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Introducing The Free KISSinsights Academic License

KISSinsights is now Qualaroo! Please visit and start a free trial today.

We have recently created a special KISSinsights license for educators and instructors. This is a free license to anyone who would like to use KISSinsights in an academic setting. With this license, educators have access to all the features associated with a KISSinsights Premium account.

The KISSinsights Academic License is open to all educators who may find our tool useful. Here are a few disciplines we have in mind:

  • User Experience (UX, UI)
  • Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Business (MBA)

What is KISSinsights?

KISSinsights was designed to help businesses, bloggers and webmasters obtain actionable website feedback. We like to say KISSinsights helps you:

…get the feedback you need that analytics can’t tell you.

From years of performing conversion optimization and usability enhancements, we realized the best way to test new features, layouts, buttons, and even pricing strategies was to ask our users questions before creating new test variations. This eliminated the habit of guessing and gave us user-suggested directions to advance in.

With KISSinsights you can ask your visitors and users:

  • Open ended questions (free form response)
  • To take multiple choice surveys (or a combination of multiple choice & opened ended)
  • To take a Net Promoter Score survey

Here is a short video that showcases the power and flexibility of KISSinsights:

KISSinsights is Highly Customizable and Easy to Install

KISSinsights was designed to be “polite”. The survey form is discretely located at the bottom of the browser screen. It will appear when visitors come to your site. You can set KISSinsights to only appear:

  • Once per visit
  • During certain times of the day or week
  • To users who are signed in
  • On certain pages of your website

Installing KISSinsights is as easy as pasting in a single line of code into the source code of your website. If you have installed Google Analytics before, you will have no trouble installing KISSinsights.

KISSinsights Case Studies

Here are few documented examples of how KISSinsights improved the user experience and conversions of a few websites:

How to Sign Up

To sign up the KISSinsights Academic License, please visit this page. Click on the green request button at the bottom to request an application.

  1. Is there a way to get a free trial of this? I like Google analytics but it looks interesting to have something that focuses on users and not just visits…

  2. relevant information, a must read for people who are planning to start their own blog, whether it’s for personal, business or leisure. I’m sure you’ve received a lot of praise for the license!

    – Jack Leak


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