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A Marketer’s Mobile Toolkit: Our 10 Favorite iOS Apps

Marketers are busy people. They are constantly creating, measuring, and refining their campaigns. Anything that will help them stay organized, save time, be more efficient, or help them improve will be valued. So we’ve come up with our ten favorite iOS apps for marketers. They help us become better every day and allow us to do a little work when we’re on the go.

Here they are – our 10 favorite apps:

1. Buffer

Buffer lets users schedule tweets and retweets to be sent at specified times. Their app allows users to schedule, organize, and see the metrics for each tweet while they’re out and about.

We frequently use Bookmarklet, which allows us to bookmark an interesting link we come across, and then Buffer it to tweet or post to Facebook later.

For example, if I come across a great blog or website, I just bookmark it from my browser:

kissmetrics bookmark

Bookmark it:

bookmark ios chrome

Clear address field, and paste:

address bookmarklet

Tap enter, and it’ll open Buffer with the link I bookmarked:

buffer bookmarklet

Its marketing application:

Many companies like to tweet out dozens of links throughout the day. The analytics feature allows marketers to see which tweets had the most impact. From this, they can see trends and optimize their tweets for subject matter, time of day, tweet content, etc. Once tweets, Facebook status updates, or LinkedIn shares are published, various metrics are brought in via the web or mobile app.

2. Tweetbot

If you’re a power user of Twitter, Tweetbot is likely your app of choice. It has more features than Twitter for iPhone and is much faster. And it is very easy to use. One of our favorite features is the ability to retweet from a specific account just by holding the retweet button.

Also, if you’re heavy on lists, you can choose to make one of them your main stream. With the search functionality, you can find tweets based on keywords and hashtags. And the “translate” feature is important when you discover non-English tweets.

When you originally start Tweetbot for the first time, you’ll be presented with your Timeline, aka Twitter feed:

tweetbot timeline

I can select a list I’d like to see by tapping on Timeline:

tweetbot lists

If I want my Must Read section to be my main list, I just tap it:

tweetbot must read

And it becomes my primary feed.

Its marketing application:

Many marketers have a personal Twitter account and the accounts of their brand(s), so the ability to quickly tweet from any of these accounts is a real time saver. Also, if you’re one who has many lists, Tweetbot helps you stay organized so you don’t miss any tweets on your marketing list(s) and stay up to date with fellow marketers.

3. Prismatic:

Prismatic automatically shows users things that are likely to be interesting to them. All users have to do is connect a social media account.

Users can search for content and topics they are interested in. For instance, if I want to add blogging to my news feed, I just search for blog:

prismatic content search

Select it, checkmark it, and I get all my blogging stories:

blogging stream prismatic

Prismatic also makes it really easy to share. Just hold down an article and select the option to share:

prismatic share article

share article prismatic

Its marketing application:

Most marketers send out tweets with links their followers would find interesting. In general, the things marketers find interesting will be of interest to their followers because they have the same interests. This is why one follows another – the anticipation of future value from tweets.

However, a lot of people keep only a certain number of websites in the rotation of their mind. If you’re a tech marketer, you probably visit sites like TechCrunch, the KISSmetrics blog, HubSpot blog, MOZ blog, a few personal blogs, and interesting links you find on Hacker News or Inbound on a daily or semi-regular basis.

Along with the typical rotation of websites, there can be gems from a relatively unknown blog. Prismatic helps users find these gems so that they, in turn, can share them with followers.

4. Quora

If you’re a knowledge junkie, Quora is a must. You can find in-depth content for nearly any subject matter imaginable. It seems like there’s always a Quora question and answer for almost anything a person wants.

Their mobile app is snappy and allows the user to search for things they cannot find in other places:

quora home ios

If I want to share a post or answer, I scroll to the bottom and tap on share:

quora share

quora social network selection

And share, or copy, it and put it in Buffer:

quora twitter share iOS

Its marketing application:

If you want to get better at something, there are two ways to accomplish that:

  1. Practice it regularly
  2. Read content about it written by people who know more about it than you do

Quora takes part of number 2. It has an expanding library full of marketing questions and answers. Nearly all questions have answers from multiple users, so you are able to get different perspectives and views on a question.

You also can add your own input. And if enough people get something out of it and vote it up, your name recognition increases along with your company’s if you have your work bio in your answers, like this:

lars bio quora

5. Pocket

Ever come across an article on your mobile phone that you don’t have time to read? The end result may be a dozen tabs that you intend to read later. Pocket syncs it all across multiple devices.

If I find a link I want to save to Pocket, I hit the action button in Safari:

safari action button

Tap on mail, and email it to the correct address:

pocket email

From the web, you can view your saved links:

pocket saved link

And I can easily share:

pocket share

Its marketing application:

Tweeting on the go or adding tweets to your Buffer is convenient. Additionally, as a marketer, you probably read a lot of marketing articles and blog posts. But there certainly are times when you just can’t sit and read them all, so adding them to your Pocket (from any device) and having the ability to read them anywhere is an added bonus.

6. Trello

Trello is our productivity tool of choice. If we need to organize a process such as exploring new marketing channels or executing on campaigns, Trello helps us get organized. It also helps us collaborate with others on things we are trying to get done.

If I had a book I wanted to read and keep track of, I’d open the Trello app, see my boards, and tap on the “Read Book” board:

trello boards

Then I’d see my To Do list:

trello read book board

Then I’d see this one To Do details:

trello to do

And my checklist:

trello checklist

If I’m working on a project with multiple collaborators, I can easily add them:

add member trello

Its marketing application:

Marketers, just like everyone else, have projects they have to work on with others. Coordination, keeping track of goals, and staying organized are a must for a project to be successful. Trello is the ultimate assistant for this area of your work.

7. Feedly

With Google Reader now in retirement, Feedly may become your new favorite RSS reader. The Feedly app is a beautiful and simple RSS reader you can use while you’re away from your desk.

If I want to check my RSS feed, I open the app:

feedly rss feed

And if I want to view a specific section, such as Copywriting, I tap it and swipe through various articles:

feedly specific feed

Its marketing application:

Keeping up to date on the latest marketing trends is key for any quality marketer. And marketing news comes from many sources, so Feedly helps you synthesize it and keep track of it all in one place.

8. Clarity

Clarity connects users who are seeking business advice with experts who are offering it. Their app is a great way to request a consultation. If I need help with blogging, I load up Clarity:

clarity app home

And I tap on Blogging:

blogging clarity app

I find someone I like and tap on their profile. From there I can get an expanded view of the expert and request a call:

chris brogan clarity

From there, I can request a call.

Its marketing application:

Remember the show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? During the show, if contestants faced a tough question, they could use a “lifeline.” One of the lifelines was the phone-a-friend option. Contestants could call a friend for a consultation and help with the answer.

Clarity is one of your marketing lifelines. It allows marketers to call experts for help with marketing problems. Calling someone outside your organization can give you a new perspective. They’ll offer a fresh view of things. And since they are experienced, they may have had similar issues in the past that they found solutions for.

9. Vesper

Vesper is a quick and lightweight app for taking notes. If I want to write a note, I just tap the + sign on the top right:

vesper app

Then I write out the note. I assigned this note the tag “To Buy”:

vesper note

Then I can see my “To Buy” list:

vesper tags

Its marketing application:

You undoubtedly have notes to take. Vesper keeps taking notes simple and elegant.

10. Pop

Pop is a great way to play with new ideas, and it requires zero code.

You can sketch wireframes of ideas with pencil and paper, take photos of them to get them in the app, and then build links between different wireframes to mirror the basic functionality of your app.

If you write up a few mockups, just take a picture with the app, and your mockups will appear:

pop app wireframes

And you can select one:

pop app sample

Its marketing application:

If you’ve ever had an idea for a new website or program, you want to test the flow of the app as soon as possible. Pop makes it easy to capture these ideas and try them out before building the entire app.

Announcing Our Free Google Analytics App – My Analytics

Our app, My Analytics, allows you to check Google Analytics on the go. You can pull it up during meetings, on the train, and anywhere else to see your key metrics.

Best of all, it allows you to quickly compare your traffic, goals, and ecommerce metrics so you can see how they’re changing. Other Google Analytics apps show you only basic traffic stats for a single period or try to force every report into the app. Neither is ideal when you need to check your data quickly to answer a question that comes up during a meeting.

With My Analytics, you’ll be able to compare today’s data with data from yesterday, the same day last week, and the same day two weeks ago. You also can compare yesterday’s data with data from previous weeks, or compare this week’s data with data from previous weeks.

You’ll get access to your:

  • Visits
  • Unique Visitors
  • Page Views
  • Goals
  • Ecommerce Transactions and Revenue

My Analytics just launched in the App Store and is currently available for iOS. And it’s completely free.

download my analytics app

About the Author: Zach Bulygo is a blogger for KISSmetrics, you can find him on Twitter here. You can also follow him on Google+.

  1. Chris Bradley Jul 11, 2013 at 12:00 am

    Nice article! Thanks for the suggestion on POP, I have a camera roll full of sketches, looks like POP is a much better idea.
    Big fan of Feedly too, the “Today” feature makes the morning read much clearer. I also use Asana for a personal to do, it’s simple clean and fast.

    An awesome calendar app I just discovered is sunrise, definitely one to check out.

    • Hey Chris,
      POP is really nice. Simple, elegant, and free.

      I’ve used a couple RSS readers since the retirement of Google Reader. Feedly is my favorite, but another one I liked was Yoleo Reader. I think Feedly is the best though and it’s app is perfect.

      Thanks for the suggestions on Asana and Sunrise!

  2. Dariusz Romanowski Sep 19, 2013 at 2:44 am

    Zach, Great and useful app, but i would like to see that list for android apps. You can make another post:)

  3. Learned lot about ios. good and useful information. thanks.

  4. POP looks great. I had never heard of it before. I will make sure I download it, thanks. Clarity sounds like a good idea too. A list like this for Android apps would be good to see. Thanks again.


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