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How to Not Blow $10,000 on Google AdWords – Part 1

Today we’re going to show you how to blow $10,000 on Google AdWords…the right way. At one time or another, every internet marketer has been completely baffled by Google AdWords. We’ve all heard stories of companies that have lost tens of thousands of dollars on Google’s pay to play advertising system. In this video we go over 3 out of 6 specific mistakes that companies commit when managing their Google AdWords account.

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  1. I think broad match is even wider than you state in your movie. Broad matches for Nike running shoes can include:
    > Nike shoes
    > Adidas running shoes
    > Running shoes
    > Etc.

    Check here for more info:

  2. Agreed with Koen’s comment, broad match is much broader in how it matches than explained in the video…

  3. Yeah you described modified broad.

  4. Agreed, not a good explanation of broad, plus with broad modified, there are really four match types available.

  5. So helpful … tnx bro’ ;)

  6. Amazing! Its genuinely awesome paragraph, I have got much clear idea about from this article.

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  8. Thanks for give me some idea about google adword long tail and short tail keywords.

  9. Hi thanks for this great post !!!!

    Has given some good ideas will let you know how i get on, will defo be bookmarking your blog.


  10. Hello, good common sense advice.

    I do however disagree about Broad match keywords. If it is not recommended using them for all your campaigns It can be a good start for discovering all potential ad groups and ad copies to be created. Then replacing the broad match targeting by phrase or exact match.

    • Nicolas, You can definitely work it either way. (Broad > Narrower) or (Narrower > Broad).

      The main principle is to be aware of the potential pitfalls of each.

  11. I would have to say the most important thing to do to avoid blowing money on Google Adwords is using negative keywords.

    There is no sense paying for clicks to “periodic table” when you sell wooden tables.

    Here is a great resources that talks more about the exact steps for how to set up your negative keywords.

    • This is a great, video, that provides step by step of negative keywords and how it affects directly on the account,
      Here is another blog that can be useful and informative too.

  12. Great article Kissmetrics. Yeah, I’ve heard some real horror stories from clients about this very thing. Thanks for the ideas.

  13. Rajender Kumar Mar 11, 2014 at 10:20 am

    And Trust me these tips are not as obvious as they seem. I have seen by myself people making exactly the mistakes this blog points out. Highly Recommended Video !!

  14. Gordon Campbell Mar 13, 2014 at 1:41 am

    Hey guys,

    I’m not sure how this video slipped through the net but it confuses broad match with modified broad match which could be a very expensive mistake for someone to make…


    • Thanks for the headsup Gordon. The link Koen posted above goes a bit more indepth on the difference between the two.

      Whichever you end of using the big key is to monitor it closely and adjust as you go.

  15. Google Adwords offers some of the best conversion tracking, if not the best conversion tracking, in the world. But guess what? Most businesses advertising on Adwords are NOT using it. They don’t know how well their ads are performing on a campaign level, nor an ad group level, nor an ad level, nor a keyword level. All they know is clicks – but setting up conversion tracking will enable Adwords to tell you exactly which campaigns and which ad groups and which ads and which keywords are actually becomes leads or sales. I confess that I spent thousands on Google Adwords without conversion tracking, but now I wouldn’t spend another dollar without it.

  16. I would definitely second and third and fourth the idea of using conversion tracking and measuring the return on investment for any kind of online advertising and search ads you’re running. I’ve seen businesses spend a great deal of time and energy on this without even doing a tiny bit of the basics. You should be measuring the ROI for any advertising you’re doing whether it’s email marketing, search ads, display ads, buying likes (see for how common this is), and even content marketing, you must be measuring and seeing what works best for your specific use case. Even for real world marketing like cold calling and the like, you should implement some system to measure the results you’re getting and see to what extent it’s worth your time. The reason many small businesses don’t do this is a lack of education. Small business owners don’t have time and energy to run their business and also be up to do date on all of the specialized online knowledge they need. And they certainly can’t afford to hire a full-time person to manage all of this for them. The best thing is to just use the best tools that are available by default and use services like Kissmetrics and others to try and figure out exactly what is going on with your ads and what audiences are most successful for reaching your goals.

  17. I think you are wrong with the broad match, because in the example of nike running shoes the results can have any of those words.

    I never use broad match it is better to use broad modified keywords for example: +nike +running +shoes with the + you guarantee the 3 kw are included on the results in any order


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