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What is Kissmetrics?

We produce a lot of content on this blog that discusses how to improve your online marketing. Ironically, we rarely blog about Kissmetrics products. Today’s infographic illustrates how Kissmetrics web analytics can help your business succeed. Whether you’re just a small, bootstrapped, start-up, or you’re a part of a larger organization – Kissmetrics is a very easy to use, insightful web analytics package that sets your sights on metrics that matter (e.g., your bottom line).

Check out this video to learn more:

And take a peek at the infographic below to see how we can help you (and your business) reach its most important goals.

What is KISSmetrics the Infographic

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  1. Cesar L. Rodriguez Sep 29, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    This was a killer info-graphic! I’ve been wondering the difference b/w setting up a regular google analytics account vs using your services. This info graphic breaks it down very nicely and def sells your services well. When the time is right I’ll def be using your services. Btw, you outta def consider using this on your website home page. I bet it’d boost conversions. =)

  2. Beautiful graphic. If I may ask…who does these graphics for you?


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