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Insights on KISSinsights: An Interview Revealing an Online Business Game Changer

Update: KISSinsights has been acquired by CatchFree. The tool is now called Qualaroo. They provide the product and all the support.

Editor’s Note: This post is an interview of Sean Work (the Director of Marketing at KISSmetrics) regarding the KISSinsights survey tool. This post was submitted to KISSmetrics by Joseph Putnam of

There’s one thing that drives me crazy about running a website.

I have no idea who’s looking at my site and what they’re doing.

Sure, Google Analytics provides some statistics that reveal insights about what people are doing when they land on my site. It shows the number of unique visitors, the pages that are the most popular, and what the total traffic is for the month.

And if you really know what you’re doing, there’s a lot of valuable info to be gleaned.

But Google Analytics is also limited. Even though I know how to use it, I still feel like I’m flying my site blindfolded. Yes, I know that 300 people visited my site yesterday, but…

What exactly were they doing?
What were they looking for?
Did they find what they wanted?
Were they confused by anything?
And most importantly, why didn’t they make a purchase?

When it comes to these kinds of questions, brick-and-mortar shop owners have a huge advantage over digital storefronts.

Why? Because they can talk to their customers, and they’re able to have a conversation with the people who are interested in buying.

Because of this conversation, they learn a lot over the years. They learn the main reasons people decide to purchase, they learn what the purchasing hurdles are, and they learn how to overcome those hurdles.

Can this be done online? Is it possible to stop guessing about what you think customers are looking for and ask them directly instead?

The answer is yes, and it starts with a simple tool called KISSinsights.

To learn more about the tool and how businesses can benefit from using it, I recently interviewed Sean Work, a member of the KISSinsights marketing department. Here’s what he had to say about the valuable ways to use KISSinsights:

Question 1: Why would a business want to use KISSinsights software?

There are many types of businesses that can use KISSinsights. I believe KISSinsights works great for all types of businesses assuming they own and operate a website. The first and most obvious are online businesses, e.g., subscription based and ecommerce. I’ll get into other types of businesses later.

Let me start by quoting one of our favorite slogans that sums up KISSinsights:

“KISSinsights helps you get the feedback you need that Analytics can’t tell you.”

And on that note, the key to really getting better business performance is to collect qualitative feedback from your customers. The quicker and easier you can do that, the faster you can make useful changes to your offering and services.

Pure numerical feedback is great because it gives you the pulse of how your business is doing. But the language people use to describe their problems, and more importantly, to describe their perception of your business is where the light goes on. This is the golden feedback that numbers can’t tell you. Asking your customers questions is a very enlightening process that every business should spend time doing.

My favorite thing you can do with KISSinsights is to ask this particular question to users who have just signed up for your product or service:

“Why did you choose to sign up with us?”

why did you choose to sign up with us?

To me, the results you get from this feedback is the most valuable language you can get: when a newly paying customer tells you in their own words, why they chose to do business with you. They have just given you the magic “keywords” that will hopefully resonate with other prospective customers.

That language can now be used in advertisement copy, sign up copy, home page copy and so on.

The other thing is you learn what it is about your product or service that is attractive to your customers. Sometimes what you think is the number one key offering of your product or service happens to be the 5th  or 6th most important benefit on your customer’s list. You’ll find shocking reasons about why customers actually chose your service – things you would have never thought of before. And knowing this information gives you the power to make better business decisions moving forward. It removes all of the guesswork.

Think about it this way, if you own a website and you don’t know why people are signing up for your service, how are you going to solve that problem? You can sit there and perform guesswork by building new home pages and sign up pages, running tests and hoping you can see some increases in sign up performance. Or you can ASK your customers specific questions to get to the root of the problem.

I tell everyone who is interested in KISSmetrics (our web analytics service) to get KISSinsights (our simple and powerful survey software) to really synergize their efforts. The combo of the two products becomes a very powerful tool.

For those looking to use KISSinsights on a corporate website, you can use the Net Promoter Score feature to get more information on the only metric that needs improvement (according to the Harvard Business Review), or you can use it to get higher level feedback like, “What is your perception of our company?,” or “Do you think XYZ corporation has a high standard of ethics?,” or simply, “Why did you visit our website today?”.

I honestly think every company should be using KISSinsights to keep in touch with their customer base. Having constant feedback about your company from real customers can be very useful when making leadership decisions.

Question #2: What benefits does it provide?

Here’s a shortlist of some the benefits KISSinsights provides:

  • An easy way to get customer feedback or support questions.
  • It allows you to obtain the language people use to describe your business in their own words.
  • KISSinsights is very non-intrusive to online visitors.
  • It’s extremely customizable. You can select what pages, users, times of day, and frequency to show your surveys and feedback forms.
  • It’s very easy to install and use, requiring the most basic skillset of web development understanding.

Question #3: What are some examples of the ways that businesses have used it?

In the case of the KISSmetrics blog, we’ll create a KISSinsights survey to ask our readers what they want us to blog about in the future. This has become a great way to keep providing content that our readers want.

What do you want us to blog about? used KISSinsights to build a better product video. They asked a simple question to their current users “What do you use your profile for?” Learning what their most loyal customers use for, they were able to build a better home page video that spoke to prospective users by using the language that spoke to their target demographic the best, resulting in more sign ups.

OfficeDrop was another company that used KISSinsights to expand their business. In 2010 they had expanded their product offerings but were not seeing an increase in sales. Using KISSinsights they learned that their pricing page wasn’t clear, and they were able to fix that problem by learning from KISSinsights responses.

Question 4: What were the results in these examples, i.e. how did the businesses make more money, convert more sales, etc.?

Case #1: (details can be found here:

In the case, they were about to build a home page video that missed two really important use cases. They were about to create a video based on assumptions of why they thought their product was useful to people (which is what 99% of businesses do – they just go have someone else make a video for them without finding out what their customers use their product for first). better product video

Thanks to KISSinsights they were able to figure out what the top use cases actually were by getting the answers from real customers!

Case #2: Office Drop (see more details here:

KISSinsights Case Study

Office Drop managed to make a 15% initial increase in visitors from their pricing page to their registration page, and with a bit more elbow grease, they were able to get a 40% increase in overall sign ups.

Question 5: What are some of the best surveys that can be conducted to gain the most valuable insights from customers?

The first thing I want to mention is that KISSinsights is very powerful – you really want to open up your mind to creative ways to use KISSinsights. I guess I would say this: start with a problem, and think of how real customer feedback can help you out.

If you’re not getting enough sign ups, ask your visitors “Is there anything that is not clear on this page?”

Again, if you you’d like to know why people decided to register, you can ask newly registered customers “Why did you decide to join today?”

In certain cases a KISSinsights survey that says “Would you like someone to call you to discuss the benefits of our software (or service or whatever)” might be a very helpful way to get more sales.

I hate to sound cliché, but really with KISSinsights the possibilities are endless. It’s the perfect tool to help you polish and perfect all your website inefficiencies.

Question 6: How easy is KISSinsights to install?

KISSinsights is very easy to install. If you have installed Google Analytics then you will have no problem installing KISSinsights. You simply paste a javascript snippet in the header of every webpage on your website.

Question 7: What else do people need to know in order to get more out of using KISSinsights surveys?

There are some ways to make KISSinsights more subtle and not annoying. You can delay the survey so that it doesn’t pop up right away. You can also only put it on certain webpages (and omit other pages) so that it’s not always popping up in front of users. You can have it just display once, etc. There are a multitude of ways to customize it’s frequency and visibility so that it’s less intrusive.

You can also provide a custom thank you message that gives people a coupon or encourages them to “like” a Facebook page after they fill out the survey. This is a great way to add a personal touch to the survey while also creating an effective call to action for a next step.

And that concludes the KISSinsights interview. If you haven’t tried it yet, head over to to sign up and begin using KISSinsights to learn valuable information about your customers.

About the Author: Joseph Putnam is a freelance copywriter from Orange County, CA who helps businesses write compelling content that increases sales and sign ups. Visit his site to learn more about how he can help you with your writing needs. You can also follow him on Twitter @JosephPutnam.

  1. I’ll be the first to attest to the usefulness of KISSinsights, great tool.

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