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How to Not Blow $10,000 on Google AdWords – Part 2

A lot of us are scared of Google AdWords. We’re given a large budget to work with, but we’re afraid that in a matter of days, thousands of dollars will get spent with little to no results. This video series is to help you build confidence in yourself before you pull the trigger on your next AdWords campaign.

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  1. I think there are cheaper ways than AdWords to get clicks on your banner/text ads: pixel advertising :)
    I remember of the famous “million dollar homepage” from almost 10 years ago, it was a good idea and advertisers got *many thousands* of clicks for just $100-$200.
    This one seems to be inspired by it and even cheaper, are there similar sites out there?

  2. Lalit Gaglani Mar 13, 2014 at 4:57 am

    Its nice explanation and helpful also, but i have seen now a days that spending more giving less potential inquiries.

    Now a days SEO is more preferred in some countries.

    Also i have checked that SEO techniques varies from country to country.

    Can you guide us for Canada and Uk what strategies we should use for Adwords.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. A link to Part 1 within the post would come handy. :)

  4. As an advertiser, one of the coolest features now availabe on PPC ads to mobile devices is the Click-to-Call feature. Now you can generate inbound lead calls to your business and all prospects have to do is click one button on their phone when they see your ad. Once you’ve got it setup, all you have to do is optimize your ads to generate increasingly more calls. You can actually even track calls, but that’s technical.

  5. Technology will always bring great convenience to the life.Additional resources are very useful.Thank you!

  6. I think its much better to impart the budget of $10,000 wisely enough for differentthings. Some should bee for Google Adwords Campaign and others on backlinking and design.

  7. Personally, if i have a registered trademark, i do not BID on my Brand name and use that money for generic keywords


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