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The History Of Photo Sharing

Photo sharing has come a long way. 20 years ago the process of taking, processing, and distributing a photo could take weeks or longer. Now, mobile apps such as Instagram allow us share photos in seconds. What follows is a brief history of photo sharing—where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Special thanks to @semil and @techcrunch.

The History of Photo Sharing

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  1. The first cell phone picture was sent in 1997 by Phillipe Kahn using a jury-rigged cell phone. »tweet«
  2. In 2007 it was determined that global data storage had reached nearly 300 exabytes (about 300 million terabytes). »tweet«
  3. Foursquare grew 3400% in 2010, and by 1/2011 had 6 million users. »tweet«
  4. In 2011, Twitter saw 100 million active users each month, half of which logged in every day. »tweet«
  5. By May 2011, over 5 billion blog posts had been made on the Tumblr platform. »tweet«
  1. Love this post, thanks for sharing such a vivid history, it’s amazing how much photo sharing instantly leverages conversation quality! I’m a big Instagram fan myself.

    • Hi Kim:

      Thanks so much for the comment!

      It is interesting to see how people are leveraging photo-sharing these days – especially in big data applications such as Google Image Search, etc.

  2. Love this post and I’m glad to be working at Fujifilm : 2001-2002 Cameras such as the Fuji FinePix 2600 contributed to a boom in digital camera sales.

  3. How about Kodak Gallery? Didn’t see it mentioned anywhere.

    • or Ofoto.

      But back to Kodak Gallery, since updating our iOS app in late October we have had almost 4 million images uploaded through the iOS app. Even though its still a small percent of overall uploads it really talks to the shift to cameraphones for everday photo activity across all types of people. (now if only I could use Kiss Metrics in the app!!)

  4. How do you leave Pinterest off of this? It’s one of the biggest up and coming photo sharing platforms out there.

  5. You forgot to include actual photo albums to this list.


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