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41 Resources for Getting Started with Facebook Connect

By now, you’ve probably heard of Facebook Connect… The main advantage of leveraging Facebook Connect is that it is a good way to increase your traffic and engagement.

Whether you have already leveraged it or not, here are 41 resources that will help you on your way.

For Beginners

If you aren’t familiar with Facebook Connect, don’t worry because the resources bell should get you on track to becoming an expert. Just be careful though because reading isn’t enough, you have to actually dabble with it if you truly want to understand Facebook Connect.

  1. Facebook Connect – Facebook’s page that explains the basics and advantages of Connect.
  2. Facebook Connect: how to and why – Robert Scoble breaks down the how and why.
  3. Why your website should be using Facebook Connect to attract visitors – a look at the traffic side of Connect.
  4. Facebook Connect 5 Things You Wish You Had Known Before You Started – go through this presentation before you start.
  5. 10 Great Implementations of Facebook Connect – unqiue examples of companies using it.
  6. 10 More Great Implementations of Facebook Connect – more unqiue examples…
  7. What ‘Facebook Connect’ Means for Corporate Websites – although this is an older article, it’s still a good read.
  8. Why Facebook Connect Matters & Why It Will Win – here’s another old article that’s worth reading.
  9. Facebook Connect tutorial – a good tutorial for beginners.
  10. Facebook Connect Wizard – 3 easy steps to integration.

Tools for the Average Joe

If you aren’t a developer, don’t worry. You can still install Facebook Connect on your website. Through the following plugins and tutorials, it should be easy as pie. All you need is FTP access to your server.

  1. WordPress Plugin – if you want to use it one your blog, this plugin should make life a lot easier.
  2. Faux Facebook Connect Plugin Allows Facebook Users to Comment on WPMU Blogs – a must read for WordPress MU users.
  3. Facebook Connects with Movable Type – you don’t have to have a WordPress blog to use it.
  4. Facebook Connect Plugin for Drupal Launches – and if you don’t have a Movable Type blog, there is hope for you too. ;-)
  5. Facebook Connect Plugin Directory – a one stop shop for your plugin needs.
  6. HOW TO: Add Facebook Connect to Your Blog in 8 Minutes – if you have a blog and 8 minutes to spare, you should check this out.
  7. How to add Facebook Connect to your website using the PHP API – step by step instruction for PHP users.
  8. 16 Best Facebook Connect Plugins for Your Blog, Forum, Wiki, or CMS – there are way too many plugins for you to test out.
  9. Facebook Connect Magento Module – if you are running Magento, you probably want to buy this module.


If you’re into creating iPhone apps, here are some resources that are worth your time. Not only will they teach you how to implement Connect with your iPhone app, but they should also help spur some creativity that will help you create a better app.

  1. Facebook Connect Wiki for iPhone – this is a good place to start if you have iPhone apps.
  2. iPhone Implementation – here is a quick video of how you can implement it on the iPhone.
  3. 5 Great Examples of Facebook Connect on the iPhone – examples of iPhone apps leveraging Facebook Connect.
  4. 10 Fantastic iPhone Apps That Use Facebook Connect – 10 more iPhone apps that are worth checking out.
  5. Marketing In Code, Part 1: Using Facebook Connect For iPhone To Increase App Visibility/Discoverability – a quick guide to increasing your discoverability.
  6. Facebook Connect Software Development Kit (SDK) for iPhone – good news for iPhone developers, Facebook has released a SDK for iPhone that allows you to hook up your native iPhone applications with Facebook Connect and take advantage of the vast facebook userbase.
  7. Facebook Connect for iPhone: Great, or Yet Another Privacy Threat? – with new technology comes more privacy issues.
  8. Facebook Connect expands beyond iPhone to mobile web – there’s more to the mobile web than just the iPhone.

General News

News, news, and news! You can never get enough of it because the more up-to-date you are, the better you’ll be able to leverage Facebook Connect. Whether it’s old or new, here is some news that you should be familiar with.

  1. Facebook Connect Growth and How it Pertains to New Privacy Policy – Brian Solis analyzes their new privacy policy.
  2. 60 Million Users a Month – during La Web, Facebook released some data on how many users were using Connect.
  3. Connect Sites – here is a list of sites using connect and they are sorted by popularity.
  4. Facebook Connect + Facebook Ads = A Social Ad Network – what Facebook maybe doing in the near future.
  5. Facebook Connect: One Year Later – over 80,000 websites and applications are using it.
  6. Is Facebook Connect good for business? – if you own a business, you should watch this video.
  7. Facebook Connect Live Sites – a thorough list of companies using Connect.
  8. Facebook Connect: More Important Than SEO? – SEO isn’t the only form of traffic acquisition out there.

Resources For Developers and Designers

Whether you are running into problems or you’re looking for some jazzy buttons for your website, the following resources should help you. Just make sure you take the time and fully utilize the resources below because there are a ton of hidden jems instead them.

  1. Connect Forum – if you can’t find answers to your Connect questions, go there.
  2. Facebook Connect Login Buttons – button options for your website.
  3. How to Setup Facebook Connect for Your Custom Domain – a quick tutorial with pictures.
  4. Facebook Connect: A Feature Walkthrough – in you want to learn the ins and outs, here is a feature guide.
  5. Facebook Connect Logout – here is how you can add a logout button.
  6. Dealing with multiple login systems (Facebook Connect, Google Account, and others) – an easy solution for multiple logins.
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