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Introducing the KISSmetrics Blog Reader iPhone App

Update: The app is currently not available. We’ll update this post when it’s available for download.

We at KISSmetrics are happy to announce our first iPhone app ever – the KISSmetrics Blog Reader! The beauty of this app is that it provides a faster, smoother, and more enjoyable mobile experience for our blog readers. Not to mention the fact that it’s completely free!

blog reader icon

It’s fast

If you’re like me, accessing the KISSmetrics blog on a mobile phone can be painfully slow sometimes (which also goes for most of the web content I view). I’m still on the iPhone 4, so my internet speeds aren’t the greatest. This app is perfect for me because it loads our blog posts lightning fast, and I don’t have to wait for:

iphone loader gif

Waiting….my typical iPhone content experience

And it was developed fast, too!

With this app project, we practiced what we preach about developing minimal viable products (MVPs). Instead of spending months building an app for our blog readers, we challenged ourselves to see how quickly we could release a functional app in the App Store.

This is a pretty bare bones app meant for one purpose: To make digesting KISSmetrics blog content easier and faster for mobile readers.

The Story Behind the Project

In a two-day frenzy, KISSmetrics team members, Hiten and Will, took it upon themselves to create the first KISSmetrics iPhone app.

The premise behind the application is that, on our blog, we write long form content intended to be informative and instructive. We noticed that people like to come back to the content when they actually need it, such as when they are planning an A/B test or creating campaigns on LinkedIn. So, we built an application that allows them to view the content without interrupting the work they are doing on their computers.

We debated about adding a lot more features than there are today, but we were making assumptions we could not prove, so we decided to start very minimally. Basically, this is practicing what we preach with MVPs and such. ;)

We redesigned the blog to have a much friendlier mobile, responsive design, which also made it easy to create something simple quickly. Between the design and tweaks, it took us a total of two days to build it, and it took Apple a total of four days to approve it. Therefore, from idea to App Store, it was less than one week.

– Hiten Shah & Will Rust, KISSmetrics

The Few Features

The home screen is a clean, simple list of the most recent blog posts we’ve published. We’ve included only the title of the post and a snippet of the introduction to each post.

kissmetrics blog reader home

The only real “feature” is a share function. When you press the share button, you have the option to either email someone the blog post or email us feedback about the app so we can iterate and make the app even better.

This leads us to our tip for today’s post: When you make an app, try to include an easy way to get feedback from your users. Forgetting to do that can be an expensive oversight in the long run.

the share feature

The End Goal

We didn’t go crazy with features. We want to hear from you what will make this app better, so we can improve it for you, our readers instead of just guessing.

Oh, and we know there are flaws in this app. But, in the words of Hiten Shah: “Just ship it.” Let’s see if you can find the flaws!

Download the App Here


Please download our app, and don’t be shy with your feedback!

Bonus: Free iPhone Wallpaper

Please feel free to download our KISSmetrics iPhone wallpaper. It was cleverly designed by our Creative Director to keep you in the metrics mood. :)

Blue: Click here for the blue wallpaper

KISSmetrics iPhone Wall Paper

Green: Click here for the green wallpaper

KISSmetrics iPhone Wallpaper Green

About the Author: Sean Work is one of many marketers at KISSmetrics. To keep up to date on future KISSmetrics articles, please follow him on Twitter or on .

  1. Curious reasons for building the app.

    If you say people come back later to consume the posts, won’t the post they want not even be in the list anymore? ( I can’t see any older posts in the list )

    I follow the blog via RSS and Reeder is way more full featured for finding posts later via unread / read / fav’d with many other sharing options.

    I feel like there has to be additional reasoning for putting it out as I wouldn’t put time into developing a blog app based on the reasoning you gave.

    Maybe it’ll be bundled into a KISSmetrics app? =)

    Also surprised Apple approved it as they’ve been cracking down on website shell apps.

    Hopefully it turns into something worth having on my phone. I gave it 2mins and deleted it.

  2. Justin Thiele May 08, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    The KISS blog is continually one of the best reads on the web. Excited to have a nice mobile reading experience now :)

  3. Nice looking wallpapers and a “to the point” app! Good job :)

  4. Kirsten Nelson May 13, 2013 at 11:13 am

    I’m excited to download the app. I have a hard time keeping up with things when they come into my email. I think this should make that easier. :)

  5. Wallpapers are awesome :)
    Great colletction :)

  6. Kiss metrics app is really too good i like the app thanks for sharing



  7. I am a daily reader of your blog and I just installed this app. I must say awesome work and I am in love with your splash screen.



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