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What’s New in the KISSmetrics iOS Blog Reader

Update: This app is currently not available.

kissmetrics blog reader

Our KISSmetrics Blog Reader iOS app has received a complete redesign in today’s update. In the app, you’ll see a lot of new features including a slick iOS7 UI, interaction design, a new icon, and a favoriting feature.

One of the biggest changes on this design is the new icon. Our previous app icon showed the bars of our logo on a green background. It was representative of our brand, but it needed an update since it was too familiar to Feedly’s logo. The new icon is representative of our new brand direction. Simplicity is a key virtue at KISSmetrics, so our icon is a simple heart shaped leaflet.

blog reader icon redesign

We’ve made it easier for you to be able to reference articles by introducing a new prominent “Favoriting” feature. You can favorite an article while you’re reading it which will then later be stored in the favorites list. Or, swipe the title block to the left while in the list view to favorite or unfavorite.

Similarly, swipe the title block to the right in the list view and easily share posts to your favorite apps. We’ve introduced Pocket and Buffer as social sharing sites. Pocket is an easy way to consolidate all of the articles you want to read later when you have more time, and Buffer is a powerful social publishing management tool.

KISSmetrics promotes building fast and pushing out MVPs to then iterate and improve upon. The previous reader app before this update was built by Will Rust, our mobile developer, in two days. The app worked well for a hackathon-esque project, but we wanted our loyal blog fans to have an overall better experience with their content.

This time around, the reader received a lot of TLC throughout the process. There are more UX solutions to navigate through the app whether you are in the list or reader view. It is more feature rich and modern with flat design. Design plans are currently in motion to release a new iPad app.

One key action that stuck around is the prompt to send us feedback. Former feedback submissions have been a huge help in forming what our app has evolved into over the course of this last update. We’re always grateful for your advice and technical support, so keep it coming!

Download the App Here

blog app cta

About the Author: Patty Castaneda is an in house designer at KISSmetrics. Previously, she has designed for Appcelerator, Singly and MUNI. She can be found on the web with @PattyCreates.

  1. Hello,

    such a nice app you built, i have download and also share this one to my social profiles.



  2. Please add a search feature for the app.

  3. Really like the simple design and overall flow. It looks like there is a dead end when I share a post. I get the black screen with 6 social icons, but no way to exit, cancel or otherwise return to the article, or any other part of the app.

    Am I missing something?


  4. Vitaliy Kolos Jul 23, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    Congrats, guys. As a matter of fact, I totally like the innovations when it comes to the design you added. That being said, I’m kinda disappointed as well. That’s because you still don’t have the option to change the font size. It’s a real nuisance! Any chance to fix that?

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