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The Interconnected World of Growth Hackers

When startups are ready to scale, one challenge that often crops up is finding the right person to lead the growth charge. Stage right: the growth hacker.

A good growth hacker has a burning desire to connect a target market with a must-have solution, and everything they do is measured by their potential impact on scalable growth.

Below is a chart of modern-day growth hackers and the companies they’ve helped to build. We show how many of these growth hackers are interconnected, and how there are natural groupings of growth hackers around certain company genres (Microsoft and Linkedin, for instance).

(above paragraph adapted from a post by Sean Ellis)

The Interconnected World of Growth Hackers

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  1. Wow, are there no female growth hackers at all? Even the source is male-focused (“work for one of the guys”)

  2. Bryant Jaquez Sep 20, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Since that was a clickable PDF, it would have been great to link each of their pictures with a social profile (twitter, google+, or linkedin.) I’m sure a lot of readers are interested in following the people on that list.

  3. Not a single female on the list. Seriously?

  4. Even though, growth hackers tend to be mostly male, I don’t believe that the list shouldn’t include any of females.

  5. Beatrix Willius Sep 21, 2012 at 5:54 am

    This is a sad chart. It looks more accidental than anything. Shouldn’t the companies a person starts grow? But many of the guys have a big bubble followed by a small one.

  6. Amanda Steinberg Sep 24, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    If you want an amazing woman growth hacker — meet Hilary Fetter – IdealBite > Disney > DailyWorth . Noah’s ok, too. Kind of hyper, but quite talented.

    • Jojo, I think hackers will find any ecxsue for their actions, whether they are grounded or not. It’s amazing what kind of mess they can create no wonder hacking is considered as a crime it is a computer crime, but still a crime.I am personally not an FB fan, but I do not hate it, either.It’s not as if I would like to see it destroyed.Kristina L. recently posted..

  7. Danielle Morrill, She’s my favorite.


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