulygo. We thank Qzzr for providing us with the platform.

Answers & References Below

1. The two pizza per team rule

2. The Role of HR

3. Ideas, Not Hierarchy

4. Castle Building vs Bird Walking

5. “When things get complicated, we simplify by saying what’s best for the customer?”

6. Successful founders are product nerds

7. “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”

8. Unhappy employees = poor customer service

9. Avoid thinking you’ve won

10. Focus groups can’t design products

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