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Information Explosion

The enormous amount of published information that is produced on a daily basis is called the information explosion. This information explosion has led to a constant state of information overload for all of us. As a result it’s getting more difficult for marketers to engage with customers and it’s just going to get worst. Learn more about the causes of this by viewing the following statistics and graphic. Don’t forget to spread the word by tweeting the stats below…

Statistics about information overload:

  • People spend less than 6 minutes a day shopping »tweet«
  • Time spend shopping has not changed in four decades »tweet«
  • Americans spend less than 3% of waking hours actually buying »tweet«
  • There are 1.2 zettabytes of data today with an estimated 35 zettabytes by 2020 »tweet«
  • There are 5 billion mobile subscribers today with an estimated 50 billion by 2020 »tweet«
  • People see more than 34 billion bits of information per day – an equivalent of 2 books a day online »tweet«

via Fast Company

  1. I want reporter on about information explosion. some information give please?

  2. Is there any information about how information explosion has affected what information people choose to believe. Or the effects of information explosion on Generation Y (not necessarily to do with social networking)?



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