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What Kind of Marketing Rockstar Are You?

Most marketers aspire to reach “Rockstar” status. A supreme level where a simple tweet can launch an entirely new startup overnight. Well – let’s find out where you are along this Rockstar journey. Take the quiz below:

Today’s quiz was created for you by Caz Bevan. Caz is a digital marketing rockstar for Fit Marketing, one of the fastest growing companies in Utah. She helps companies generate high quality leads.

  1. That was terrific. I just used the above and got good experience and some eye opening tips just from the options.

    Thanks buddy.

  2. quite innovative! I could not believe the result that came up. Its so true!

  3. Hahaha! This is awesome and I like how the result is way more constructive than other “fun” quizzes that I come across online. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Neil, do you want to get involved with us, help us with your growth marketing techniques?


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