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Low Hanging Fruit of Social Media: 12 Quick Changes That Will Make Big Results

Would you like to get more out of your social media marketing campaign? If so, there are some quick changes you can make to your profiles, pages, and activity that can make a big difference in results. Here are 12 simple profile hacks and engagement tips you can apply to increase fans, followers, and traffic to your website.

Facebook Tips

Here are some small changes you can make to your Facebook page and marketing strategy to get Facebook traffic to your website and exposure for your business.

1. Add calls to action to your page’s cover photo.

The first thing people see when they visit your Facebook page is your cover photo. Now that Facebook has removed the 20% text limit on that prime area of real estate, it’s time to take advantage of it by including calls to action.

There are a few ways to do this. The first is to use the cover photo as an advertisement and include a link in the photo description. This way, when people click on the photo, they can learn more. Salesforce does this to promote their upcoming conference.

facebook cover photo call to action

Unbounce does it to promote their upcoming webinar.

Post Planner does this to promote their app.

Another way to get a call to action in your cover photo is to have a link directly in the cover photo image. Skype does this to share a story.

Adidas does it to promote their shoe customizations.

You can include a call to action that directs visitors to your custom Facebook content. George Takei does this to get people to check out his book.

Bonus Tip: Use a shortened link to your website with UTM parameters in the cover photo description and on the cover photo itself to see how many people follow your call to action.

2. Insert a link to your website in the short description of your page.

The short description for non-local Facebook pages shows up beneath your profile photo. You have up to 155 characters to describe your business and include a link to your website. This simple modification can help increase the number of visitors to your website from Facebook. Buffer does this with a great call to action.

facebook short description

HubSpot does it as well.

And so does Macy’s.

This takes just a minute to do, so if you haven’t already, do it now. Go to your Facebook page, click on the Edit Page dropdown in your Admin Panel, and click on Update Page Info.

update page info settings

Find the Short Description section, click the Edit link, and enter your business’s description with a link.

It’s that simple!

3. Get employees to connect the company page to their personal profiles.

Want your company to show up in more Graph Searches?

facebook business page link

HubSpot has over 100 employees who link to their company page with their personal profiles, and you can, too. To do this, get everyone in your company to follow these steps.

Go to your Facebook profile and click on the About tab. Then click on the Edit button next to Work and Education.

In the “Where have you worked” box, start typing in the company page.

Select the page for your company and enter your position, city, and description.

Most importantly, make sure the “I currently work here” box is checked. Then click the Add Job button. This will put your company page link in your Facebook profile.

Now, any time people click to a profile of someone at your company, they will see and be able to click through to your company page.

Increased exposure achieved!

4. Engage using your page.

When you are marketing your business on Facebook, you want people to connect with your business page, not your personal profile. While you can’t interact with other personal profiles or in groups with your Facebook page, you can interact on other Facebook pages. Doing this is simple. Click on the settings wheel icon at the top right of your Facebook screen and select the page you want to use Facebook as.

use facebook as page

Next, find the Facebook pages where your ideal clients are. For example, SEO consultants and SEO tool creators could engage with potential customers on the Facebook pages for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and Search Engine Journal.

engage as facebook page

Wedding vendors could engage with potential customers on the Facebook pages for The Knot, OneWed, and Wedding Wire.

And local businesses could engage with potential customers on Facebook pages for their local chambers of commerce, news sites, and related local businesses.

If advertising, like boxes on your website, and other tactics aren’t working to build a relevant audience, try this for a month or two. You might be surprised at the results.

Twitter Tips

Next, let’s look at a few things you can do on Twitter to increase traffic to your website, increase business exposure, and provide social proof.

5. Insert a link to your website in the bio of your profile.

Yes, there’s a website field on your Twitter profile specifically for a link. But that field doesn’t show up everywhere on Twitter that people could come across your profile. For example, in Twitter search results, you can see the business with a link in their 160 character bio stands out from the rest.

twitter bio link

Sites like Klout that pull information from Twitter bios don’t show your official website field, so only a link in your Twitter bio would come through.

This also allows you to give visitors to your Twitter profile two different ways to connect with you and your business.

So if you haven’t already, go to your Twitter profile, click on the Edit profile button, and see if you can get your website URL included with your business description in under 160 characters!

6. Get employees to add the company’s @username in the bio of their profiles.

Remember the tip earlier about having employees link to your company page in their personal Facebook profile? The same can be applied to Twitter profiles. Observe how KISSmetrics gets exposure through co-founder and employee profiles.

twitter handle in bio

That’s exposure on profiles that have a combined total of over 250k followers!

So if you have employees on Twitter, see if you can get them to simply add your @username to their Twitter bio. That way, people can discover your company through your employees, too.

7. Share branded media that links back to your website.

Did you know that many of the photos and videos you share directly in your tweets reside in a special Photos and Videos box on your profile?

twitter media

People visiting your profile for the first time might find themselves perusing your media gallery. This makes it important for you to share branded photos and videos that link back to your website, as these might be some of the first items clicked by visitors.

Also, keep your media gallery in mind when you are repeating status updates, as it might make that little box look somewhat redundant.

8. Turn tweets into testimonials.

Struggling to get testimonials for your business? Have happy customers on Twitter? Then start digging through mentions of your company’s @username for great tweets that you can use as testimonials. When you find a good one, hover over it and click on the More link. There, you will find the Embed Tweet option.

twitter testimonials

Copy the embed code provided.

And paste it on your website where you would like to display testimonials. You’ll have a live, traceable testimonial to share with potential customers, one that can’t be doubted.

LinkedIn Tips

If you have a B2B business, then LinkedIn is a must. Here are some tips to help boost website traffic, exposure, and leads.

9. Place links directly on your professional profile.

One of the disappointing changes that happened to LinkedIn profiles is that your website links were all moved to the Contact Info section – an area that must be clicked on to reveal your links.

linkedin links on profile

Fortunately, there are two other sections where you can place links that will be on display on your profile. These are the Projects and Publications sections. You will find them in the right sidebar after you click the Edit button on your profile.

When you select Projects, you will be asked to fill in the following information. This section is great to share your latest apps, software, courses, and other projects.

When you select Publications, you will be asked to fill in the following information. This section is great to share your latest books, whether they are published on Amazon or are free giveaways to build your mailing list.

Both allow you to use URLs with UTM parameters for additional tracking.

10. Get employees to add the company’s page to their professional profile.

If you and your employees are engaging in LinkedIn groups and other areas throughout LinkedIn, then you need to make sure your professional profiles are linking back to your company page. To check, go to your LinkedIn professional profile, hover over your company name in the Experience section, and see if you get a popup showing more information about the company.

linkedin page on profile

If your company name is not linked to your page, people who click on it will be taken to a search showing other people who have worked at the company instead of the company page itself.

To get a link to your company page working, click on the Edit button for your profile.

Scroll down to the job title linked to your company and click the Edit link.

Click the Change Company link next to your company name.

Then start typing in your company name. Wait until the page appears in the suggestions and select it from the list.

Finish entering details about your job position, and then click the Save button beneath that listing. Then scroll up to the top of your profile and click the blue Done Editing button. People visiting your professional profile can now click through to your page.

11. Add targeted variations to your products and services.

People like to buy from companies that they feel are talking directly to them. One of the great features of the LinkedIn company page is that you can create variations for each of your products and services that target a specific audience.

For example, if you offer social media consulting to specific verticals, even the slightest customization of your service description could catch someone’s attention. Imagine someone from the real estate industry seeing a description like “We can help you find and engage on the social networks most important to realtors, including niche networks like ActiveRain.” With variations, you can do this.

To get started, go to the products or services page on your LinkedIn company page and click the blue Edit button at the top right.

linkedin product variations

You will see you have a default version of your page. This is the one you originally created, which will show to anyone who doesn’t match any of the audiences you create. To create a variation, click the Create New Audience button.

Enter the name of the audience type you will be targeting.

Next, go through each tab to narrow down your audience. Each tab is optional. You can narrow by Company Size (such as selecting myself only or 1 – 10 employees to target solo-entrepreneurs), Job Function (such as selecting real estate), Industry, Seniority (such as selecting owners or VP’s), and Geography.

By the end of this, you could target an audience of real estate professionals working at an office with 11 – 50 employees in North America. Once you are finished, you will see your new audience highlighted at the top. From here, you will go through your product and service descriptions and tailor them for the audience you just created. You also can use custom images and a YouTube video to further impress your target audience. Click the Publish button at the top right when you finish.

12. Create hyper-targeted LinkedIn ads.

No one wants to spend money on social advertising and not get results. If you have a B2B business, you can avoid this by creating highly targeted ads on LinkedIn. These ads may have a small audience, but the audience will almost always be your ideal customer. Just like the products and services page variations mentioned earlier, you can target an ad all the way down to CEO’s of medium sized businesses in the public relations industry in Georgia if you want.

linkedin advertising

To get started with LinkedIn Ads, visit the LinkedIn Ads manager and create a new campaign to begin. From there, you will enter applicable headlines, descriptions, and images for your ad variations (you can create up to 15). The key after creating your ad is to really get granular with your ad targeting. The more specific you are, the greater the chance you will home in on your perfect customer. Your ad will get fewer clicks, but it will get more results.

In Conclusion

I hope you have found at least one profile hack or engagement strategy you can apply to your social media today that will bring great results tomorrow. Do you have a tip that you’d like to share? If so, please do in the comments!

About the Author: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Be sure to sign up for her free mini-training course, 8 Days to Promotable Content, and learn how to create content that people love to share! You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.

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