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Announcing Our New MailChimp Integration

As a people-based analytics platform, Kissmetrics ties all behavior back each person’s email address.

And today we’re announcing a big benefit that marketers will have when they choose Kissmetrics.

In our People Search, you’ll now be able to send a list of email addresses to MailChimp. And better yet, you won’t have to download or upload any CSVs, the entire process is all done within Kissmetrics!

Here’s how.

Adding People to a New Subscriber List

Let’s say we’re a SaaS company struggling to get people to upgrade to paying after their free trial. We’ve set up a drip campaign for these customers, now we just need to find who they are and add them to a list in MailChimp. The first step is finding the people that have viewed our upgrade offer but did not upgrade.

We have all the events set up in our Kissmetrics account, now we’ll just create a People Search. Here’s our criteria:


We’ll add a column to this data by looking at lead source.


Let’s run the report and get our list of people:


We’ll then click the “Export” button and get a list of options:


The first step is to choose the MailChimp list you are working with:


Next we’ll choose what we’d like to do with this list of people. We’ll add them to a new segment called Did not upgrade.


Merge fields are tied to the columns that are added in the People Search. Since we added a column showing their first lead source, we’ll add that data to MailChimp.


Then we review everything, and if it looks good, we’ll click Finish and the data will transfer over to our MailChimp account.


You can do this with any list you create in the People Search. Here are a few other possibilities for how SaaS and e-commerce companies may take advantage of this integration:


  • People that signed up but have not used a feature
  • Customers that have not logged in for 2 weeks (or any other amount of time)
  • Visitors that downloaded or viewed a marketing asset but have not signed up


  • People that signed up for a newsletter or registered for an account but have not purchased
  • Customers that purchased in the past but haven’t repurchased
  • Customers that applied a specific discount code

As a reminder, this will only work if you identify people by their email address. Usernames, account numbers, or anything else that isn’t an email address won’t work. And, obviously, you’ll need to be a MailChimp customer.

Send More Targeted Email

There you have it. Find a segment of people that you want to move to action, retrieve the list of people using People Search, and then add them to a MailChimp list. This is all done within Kissmetrics and the entire process takes a couple minutes.

If you’re a Kissmetrics customer on our Growth plan or above, you can sign in to your account and start using it right away.

If you aren’t a Kissmetrics customer but would like more information about how our analytics platform can help optimize your marketing, you can view our landing page to learn more.

  1. MailChimp Promote sounds like a great tool but the biggest question of any email marketing/bulk emailing tool comes down to deliverability. There are many factors come into play when you talk about it but say the email content is all clean with no spammy words used etc., what kind of deliverabiity does your system have? Surely you thought about it when you developed the tool, right?

    • Hi Taylor,
      I think you’re a little confused on what this new integration means.

      We did not develop an email marketing tool. We’re a people-based analytics platform that ties each visit back to a person (which is usually their email address).

      We just made an integration with MailChimp. Specified email addresses (and other data shown in this post) gets passed over to MailChimp within Kissmetrics. Customers will still use MailChimp to send email. They don’t send any emails within their Kissmetrics account.

  2. Hi!

    Will there be a possibility to add rules in the future to have these lists automatically sent to mailchimp?

  3. Hi – do the lists update dynamically? (When someone converts to a paid subscription, are they removed from the drip campaign, or does it have to be updated manually?)

    • Hi Tricia,
      At this time lists do not update dynamically.

      You *may* be able to set up rules in MailChimp, but I’m not 100% sure.


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