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Got Klout? Measure and Increase your Brand’s Online Influence

It could be said that the greatest strength of social media is its ability to easily share and spread messages. This ease of communication also seems to be its greatest weakness. Ease of use breeds noise. And the line between industry leading rockstars and bandwagoning attention seekers becomes less defined.

Stage right: Klout. Designed to cut through the commotion, Klout provides a platform to identify industry experts and keep track of the topics you care about. What follows is a brief history of Klout and how you can increase your brand’s online influence. Special thanks to @klout and @askaaronlee.

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Got Klout Measure and Increase your Brand’s Online Influence

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Tweet to your followers on how to increase your Klout score:

  1. Create Content Worth Sharing. »tweet«
  2. Start A Discussion. »tweet«
  3. Connect Other Networks. »tweet«
  4. Build A Niche Community. »tweet«
  5. Engage With Influencers. »tweet«
  1. Only thing issue here is that it seems Klout is more about individuals than brands per se. (e.g. no Facebook page integration)

  2. Just signed up yesterday :)

  3. One thing that I wonder about Klout is how much it leans on twitter.

    They seem to win by having there metric be secret.
    Klout score can be an indicator of effectiveness.

    But if I’m just making a bunch of noise, getting no return and just growing your Klout score, what’s the point.

    That said I do check Klout weekly and there interface is addicting, does means it good for me : )

  4. HI,

    Great post man!
    Well done.



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