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KISSmetrics Celebrates Movember

The typical American November is a month full of anticipation leading up to a holiday full of feasting with family and friends. However, thousands of men globally look forward to the end of the month so they can shave off their new mustaches!

The newly sprouted mustaches are due to a charity drive, The Movember Foundation. If you haven’t heard of Movember, think of it as an annual recurring ice bucket challenge. Men pledge to grow a mustache for the full month of November, and then they reach out to their network to create awareness and raise funds for prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Prostate cancer can often be treated successfully, and men should be getting tested annually. However, prostate cancer continues to be the leading cause of cancer related male deaths in the United States. Here are some stats pulled from Movember’s site:

prostate cancer second most common

In order to support and raise awareness, a few KISSmetrics men dared to don the ‘stache this year. Aside from the pain and efforts of the first two weeks of stubbles, the KISSmetrics Mo Team successfully raised $1,892 through the growth of twelve ‘staches. Mo Team Leader Brett Hardin exclaimed, “This is our goal to beat next year!”

There is nothing wrong with a mustache, but the appearance of all these new caterpillar friends can be quite comical, to say the least. Thue Madsen said, “My mom just cracked up when she first saw my attempt at a mo. My wife is not a huge fan, but she liked the cause so she fully supported it.” A common theme among participants is that most girlfriends or wives don’t enjoy it, but they put up with it since it’s charity work.

While it’s a familiar sight around this time of year in Silicon Valley, KISSmetrics has a full team of remote, primarily American, engineers and marketers. Chris O’Hara commented, “I live in Bangkok, Thailand. Hardly anyone has a mustache or any sort of facial hair, so I get some very weird looks.”

Although November has come to an end, some men have decided to keep their ‘staches to continue on in Decembeard or even Manuary. And, donations are still plenty welcome, because prostate cancer is not a seasonal problem.

kissmetrics movember

KISSmetrics extends its warm gratitude for all the donations sent in this year, and a special thanks to all the 2014 KISSmetrics Mo Team participants: Hiten Shah, Sean Work, Thue Madsen, Chris O’Hara, Pedro Aguilar, Nick Chmura, Matt Sadler, Ernest Wilhelm Durbin III, Eric Fung, Ian Main, and Brett Hardin and his father John Hardin.

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