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Infographic: The Internet War Report 2013 – Social Media, OS & Browser Leaders

In this infographic we examine the current state of the internet based on areas of market share: browser, mobile vendor, non-mobile operating system, social media, and mobile operating system.

war report sm

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Facts and Stats To Tweet:

  1. Google Chrome has 43% of the worldwide browser market, making it the global browser champion (June 2013). »tweet«
  2. Windows 7 has the largest operating system share with 51% of the worldwide market (June 2013). Apple’s OSX has 7.5% of the market. »tweet«
  3. Facebook dominates social media referrals with 71% of the world market (June 2013). By comparison, Pinterest has 8.8%. »tweet«
  4. Samsung is the world mobile vendor market leader with 25% market share (6/13). In the U.S. & U.K. Apple is the market leader. »tweet«
  5. 38% of all mobile phones run on Android, making it the mobile OS leader worldwide (6/13). Apple’s iOS, however, is number one in the U.S. & U.K. »tweet«
  1. Is there a reason that g+ isn’t mentioned in the social media Portion? In my experience, g+ is a great way of driving traffic (per post), due to the fact that your circles are more targeted.

    I’d have thought it would at least be on the map :|

    • Hi Serge:

      Excellent point. We ranked social media sites in terms of referral traffic measured by Statcounter. Using that as our metric, Google+ didn’t make it into the running (not even the top 7).

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Ah, makes sense, but does that take into effect how many followers you have (like a followers-per-referral ratio)?

        I’d be curious to see which has the best referral rate (but have nowhere near the amount of data/followers to test it myself).

    • Hmm … I think the data just considers total referral traffic from each respective social media site.

      Let me know if this helps! :)

  2. Love the smoothness of the infographic.

  3. This war report convinces me that my decision to uninstall my Mozilla Firefox and replaced it with Google Chrome is totally the right decision especially after I got the fact that my computer’s memory increase steadily after got Mozilla updated. Nice reports after all :)

  4. Hello, I have read that the Chrome numbers are deceiving because it’s accounting for the pre-loading and caching of web pages? Also, every other report I read, for instance on neowin Chrome is not showing such a high percentage. Maybe unless you include the pre-loading/caching?


    • Jason Caldwell Aug 05, 2013 at 6:36 am

      Hi Bob!

      Great point. Again, we’re just using what Statcounter is seeing in terms of site usage. Great page to check out:

  5. I don’t understand the Mobile OS marketshare? According to every other stat I’ve read Android runs on over 70% of smartphones, while iOS recently dropped below 20%. Even in the US Android is 52%, iOS is 40%. Is this is including non-smartphones as well, Android would still be vastly ahead of every time OS in worldwide marketshare.

    • Hi Alex!

      Good point. In this context, we’re not measuring the number of Android units sold or in use (which would probably be in the 70% range), we’re measuring the share of internet traffic originating from Android units.

  6. Jonathang Law Aug 06, 2013 at 4:29 am

    I can still recall when chrome was first released back in 2008. Didn’t expect they’d be able to catch up and dominate the market in such a short period of time.

    Thanks for this wonderful infographics. Just exactly what I need on my next article.

  7. This leaves out heaps of social networks, but claims to be worldwide. Qzone has over half a billion users.

    -1 for inaccurate.

  8. Windows XP still popular ;P
    Great infographic, thanks.

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  12. If only Opera self updated the Flash plug-in like Chrome…

  13. The internet war has been heated by the fierce competition

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    I recognize that for many years been a user of windows xp but came a mmoento when I said I was to migrate

    Thank you and congratulations

  15. Bingacc, glad I could help :)

  16. tough challenge for web designers to coding so that valid in any web browser, resolution PC / laptops, tablets, and other devices


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