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The Ten Commandments of an Awesome Lead-Generating Website

Your leads are only as good as the website that produces them. Fortunately, designing a landing page that’s built for leads doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. By looking at examples of some of the best converting lead generation websites, you can learn precisely what works — and most importantly, why it works. The following steps are proven lead generation boosters that can not only increase conversions, but can also increase your site’s trust factor and authority.

1. Include a Contact Number

Adding a contact number to your website may seem counterintuitive, especially if you sell a digital product. Doing so however, increases consumer trust and lends credibility to your offer. Even if your customers don’t actually call, the presence of a phone number does bring them some comfort.

One lead generation site for a Los Angeles dentist actually incorporated its phone number as part of its domain name ( and marketing strategy:

good lead capturing webpage

This lead generation page makes its phone number a large part of its branding.

2. Post Forms on Every Page

Having easy access to the actual lead generation form is paramount to increasing the number of viable leads through your website. The less information they ask for, particularly on the first step, the more likely people will be to part with their valuable personal details.

Notice how the example below for Allied Van Lines incorporates the phone number, but also asks for a minimum of information from its frequent form. Customers filling out this form are also more likely to do so because they did not have to give out personal information on the first step.


Putting lead generation forms above the fold increases the likelihood that customers will notice them and fill them out, particularly if there are visual cues such as arrows and an enticing offer such as a free quote.

3. Add Photos and Testimonials For Greater Credibility

Testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool, but adding photos or even rich media such as video or audio can take them a step further. While the rich media versions may be too bandwidth-heavy for lead generation websites, solid testimonials can have a powerful impact and lend support to your offer.

The accounting software Free Agent uses testimonials coupled with black-and-white photos, and large turnouts quotes to greet effect on its pages.

Use customer testimonials for your lead generating website.

4. Make Your Videos Speak to the User

Online videos bridge the gap between online and off-line commerce, as well as greatly increasing conversion rates for a wide range of industries — particularly e-commerce websites. The highest performing videos speak to the user rather than at them, as you’ll see in the 1,000th episode of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV below. Online users who viewed a product video were much more likely to convert over users who simply viewed an ad.

Use this

Videos help the user feel more informed and confident of their purchase.

5. Use Trust Seals – But Make Sure They’re More Than Just Eye Candy

All of the major trust seal providers claim that incorporating a trust seal on your website can increase conversion rates, but the actual statistics are hard to come by. Rather than installing a seal for pure visual security benefits, choose one that is backed up by a guarantee to the consumer, such as what did by using the BuySafe guarantee. Customers who saw the seal were 7.6% more likely to buy than those who did not.

buy safe widget to increase conversions

The BuySafe Guarantee protects customer purchases against identity theft and also guarantees delivery of items up to $500

6. Use Power Words When Describing Your Offer

Powerful action verbs such as “get”, “feel” and “have” are strong compellers because of their active tone as opposed to “imagine having”, “imagine feeling” and so on. Using action oriented words in your offer places the customer in a pivotal role as the one receiving the benefits as opposed to simply imagining them.

A lead generation page for a chronic pain course incorporates “power words” directly above the fold for maximum impact.

Use powerful words for lead generation

Notice how the graphic above the fold uses power words like feel, boost, have and overcome

7. Avoid “Cookie-Cutter” Site Templates

Avoid Cookie Cutter Website for Lead Generation

It should go without saying, but when it comes to quality lead generation, you should avoid any cookie cutter “all-the-work-is-done-for-you” website templates. Instead, invest in the best possible website you can afford, and make sure you make the page’s purpose clear up front so that the designer can tailor it to generating leads rather than looking nice or having all the bells and whistles. Having a well-designed site also increases trust and customer confidence levels when shopping online.

8. Consider the End-Goal First

When it comes to lead generation, begin with the end in mind. What exactly does a “lead” mean to you? Defining this will make your testing and analytics goals even clearer, and help you determine exactly what actions you want the user to take as they progress through each stage of your sales funnel. Is a lead considered someone who fills out a form? Someone who signs up for a newsletter? Requests a callback? Clearly define your starting point and you’ll have a much easier time adjusting your conversion goals accordingly. Gets To the Point with Lead Generation

LivingSocial cuts to the chase with focusing only on getting the user’s email address and location

9. Make Good Use of Whitespace

Whitespace (also known as negative space) is one of those ‘little things’ in web design that can make a big impact. Rather than striving to fill up every empty area on a page, give your content, photos and call to action buttons some breathing room. There’s no need to add something just to take up room – it can end up only serving as a distraction to your customers, and lowering your conversion rates as a result.

Make use of white space for lead generation

10. The Bottom Line for Best Lead Generation: Test, Test, Test

None of these tips will do you a bit of good unless you test them for yourself and determine what works for your unique situation. Number and quality of leads is a conversion factor just like any other – one which you’ll want to see increase and improve over time. Here’s a handy checklist of other things to test to help improve conversion rates.

A lead generation page is also a great way to test crucial design changes before applying them sitewide. By split testing changes from one landing page to the next, you’ll be able to see whether or not your lead gen efforts pay off. Of course, having the right testing and analytics software in place will help you determine exactly what’s working – with real-time data, historic timelines, trends and conversion funnels that let you segment down to the smallest details.

google website optimizer experiment

Use Kissmetrics or Google Website Optimizer to A/B test your website to increase lead generation

Testing is the only true way to know exactly what works for your unique needs, but when designing your lead generation pages, keeping these best practices in mind can help you work less and convert more!

About the Author: Sherice Jacob helps businesses improve website design, ranking and performance with custom blog themes and SEO copywriting. Learn how to increase conversion rates by visiting

  1. Some great examples, making sure that these elements have been considered is definitely a good start. People tend to have little patience nowadays and making it easier and quicker for them to make contact is a good strategy.

  2. I don’t know about other website visitors out there, but sites that are so focused on “selling” really turn me off. First of all, if I’m interested in what you have to offer, I’ll find the contact info. The page doesn’t need to scream it at me, especially on every page. And I agree, all content should speak to the user, not just videos. As for the other items, it really depends on the product and services being offered, except of course for the use of white space. That’s a universal design principle. And finally test, test, test is a great idea…true for any marketing activity. Results are what count, but they’re not always arrived at in the same way.

  3. Wow. What a great list. We’re definitely saving this article as a reference in our success library as we work with clients.

    Brilliant list.


  4. Glad you enjoy it! You’d be surprised how many people neglect to test things, either because they blindly believe what some “guru” tells them or they want to fill up every possible space with SOMETHING.

  5. Great guide, I will add the phone number and contact form to all our pages!

    We are creating a page funnels to convince the visitor to contact us, it’s important to make stand out what’s the benefit for the client in giving you his detail informations, our funnel will include a “what in it for you” voice.

  6. I would agree – especially for including a phone number. I know it sometimes goes against a conversion funnel you’re trying to lead someone through, but ultimately, giving the visitor the ability to quickly find what they need is the name of the game.

  7. In the end these commandments are “calls for action”. If you have a service or a product or simply want to generate in users it totally makes sense to convey them in the user-interface. Now days not all your ideal prospects come from the front page. It is wisely recommended to incorporate forms on each page. Treat it exactly like how you do with social media. Just be tactful – not a lot of us like to be sold.


    • Theron Claude Aug 11, 2016 at 5:08 am

      So true Mr Mahdi, not all visitors land on the home page. My home page is rarely found, sometimes I wonder why I even made it. With content marketing and deep link building, my “sub” pages rule as far as traffic is concerned. Any who, great post, I’m gonna save this one. Thanks

  8. You have succinctly summarized what I have been preaching for years. It’s interesting to note how many companies out there really don’t understand the value of each of these commandments. I would like to add an 11th: Give your visitor a clear path to their destination. Don’t confuse their journey with a cluttered navigation path, or offer so many calls-to-action that they don’t know where to click. Creative words may seem clever at the time, but when a user wants to learn more about your products, they will look for a tab called, funnily enough, “Products”. Because the easier it is for them to get the information they want, the more inclined they’ll be to request more…

  9. great tips mentioned over here. I also believe that website templates can’t serve your purpose. If you are serious then you should get a website designed for you as per your requirement.
    Forms in lead generation should be precise so that visitors fill them up. And i really like the idea of using “Power Words” Instead of using long sentences one should use these power words.
    And if we talk about white spaces then you are right a website should never look overloaded and messy. It should be attractive and unique.

  10. Great post. In our various lead generation campaigns, we have used many of the points mentioned here for creating landing pages. Testing & experiments in many of our campaigns has not only given us understanding on what is working but also which one works better for different products which helps in reducing the effort involved in creating multiple landing pages.

  11. It is important to keep testing, especially in the world of eCommerce where even a simple button colour change may impact on purchases, or testing the Cart page making sure its easy to use or clean may impact cart drop outs!

  12. So that is why to us Europeans, American websites generally look messy, dark, and badly designed. Extremely old fashioned looking, like most USA marketing. Compare them to the clean websites like ESPRIT with plenty of nice white space and consistent typefaces.

  13. Excellent information, especially about the test,test,test. SEO is an evolving game and traffic is ever harder to come by. Thats why you really need to make the most of what you have and perform some solid conversion testing.

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  17. Landing pages are difficult to get right. Thanks for the info, any suggestions for “non ecommerce” based trust marks?

  18. The only thing I don’t agree with is the “cookie-cutter” comment. I think for most a templated sites would be more than enough for what they need. I have seen people spend thousands on flash sites only for them to be confined to the depths of Google serps. Obviously you don’t want a site that looks like everyone else’s but wordpress/joomla etc type cms’s can get you up and running quickly and cheaply leaving you time and money to build the content. The key I think when it comes to site design it has to be fit for purpose. And everybody’s site has a different purpose so don’t rule anything out.

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  22. Google Analytics has now integrated a lot of Website Optimizer’s features into the new “Content Experiments” tab. This now makes it even easier to test alternatives. It offers much more than just simple split testing as you can now test multiple versions at once.

  23. Lead generation could work for just about any business, but most industries using this type of marketing include insurance agencies, education institutions, office suppliers, and furniture stores. Trends show that lead generation will become even more popular in the future, especially for service oriented businesses.

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    Helps conversions rate and branding with good video on your site also builds trust and credibility if it of the CEO or team.With people having less time it seems video is a much quicker option then reading.

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    Anybody know how to get there ?

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    Definitely some great tips to use when helping our clients with their website. The user needs a great experience in order for marketing to work well.

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    Great Article. We are in the process of redesigning our website. These 10 pointers will really help us in the process. Thanks!

  30. Mike Williams Feb 06, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    Sherice, thank you for the great article. Google Analytics provide a lot of information about your visitors, but not much detail from a lead generation perspective. You may try meetleads to find out detailed information about the actual companies and contact within them. It’s a free cloud-based service, and I hope it helps you generate leads effectively.

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  45. Very clean and keen tips. Carefull placement of needed information is one of the oldest rules out there, and yet there are still a majority of sites that don’t apply
    such basic principles.

    In lead generation one important factor that must be showcased is reliability. Because first of all, why would you invest your time in something that isn’t
    sure or guaranteed? Once your prospect feels secure and comfortable
    with your site, you have gained his attention.

    The next step is to keep the people interested in what your site is promoting.
    So choose words wisely for them to feel what idea you are selling to them and make your site simple yet elegant and clog free of too much information.

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  50. Dominic Jones Oct 03, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Excellent suggestions. I believe that online contests with customized giveaways are a great option too. There can be as many winners as you like and with useful giveaways for your target audience, especially customized with your company’s logo and messaging, you stand to gain added exposure each time your item is used.

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  52. This is great!
    Optimizing your website with CTAs, placements, videos and testimonials is a great first step in turning website visitors into leads.
    If you want to take it a step further – I would suggest utilizing a website visitor tracking software to identify the companies (and contacts) visiting your website.
    It’s crazy to think that about 95% of your traffic goes untracked, unnoticed and not contacted.
    Taking it a step further by using a website visitor tracking software, like Clickback WEB, means you can identify the companies (and contacts) visiting your website. It’s a tool your sales team will love!

  53. This is satire, right?


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