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5 Noteworthy Ways to Increase Engagement for Your YouTube Videos (Infographic)

You may have mastered every trick in the book to drive millions of viewers to your YouTube channel. If so, it’s great that you have people watching your video.

However, that shouldn’t be your only concern. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that virality is your goal. Your goal is to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

When creating your videos, always remember that you are addressing people, not robots. You must make an emotional connection with your viewers.

According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average time a user spends on a website is only 20 seconds.

The study also reported that the average attention span of a human being, in 2015, was 8.25 seconds, which is even less than that of a goldfish!

This means that people lose interest fast if what they see is boring. Hence, you need to hook your viewers within the first 10 seconds of your video.

So, where does engagement begin and where does it end?

The longer a video drags on the lower its retention rate. Short videos, under 1 minute, enjoy 80% viewer retention. Videos that are 2–3 minutes long receive 60% retention. But, videos that are 5–10 minutes long have only about 50% retention halfway through.

People watch videos for a variety of reasons. Most people (70%) are looking for educational content, such as DIY tips and tricks and tutorials. Some people (67%) visit YouTube for reviews of products they are interested in buying. And, some people (53%) turn to videos for inspiration or entertainment.

A further breakdown of shoppers looking for product reviews shows that:

  • 52% of shoppers agree that watching product videos makes them more confident about making a purchase
  • 40% of shoppers agree that they would visit a store online or in-person after watching a video
  • 46% of shoppers said they would be more likely to seek additional information about a product after watching an online video about it

The bottom line is: Engagement is important for good conversion rates. So, let’s examine 5 ways to increase YouTube channel engagement. These methods will help you to not only attract a wider and more diverse viewership, but also retain customers and generate leads.


About the Author: Subrat Kar is the CEO and Co-founder of Vidooly, a YouTube analytics tool for content creators, multi-channel networks, and brands. Before Vidooly, he worked with E-Commerce companies like Jabong and IndiaMart as a product manager. Recognized as one of the most promising young entrepreneurs in India, he is an active participant in entrepreneurial initiatives and forums across India. Connect with him @subratkar.

  1. One of the best overviews I have seen, thanks so much! I will be quoting this in talks for the next year!!!

    • Glad that you liked it Steve. Do keep a tab on our blogs, we’ll be publishing some more interesting online video stats shortly. You can probably use some insights from there as well.

  2. Great infographic @subrat. I checked out the vidooly tool as well. How are your keyword suggestions working since Google’s YouTube Keyword Tool is no longer supported?

    • Dave, we track a lot of data every day! The tags used in videos, how many hits a video is getting for particular tag searches, the (key)words that people use while sharing the videos on other platforms etc. This collectively gives us a solid understanding of the searching behavior of users. Our keyword suggestions are based on that. Hope this clarifies your doubt. If you want more info, we can take this offline and converse over Emails.

  3. Branded Batam Feb 22, 2016 at 12:43 am

    wonderful infographic… thanks…

    short video is the king of content… I agree with that, but not in my country Indonesia, the internet bandwidth is very expensive and the speed is horribly slow.. normally user will leave the page if the video is embedded or auto play on it…

    • Hi there..In developing countries, internet bandwidth definitely is a luxury commodity..That’s exactly why one should focus more on shorter video content. A video that is 2 minute long will consume lesser bandwidth than a video that is 10 minute long right? So, without compromising on the content and the overall tone of the video, creators should focus on reducing the time duration.

  4. Yeah you definitely opened my eyes! Youtubes about to get hit with like 2-3 videos a day! Haha Content Content Content!


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