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How to Track Inbound Phone Call ROI from Offline and Online Sources

In this video we discuss the benefits of using call tracking with your online AND offline marketing campaigns. Kissmetrics has two call tracking integrations (Call Tracking Metrics and CallRail) which allow you to track phone call data of multiple phone numbers. Additionally, these integrations allow you to listen to the actual phone calls – making them great for review of customer service conversations and sales team improvement.

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Video Transcription

Bryan: What if you can see and track your inbound phone traffic just like you do your web traffic? In today’s video we’re going to look at the possibilities and answer that question.

Bryan Harris: Website traffic is easy to track. Want to know the ROI on your paper clip campaign? Easy.

Want to know if your weekly email newsletter is converting readers into paid customers? No problem.

But what about phone calls? Tons of you still advertise your phone number on your website, and in magazines or on billboards. Even in your Google AdWords ads you have your phone number. But how are you tracking how those phone numbers convert?

Here’s your typical scenario: My wife calls me and says “hey Bryan, the air conditioner broke.” The very first thing I do is go to Google, and Google air conditioner repair. Then, I look for the first one with a phone number and I call him, book the appointment, and the air conditioner is fixed. My problem is taken care of, but what about the air conditioner company? How do they know where I came from?

After all I called them off a Google ad. I didn’t click on the Google ad so they don’t know where I came from, they don’t know that the one dollar they spent to show me that ad converted into a sale at all? As far as they know, I just dropped out of thin air. Now, there is a way to fix that, now there’s a way to track every single one of your inbound phone calls and know exactly where they came from.

By doing this you can optimize your weak spot and focus on, and accentuate your strong points. Kissmetrics has partnered with Call Tracking Metrics and Call Rail to bring you this feature. Do you want to know if it is best to have your phone number in the header or the footer, or the left side of the page or the right side of the page? Now you can easily AB split test that with this feature. Do you want to know what the ROI is on your billboard campaign? Do you want to know if you are actually making any money? Are you driving any real sales from that billboard?

Now you can know for sure. In Kissmetrics call tracking integration you have the ability to set up a unique phone number for each individual campaign. You would have a different number in the banner of your website as opposed to the billboard in your roadside campaign. This allows you to compare the two.

You can see whether you are driving more calls and more final sales off the website banner phone number or off the billboard phone. You could also measure customer loyalty because we track the lifetime value of each individual. You have access to all types of data. You can see how many times a person has called, how many times they have purchased. What’s really cool is you can mesh up a person’s call history, their phone call history with their website traffic history to give you a complete view of their interaction with you from first encounter to final purchase.

Here is what that report looks like. Here you have a customer that landed on the home page, then browsed to the benefit page and into the contact page a few times and ultimately ended up calling. Then after the call he browsed to the home page and then progressed through the site further. One last thing, what’s really cool about this technology is it gives you the ability to record every inbound phone conversation.

This allows you to go back with your customer service reps and look at their performance, listen to their phone calls and see where you can optimize and improve. Now the most important thing is to always remember more data isn’t necessarily better. The only time data helps is when you make it actionable and you improve your customers’ experience with your company and you use it to grow your business.

I want you to do something for me. I want you to leave a comment below if you ever used phone call tracking and I want you to tell us what was the major insight that it gave you. Were you spending a ton of money on billboards? And once you instituted a call tracking did you realize “man, the ROI just isn’t there.” I am not making any money back! Tell us specifically what you learned from it so we can all learn and grow together.

There’s a couple of resources included on this page, there’s two videos below that show exactly how to set this up in your Kissmetrics account and there’s two articles linked as well that will help you get through the basics of that. So that’s it for this week. Until next time. Happy analyticking.

  1. We did this at a real estate brokerage here in NYC years ago, using unique phone numbers for the same property every place the ad appeared. In that context the insights were very useful.

    Great to see this packaged as a product now!

  2. It would be really beneficial for some readers including me if you could include the video transcript in the blog post beneath the video. This would give you more content on your page & help us, since we are not allowed to use headphones in offfice. ;)

    • Steve Lanning Dec 03, 2013 at 5:02 am

      I’ll second that emotion, Nilesh, as to content with a video. Many of us can read faster than we can listen–say 175+ WAM listening vs. 800++ WAM reading. But this is a terrific service.

  3. We track phone calls and record from web, local, rack cards, etc.. The conversion from call to client is still a challenge.

    Scripting is not followed properly at the reception and the phone traffic is buried with current patients, partners, vendors, solicitors, etc.

    Having a dedicated new call inquiry and acquisition line would be critical but expensive.

    Call tracking without phone training skills is like burning random $20 bills, you know where its coming from but not when and your not prepared to take the call.

    Thanks for your vid-_TC

  4. I really wonder how you can track Inbound Call ROI from offline sources. These insights and analytics would be really effective.

  5. Awesome!

    Just thought about a situation like this; I have given a unique phone number for my Adwords campaign and added another unique phone number in website (inorder to track direct traffic leads separately).

    What if a visitor searched for my services in Google > Google triggered an Ad >Visitor CLICKED on the Ad > Visitor dialed on the number shown on my website.

    According to the phone number the visitor dialed, this is considered as a lead from direct traffic but actually it is not. Right?

  6. Yep – that’s a tricky one. But with KISSmetrics you would also be able to track that the customer came from a PPC click. Also, after the customer has been identified, our analytics would report that he or she clicked through the ad AND called if a salesperson on your end enters their email address after the call is over.

  7. Bryant Jaquez Dec 30, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    Call tracking is invaluable. I’ve recently used this for B&T Satellite to test the ad spend for their company. We were instantly able to compare Billboard, Radio, TV and Direct Mail. Now we have a better understanding of what actually drives sales.

    Tip: You can also use slightly different promotions for each platform and only change them by a few cents to differentiate the referrals.

  8. Emilia Pineda Nov 30, 2014 at 11:58 am

    Hey Brian,

    Great video. I think not many people realize how important for their conversion optimization call tracking is. I also think it is very importnat for local search and businesses counting more on phone calls than website like restaurants, air conditioning repair, plumbers, beauty salons, etc.

  9. Thanks so much for this great piece. 2015 and it still provides great insight towards calculating ROI. Well, my company provides call tracking, Virtual PBX and Lead management. I have used CallRail (still using) and the new Ringostat is something like it. With the Virtual PBX, you can actually spend less on your office phone system.

  10. Good ideas, thank you!
    Now we have a better understanding of what actually drives sales.

  11. I own a digital agency and I have used 7 different call tracking platforms over the last 5 years. Then we built our own to get everything we wanted in one platform. We focus on Local businesses and wanted to go beyond where the calls were coming from but also who answered and did they convert the caller to an appointment or sale. Calls by campaign is good but you need to see the entire funnel and going back is to listen is good but we wanted exact automated reports including conversion rates of the staff. This was the biggest area of gain with most local businesses wasting 50%+ of their marketing leads.


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