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Infographic: Social Media, OS & Browser Leaders of the Past Decade

The past ten years has seen enormous shifts in popularity between browsers, operating systems and social networks. In this infographic we examine where internet user populations have shifted between the major players.

Internet War Report 2003 to 2013

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Facts and Stats To Tweet:

  1. Google Chrome has recently taken over as the most popular internet browser with over 750 million active users. »tweet«
  2. Apple is the most popular mobile vendor in the U.S., owning roughly 40% of the market while Samsung has 24.3%. »tweet«
  3. Windows 7 remains the most used OS, with 51.77% of the market. View the Internet Wars infographic here: »tweet«
  4. Android remains the dominant player worldwide. In the U.S., iOS controls 51% of the market & Android 38%. »tweet«
  5. Facebook has 1.19 billion active users. Twitter has 200 million+ monthly active users. View the Internet Wars infographic here: »tweet«


  1. Frank Steiner Nov 18, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    Internet explorer still has a significant market share. I found it interesting.

  2. Internet Explorer is installed on every Windows computer by default. Additionally, one has to change the “Default Browser” setting to NOT use Internet Explorer for all the pre-programmed internet browsing settings on their Windows machine. They’re still winning by brute force…

  3. have you forgotten G+??? It is the second biggest social media network….+500M users, 390M monthly active and growing fast.

  4. @frank steiner: It may be interesting to know that IE still hold some percentage of market but u must know one thing that IE is not good at ACID tests. You will soon get to listen that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is holding total market share..

  5. Mobile operating system market share definitely going up and Android definitely the leader!

  6. Nice information thanks alot.


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