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Using Kissmetrics to Find Out If LiveChat Is Affecting Conversions

Live chat. If you don’t already have it installed on your website, you’ve undoubtedly spent hours contemplating and debating with your colleagues. But does it actually work at increasing conversions? If you don’t have an analytics tool that provides this data, you’re left in the dark. Kissmetrics is here to help.

Kissmetrics includes an integration with LiveChat. This integration can give a lot of different details; such as if/when a person sees a pre-chat survey, if it is filled out, when a chat is started, etc. Today, we’ll focus on using Kissmetrics to tell if customers that use LiveChat have a higher likelihood of converting. Of course, you will have to be using LiveChat to get any data.

Does Chat Increase Conversions?

Each business is different. I’m not going to make a blanket statement like “chat doesn’t increase conversions”. What works for some companies may not work for others. Since you have Kissmetrics, you’ll know what works for your company. Here’s how:

Using the Kissmetrics Metrics Dashboard, create a new metric. Select the option Number of People Who Did Event.


Enter the name of your new metric and select the event you’ll be tracking. If you’re in SaaS, it may be something like sign up or demo requested. If you’re in eCommerce, it would be purchased or created account. Remember, we’re tracking conversions here, and you’re using LiveChat to see if it moves some needle. The needle you’re trying to move is the event you’re tracking.

For filter property, select Performed Chat. This will automatically be in your account once you connect LiveChat to Kissmetrics. Save your metric and you’ll get the data.


And you’ll get your data. True means they did chat, None means they did not. What you see below is just hypothetical data. Your results will vary.


If you see that there is little effect, don’t give up on LiveChat yet. Here are some ideas of what to test in LiveChat:

  • Change your greetings – LiveChat allows automated greetings to popup before a visitor even types a word into the chat box. Do some automated greetings get better responses than others?
  • Compare chat agents – You may have 5 people that handle LiveChat. Does any one of them convert visitors better? With this integration, you can see the number of conversions each agent has delivered.
  • View the chat transcript – This one is a little more high-level and requires some manual work. But if you’re really curious, you can go back and view each transcript for the ones that converted and the ones that didn’t. The data is all within Kissmetrics. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Use People Search to Find People Who Fit a Specified Criteria


You’ll want to find the people that have done the event you’re using in the Metric. This can be signed up, purchased, etc. Next, find the people that have the property Performed Chat and it should contain true. You can make the date range whatever you’d like.

With this, you’ll find the people that signed up (or purchased, created account, started trial, etc) and have chatted. Click Search and get your list of people.


Once you see the people, you can go back into LiveChat and see the chat transcripts. How did the agent manage to get the person to convert?

Compare these against the people that didn’t convert. To do that, just change the Have done event to Have not done event. This will show the people that have chatted but have not converted. You can then compare the transcripts of those that converted and didn’t. Compare the language and conversation and how they were addressed during the chat. You may be able to pick up some good nuggets on what triggers conversion and what doesn’t.


Here’s the takeaways:

  • Using chat on websites is a debated topic. Does it have any effect on conversions? Each website is different, and you’ll need to test it to see what effect it has for you.
  • Kissmetrics includes an integration with LiveChat.
  • Using Kissmetrics, you can see what effect LiveChat has on conversions. You’ll be able to compare conversions for people that used LiveChat and those that didn’t.
  • Go beyond just seeing if chat increased conversions. Look at chat transcripts, test different greetings, or see if one person on chat is better at converting users. You can also view chat transcripts to see if there are any trends in what questions people commonly ask.
  • If you’re already using Kissmetrics and LiveChat, you can view the instructions for integrating the two.

Questions? Feedback? Want to say hi? Put it in the comments.

About the Author: Zach Bulygo (Twitter) is the Blog Manager for Kissmetrics.

  1. Doing live chat well WILL increase conversions. That means you actually use it. You can’t just install it and not use it. If you let people connect to an agent without asking for their personal information, you will get a lot more use than if you make them fill in fields before they can find out if there is anyone available.

    As in subscription forms, every field you require to start live chat increases the likelihood the person will click away – even if they are a serious buyer who really wanted an answer.

    People don’t buy until they are sure about a product or service. When they have unanswered questions, they put off a decision. Live chat removes the friction of getting questions answered quickly. It will definitely increase sales. If yours is not, you’re probably doing it wrong.

  2. I’ve always wondered about whether Live Chat worked … now that there is a way to track it, I just might give it a try!


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