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Meet the Selections of The Grasshopper / KISSmetrics Phone Number Challenge

A few weeks ago we presented the Grasshopper / KISSmetrics Phone Number Challenge. Jonathan Kay of came up with the idea for the challenge. He believes online businesses that display a highly visible phone number on their website are more likely to earn trust and business from consumers.

We wanted to test his hunch! We decided to present a “challenge” to online businesses that do not have a phone number on their website.

The challenge:  to see if KISSmetrics and Grasshopper can improve the metrics of three online businesses by implementing both services on each website. The metrics to be improved are to be decided by each online business.

Each business will get a free KISSmetrics account and Grasshopper phone service. In exchange, they will participate in a six week case study to see if improvements to their chosen metrics can be achieved.

After a lot of deliberation, we have selected three businesses to work with in this experiment. Before we announce the selections, we have to say it was really difficult to make because there were so many great businesses to choose from!

And The Winners Are…


DODOcase produces handcrafted iPad cases that “protect from extinction”. These cases make the iPad feel like a hardcover book. Kevin Rose says “It really does feel like a book. It’s like super sturdy and strong.”

Each DODOcase is hand crafted in San Francisco, CA by experienced woodworkers and book making artisans. We highly recommend you watch their videos!


flowr screenshot

Flowr is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business that provides an online collaboration and project management solution. They are based out of Slovenia, but their recent success has led to opening an additional office in California soon.

Flowr was an obvious choice since they are a 100% online business. However, since they are also an offshore business, we thought this would make for an interesting addition to the case study.

The Site Slinger

According to The Site Slinger website, they are the “best PSD to HTML” conversion business. More importantly, they can take any design and turn it into perfect HTML and CSS code. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of building a website from scratch probably wishes they had used this service instead!

Thank You!

We would like to thank all the businesses that entered the challenge. If we had enough time and resources, we would have liked to work with you all. And of course, congratulations to the businesses that were chosen! We will be contacting you shortly.

Stay Tuned…

We are going to spend the next two weeks getting our new friends fully integrated and set up on our systems. At that point, we will begin the actual challenge and start collecting data (a lot of it) which we plan to share with you at the end. Once the challenge begins, we will update you and urge you to call our friends on their new numbers. Then stay tuned as we will probably give you a mid-way report once things are really in motion.

  1. Nathan Gilmore Aug 05, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    Awesome. Looking forward the results!

  2. Super excited for this!

  3. Now, that sounds exciting!
    Will you also reveal on what basis this experiment will be assessed/observed?

    //K. Wasseem

  4. Nice one we just added Olark and a grasshopper phone number to our site. Looking forward to seeing the results of this test.


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