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28 Things You Need To Know About The New Facebook Pages

The new Facebook pages design with Timeline have arrived. Regardless of whether you like it or not, the changes are coming – it is best to prepare for them as soon as possible so your Timeline will be ready to shine. The following are 28 things you need to know about the new Facebook pages, including using the preview, timeline cover rules, how updates have changed, admin panel features, messages, and what will happen to custom content on your page’s tabs.

Previewing the New Facebook Pages

Learn how to preview the new Facebook page design and make changes to your pages before the automatic rollout on March 30th, 2012. By doing this, you can have your page ready to go without scrambling to fix potential issues.

1. Preview the New Design Now

If you haven’t already, visit one of your Facebook pages. You should see the following message above it.

preview new facebook pages timeline design

By clicking on the Preview button, only you as an administrator will see how your page looks with the new Facebook page design with Timeline. You can then go through your Facebook page’s wall / Timeline to see how your status updates and other activity will look with the new layout. You can also add your Timeline cover photo, change your About information, and preview your apps / custom tabs to see how they look.

The best part is, until March 30th, you have the option to switch your admin view back to the old design or click the Publish Now button to publish your page with the new design.

2. See All of Your Pages to Preview

To see which pages you have not turned into the new Facebook pages preview, go to your Preview All Pages status page. Click on the Turn on Preview button for any of them to see how they will look with the new design, or click on the Preview All Pages button at the top to change them all over.

Timeline Cover Photo

The Timeline cover photo is one of the best new features of the new Facebook pages design. Learn how to get the most out of it and what you’re not allowed to do.

3. Timeline Cover Photo Dimensions

To get the best quality for your Timeline cover photo, be sure to create your image at 850 x 315 pixels. Your Timeline cover photo should be a strong representation of your brand like this one on the Butterfinger page.

timeline cover photo example butterfinger

If you’re in need of inspiration, you can see 20 Timeline cover photos on Mashable or scroll down to the “See Examples on Other Pages” section of the official New Facebook Pages introduction.

4. Timeline Cover Photo Rules

Before you get too excited about all of the wonderful promotional opportunities that the Timeline cover photo has to offer, be sure to get acquainted with the rules. When you go to upload your new Timeline cover photo, you will be greeted with the general guidelines as follows.

“This space is not meant for promotions, coupons, or advertisements. Your cover photo should not be primarily text-based or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. Learn More about choosing a cover photo.”

On the Learn More page, you will find the main three “don’ts” of what cover images cannot contain.

  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”
  • Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s About section
  • References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
  • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”

As you can see, the restrictions on the Timeline cover prevent you from turning it into a fan-gate, promotional billboard, or other marketing tool. Additional rules for the Timeline cover include:

  • Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties’ intellectual property.
  • You may not encourage or incentivize people to upload your cover image to their personal timelines.

5. Timeline Cover Photo Ideas

Now that you know what you can’t do with your Timeline cover photo, you might be asking what you can do. Photographers will have it easy as their Timeline cover photo can be an extension of their portfolio. Any business that revolves around imagery, for that matter, will have it easy. But for some, you might be thinking how you can translate your business into an image. Some ideas to consider include:

About Your Page

Increase the click-through rate to your website by putting your link in the right place.

6. Extended About Your Business Section

Previously, if you wanted your website link on the main tab of your Facebook page, you had to create an About description that included your link in 70 characters or less. This would appear on the left-hand side of your page.

old facebook page about section

With the new Facebook page design, your About description can be up to 170 characters and appears beneath your page’s Timeline and profile photo.

new facebook pages about section

You can change your About description in the new layout by going to your Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page. In the old layout, you just click on the Edit Page button. Then navigate to your Basic Information section and put your description in the About field.

This works with most pages, with exception of pages set up as a local business.

7. Website Links on Local Business Pages

The above directions do not work with Facebook pages set up as a local business. On local business pages, your local information is shown instead of an About description.

new facebook pages local business information

In order to get your website link to show up in this section, you have two options. You can delete your business’ location information (address, city / state, and zip code), but this might not be a good solution as people will be interested in learning where you are located and what services you offer. Alternatively, you can delete your business phone number. To do so, go to your Basic Information section, click on the dropdown next to your phone number, and select No Phone. Make sure you have also entered your website link in the Website field. Now, your website link will appear on your page.

new facebook pages local business information with website link

Essentially, you will have to decide which is more important to your visitors – the website link or the phone number. In this case, the owner of Soulmates Wedding anticipates more people will want to click through to see his portfolio prior to calling. Remember that you can still enter your phone number in the Description section of your page’s details so it will be displayed when someone clicks the About link for more information about your business.

8. Additional Links

Don’t forget that links included in your Basic Information fields (Description, Biography, etc.) will be automatically hyperlinked. If you would like to direct people to your other social profiles such as Twitter or Google+, you can do so by entering them in those fields with one link per line. Be sure to check each section when you edit it by viewing your page and clicking on the About link to make sure everything is displayed properly.

Status Updates & Wall Posts

Status updates and wall posts are handled differently in the new Facebook pages. Here is what you need to know.

9. Lack of Recent Activity is More Obvious

Before, people would have to glance at the date on the latest status updates to see how long it has been since a page has been updated. Now, if you go for a month without updating, it will show up like this.

new facebook pages update activity

Thanks to Timeline, updating your page regularly will be that much more important.

10. Change Dates on Status Updates

The up side is before Timeline launches, you can backdate some posts for your page. Simply add a post on your page, then click on the pencil icon and use the Change Date option.

new facebook pages change date

Once you enter the date you want to move it to, you will get a confirmation that it will be placed on the date selected.

new facebook pages change date confirmation

You can then refresh you page to see the new date on your post.

new facebook pages backdated post

11. Highlighting and Pinning

Anything you posted on your wall can be expanded to cross both columns by clicking on the Highlighting star.

new facebook pages highlighted post

You can also bump an older post back to the top by clicking the pencil icon and choosing Pin to Top.

new facebook pages pin to top

This will move it directly to the top of the left column of your page beneath the Post box.

new facebook pages pinned item

The down side is that you can’t also highlight a pinned item to stretch it across both columns, and you can only pin one item at a time, so you can’t have two pinned items at the top.

12. Displaying Updates from Third Party Apps as Individual Posts

If you use a third-party app like NetworkedBlogs to update your Facebook page, you might be in for a bit of a surprise when you see your updates are not displayed individually. The following shows updates from NetworkedBlogs that are all grouped together.

new facebook pages third party updates

However, you can break them into individual stories. Hover over the group of updates, click on the pencil icon, and then select View Individual Stories. Here, you will see each item (unfortunately without details). Click on the circle next to each and select Highlighted on Page.

new facebook pages third party app individual stories

When you go back to view your page, you can hover over each individual item and click on the star to remove the highlighting feature, or leave the posts highlighted across both columns.

Posts from Others

The way that posts by others on your Facebook page (including direct posts on your Timeline and posts your page has been tagged in) are displayed has been changed significantly.

13. Recent Posts By Others Grouped Together

Looking for posts other than your own on your new Facebook page? They are likely to be grouped into one section on your Timeline like this.

new facebook pages recent posts by others

If you see one you want to remove, you have to hover over it and click the X to delete it. To feature a particular post by someone else on your Timeline, you can go to the Admin Panel > Manage > Use Activity Log. Find the post (organized by date), click on the Circle, and select Highlighted on Page.

new facebook pages highlight updates by others

Then find that update on your timeline and click on the star to remove the highlight and move it into a single column.

You can control who posts on your Timeline and whether the Recent Posts by Others are displayed by going to your Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Manage Permissions section.

new facebook pages posts by others settings

These settings do not include comments on your wall posts though. This could be a huge win for those worried about reputation management on their page, but a huge loss to those who like to automatically feature their fan’s activity.

14. Recent Posts by Friends

One interesting feature is that some updates made by friends of visitors viewing a page will be displayed in full.

new facebook pages posts by friends

This seems to be happening at random because not all of the posts made by my friends on Facebook wall are being shown at full. It may be based on friends you have had recent activity with.

Admin Panel

The new Admin Panel is simplified to show you just what you want to know about recent activity on your Facebook page.

15. Notifications

Here, you can view the latest notifications for your Facebook page.

new facebook pages admin panel notifications

For those who love their RSS reader, you can click on the See All link and find a RSS feed link for your page notifications. Subscribe to these RSS feeds in your favorite RSS reader (like Google Reader) so you can see all of your page notifications in one place.

new facebook pages notifications rss

Interestingly enough, notifications about people who like your page, engage with a wall post, tag you in a post, or post on your timeline, that are published in your RSS feed are publicly accessible if you share the RSS link.

16. New Likes

One section of your Admin Panel is devoted to showing you the latest likes toward your page.

new facebook pages likes

One nice feature is the ability to see the people and the pages who have liked your page by clicking the See All link and using the dropdown.

new facebook pages likes by people pages

This could be a huge plus for B2B businesses. They can go in, see the pages who have liked their page, figure out which ones could be potential customers, and like the page in return. Then they would be able to interact with their potential customer’s page!

17. Messages

A huge change for Facebook pages is the ability for people to privately message your page. Messages will show up in your Admin panel.

new facebook pages messages

Be sure to check this regularly and respond to any messages that come in. They could range from new customer inquiries to reputation management issues that could be solved in a private forum rather than on your public Timeline. Although I would not suggest it, you can choose to hide the ability to message your page by changing the Show “Message” button setting in Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Manage Permissions.

18. Build Audience

Another great feature that is back for Facebook pages is the ability to suggest your page to your Facebook friends by selecting Admin Panel > Build Audience > Invite Friends.

new facebook pages build audience invite friends

You can choose friends based on recent interaction, location, friends in a specific group, or friends in a specific friend’s list. Other options to grow your fan base under the Build Audience menu include importing email contacts, sharing your page link on your personal profile Timeline, and creating a Facebook ad.

19. Edit Page

Under the Manage menu in the Admin Panel, you will find the previously mentioned Edit Page option. Here you will find the usual settings for your Facebook page including some new options for the Timeline profile layout.

new facebook pages edit page options

Some of these options may change when the new Facebook pages officially roll out.

20. Activity Log

Also under the Manage menu in the Admin Panel is the Activity Log link. Here, you can go through all of the updates to your Facebook page’s timeline by you and your audience.

new facebook pages activity log

You can then click on the icons to the right of each story to change their status from highlighted on page, allowed on page, hidden from page, change date (your own posts only), and mark as spam when applicable. The only thing missing from these is the option to pin a post to the top of your Timeline – that has to be done using the pencil icon on the individual story on your Timeline itself.


Here is a look into the new Facebook pages’ insights.

21. Insights at a Glance

Whenever you go into your Admin Panel, one of the sections will show you your page’s insights at a glance.

new facebook pages insights at a glance

You can hover over parts of the graph to see specific numbers, or click the See All link to get more details.

22. Overview

Your Insights’ Overview will show your current total of likes, the cumulative number of friends your fans have, the number of people talking about your page, and weekly total reach.

new facebook pages insights overview graph

Beneath that, you can see your page’s engagement. The pink bubbles show when your page posted an update. This can help you see how your engagement changes based on post frequency.

23. Page Posts Details

Under the graph, you can see details about each post on your Facebook page including the post’s reach, engaged users, users talking about that post, and virality.

new facebook pages insights page posts details

You can use the dropdown for All Post Types to select specific posts types.

new facebook pages insights post types

24. Demographics for Likes, Reach, and Talking About This

If you click on the Likes, Reach, and Talking About This options at the top, you can see demographics for users who are engaged with your page.

new facebook pages insights likes

This can help you determine whether you are targeting the right audience for your business on your Facebook page.

25. Where Your Likes Came From

At the bottom of the Likes section is an interesting graph on where your page’s likes have come from as well as the latest number of unlikes.

new facebook pages insights where likes are from

This can help you see whether like boxes and buttons on your website are working well, as well as see any boosts in likes within the last 90 days. Linking a spike in unlikes to a particular post can also help you learn if your posts are actually disengaging your audience.

Apps & Tabs

We saved the most controversial for last. Worried about your custom Facebook page tabs and apps? Here is what is going to happen to them.

26. Default Landing Tabs are Gone

This is probably the biggest stinker for the new Facebook pages. Everyone will be sent directly to your main timeline – no more default landing tab. The only way to direct someone to a particular tab on your Facebook page would be to give them the direct URL for that tab. To do this, just go to the tab on your Facebook page and then copy the URL.

27. Tabs are Wider

Your custom Facebook page content will now be displayed on your page at 810 pixels wide. If your content is currently set at the old width, it will be centered and surrounded by white space like this Twitter app from inlineVision.

new facebook pages custom tab width

You’ll also want to make sure you have enough content for your custom tabs as they will otherwise lead to a wide, white space on your page.

28. Only 2 – 3 Custom Tabs Showed

While you can have a total of 12 custom tabs (including your Photos and Page Likes), only four are showed at the top of your page.

new facebook pages tab icons

This means visitors to your page have to be savvy enough to click on the down arrow to find the rest. You can swap the position of your custom tabs to make sure the best ones are up top by clicking on the down arrow, hovering over the tab, clicking on the pencil, and selecting which tab to swap it with. Everything but Photos can be moved.

new facebook pages app positions

Being able to swap your number of likes with a custom tab can be a great way to downplay the focus on number of fans your page has. Even Toyota, with 781,000+ likes, has chosen to do this to hopefully get attention to their Welcome tab and other featured content.

new facebook pages toyota

What other discoveries have you made about the new Facebook pages with Timeline design? Be sure to list your observations, likes, and dislikes in the comments.

About the Author: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing for personal, professional, and business bloggers. You can follow her on , Twitter, and Facebook.

  1. Christy Broccardo-Davis Mar 02, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    Excellent and most helpful overview, thanks so much!

    • Thanks Christy! Glad you find it helpful! :)

      • Deborah Frederickson Aug 26, 2012 at 8:20 am

        Thanks Kristi…can you tell me where to go and how to turn off the feature that sends the following to my personal email address?…”So and So has commented on So and So’s posting”, (or something like this). I’m getting trounced with unwanted updates in my personal email.

        Thanks for any guidance you can give me…Deb

      • I had to create me a new page this morning and I can share things and comment on my page but I cannot post directly from my page. I get this stupid thing that says To schedule my post I have to give a year to go with the date. I donot want this junk, is there anyway to take this off or will I just have to delete my page? Thank you, Mary

    • I simply now take over came across your web sites way back so that i maintain possibly currently screening control this fact on top of a essential. Then you certainly use a a great helpful pointers proper thus i savor locate this process planet at some point. Persist with unquestionably the significant vocation!

  2. Andrew K Kirk Mar 02, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Will this Facebook page update eliminate fan-gated pages?

    • It won’t eliminate the content of your fan-gate tab, but you will no longer be able to use it as the default landing page, so it will lose a lot of its effectiveness.

      • michael currey Mar 02, 2012 at 2:16 pm

        there’s also a bug i’ve heard about that says Facebook doesn’t refresh the page when someone likes a page so the fangates won’t change… people will have to force-refresh to see the new/different content. :(

  3. Its 851 x 315 pixels..

  4. Glad to have an indepth resource on new Facebook pages. I had not explored a few things yet.

  5. michael currey Mar 02, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Hi Kristi!

    Thanks for the mention in the post, now the pressure is on? ;)

    We are looking at the wider spacing for the new Timeline layout and the change to the icon size and will be doing our best to update our Twitter and Contact Form apps to fit into the space better.

    Question: Besides making the app wider, what other features/information would you put in that extra space to make the app better or more useful? (290px)

    • Hmm, maybe put a solid background in a separate column with the Twitter account description, follow button, website, followers, following, and listed for the Twitter app. For the contact app, maybe a column where the user can add some extra commentary like I did with my contact form. :)

  6. David Gadarian Mar 02, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    no comments on this? this stuff is gold. the downside is that while I have had it on my list to update my Facebook Page, with the new Timeline version my Facebook stuff looks even worse. I have no choice now.

    As usual Kristi – well timed and much needed.

    • You can always make some updates (like links to your latest blog posts) and then use the Change Date option to make them look like they were posted earlier. The only downside is they won’t have any interaction, but at least the timeline itself will look fuller.

  7. Not sure the local business problem is really a problem…

    If you want the description you can just change it to Companies and organisations > Small Business (or whatever your sector is) and you can get the description to show.

    The problem I am having is that when I upload an image for the big icon for the tab it gets shrunk down, where as Toyota, get full size icons – how do we get that?

    G. x

    • Do you mean change the category for your page altogether?

      As far as the icons, it looks like they suggest 111×74, but if you upload something larger , then they shrink it down to fill the area. It probably just needs to be the same aspect ratio.

      • Yeah I have updated the icons on mine now so they fit better, and yes you just change the category of your page from local business to small business and it changes what is displayed in the description section.

  8. Great post. *bookmarked*

    One thing I’d point out is that in order to suggest you business page to friends you need to be signed in as your personal profile.

    If you are signed as as your business page you only have the ability to promote the page with an ad.

  9. 28 things!! i thought at least 10 new changes will be there..great post, Kristi!

  10. Dewaldt Huysamen Mar 03, 2012 at 5:05 am

    Hey Kristi there a few points u left i believe is very important too please check my article out and let me know what u think:

  11. Great post Kristi. Extremely well communicated!
    I know since yesterday before I published I could invite friends, today after publishing I can not… hope it reverts back.

  12. Most comprehensive timeline article I’ve found. Thank you!

  13. Kris Chislett Mar 03, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Good work! Best post I’ve seen on the timeline thus far. Even some stuff in there I didn’t realize…

  14. Great Article. What happened to the “Link” option in the status update box? Now it seems there is a status, photo, ask question & milestone option, but no link. Am I missing something? Thanks!

    • The link option is gone – to add links, all you need to do is paste them into the status update. Facebook will transcode them for you.

      • If you post the status from your timeline, there is no option for link. However, if you post the status from “Home,” you will still have the “Link” option.

  15. Kristi,

    Good stuff. Thank you for sharing

  16. The “Pin to top of page” option doesn’t seem to be available on a personal Facebook page. I did see it available on a Brand page.

  17. I change my page to the new timeline design, however the apps photos are still in the old size. How can i upload the app profile picture to the new size?
    I already tried fixing it from the app settings and it does not work.

    • I found that the only way to get the full size app photos is to upload them larger than the suggest size of 111×74 pixels. Make sure it’s the same aspect ratio too and it *should* get re-sized appropriately.

  18. Great info on the new FB pages ,,,, Just wanted to know if there is some way to subscribe to the Page Posts feed like in the old design …. Thanks …. :)

    • Do you mean by RSS? You can grab the Page’s ID number by going to and then put the Page ID in this URL –

  19. Kristi –
    Thumbs up! This is a great resource. I have a couple of questions for you. Has there been any changes to how you set up a closed group? This is something I’m getting ready to do. Also, when setting up an event on your business page, the “invite” feature was taken away. We’ve had to just keep sharing it on our news feed or asking individuals to share the event. Any way to do an invitation from the biz page?

    • Hi Julie,

      I’m not sure about the Event invitations as I’ve never set one up, but I always thought it was only set to invite people you know through a personal profile instead of a page.

      As far as groups, you can go to and click on Create Group. Then you have the option to choose from an open group (anyone can find it and see the content posted inside), closed group (anyone can find it & see the members but can’t see the content unless they are a member), and secret group (no one can find it or see the content unless they are a member).

      • I have the same question as Julie…have searched the internet, wrote FB, posted in their Community forums and found nothing that shows how to invite the “likes” of a FB fan page to a specific event.

    • Christin Berger Dec 08, 2012 at 7:35 pm

      The invite feature shows up again when you click that you are going to the event.

  20. Go to your new timeline page, click Admin Panel, then next to Notifications, click See All, on the left you will see – Get notifications via: RSS

    Hope this helps

  21. Thanks for the info! Do you have any idea what FB is doing about all the Recommendations that fans have left that have now disappeared?

    • That hasn’t been figured out yet, although it is an openly reported bug on Facebook –

      Be sure to add your comments there so that Facebook will get the feedback that people want that feature!

    • Brittany Botti Mar 15, 2012 at 5:20 am

      Hi Terry, looks like they just added the recommendations back to the page. They are located on the right side of Timeline underneath friend activity.

      • Hello, I do not have a recommendations section on my page. I’ve been looking into this for several months. Not sure if it’s the way my page is set up (there are options for ‘groups’ and ‘categories’ of which I’m ‘local business’ and ‘sports/recreation/activties’ respectively)., or if it has to do with the address. I work from home, so perhaps the map thinks the ‘home’ is not a ‘business’. I know other page owners (photographer) who work from home, and have the recommendations tab. I’m out of ideas, but a little disappointed, as I believe recommendations and testimonials are a huge help for small businesses. Do you have any other ideas? Thank you.

      • Hi, Do you know how I can display those recommendations on my external website? The like box only shows feed news, but I am specifically after recommendations

  22. How do I get the Photos of the people who “lIke” my business page onto my custom tabs. There is no “photo” tab under my custom tabs. Thanks

    • I think that photos of who has liked a page is only shown to friends of a visitor browsing your page. You should have a Photo tab, but it is photos that you upload or your page is tagged in.

  23. Teresa Howell Mar 06, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Although I like many of the new features, I am not why they would take away ‘Recommendations.’ It was a great way to generate interest and get feedback from customers. I wish I would have known that was going away, I would have copied the comments to put on my website before I switched to the new format.

    • Be sure to add your feedback here – so Facebook knows people want this back.

    • Brittany Botti Mar 15, 2012 at 5:21 am

      Hi Teresa, Facebook just added the recommendations section back to pages…they are located underneath Friend activity on the right side of the Timeline.

  24. Awesome. Great Information!

  25. Thanks for this – you have just taught me LOTS!

  26. Great information – thanks! I am also missing “Recommendations.” Any idea what happened to “Deals”? I saw that they would have “Offers” soon but it’s only been rolled out to big brands…??

    • There’s more information about Offers here –

      It looks like, for now, it’s for advertising clients, but they do plan to roll it out to other pages. Maybe they’re just testing it with the big brands and will give it to everyone once they work out any bugs. :)

    • Brittany Botti Mar 15, 2012 at 5:22 am

      Hi Sharon, they just added recommendations back…they are underneath Friend Activity on the right side of the Timeline.

  27. Fantastic guide Kristi, definitely the most indepth source of info I have been able to find on all the new changes for the Business pages.

  28. Thanks for that comprehensive post Kristi – Personally I quite like the new look of the Timelines – I reckon if we looked back at how they are pre-timeline in a couple of months it would seem really dated! The lack of fan gateways is a bit of a pain, but hopefully it will focus people’s minds on providing better engagement on their wall which is what it should be about anyway, rather than just racking up big ‘like’ numbers. I love the option for being able to pin posts – I’m sure we can all get creative with that, plus the highlight to encourage liking :-)

  29. CUSTOM MAP TAB: A comment on the local business map that shows up in the custom page tab icons below the cover photo. I upgraded a local business page to Timeline, but wasn’t seeing the map icon. Found out that since the map is being provided by Bing, that you need to claim your Place page on Bing. This business had already done that. I went to review the Bing listing and the only thing I could see that could be causing the map to not display in Facebook was that the street address was formatted slightly differently (Ste instead of Suite, Dr instead of Drive). I synced up the Bing and Facebook street address fields, then returned to Facebook and the map was now displaying. Yay! Not sure if the address change did the trick, or if there was just a Bing/FB lag time from when I switched to Timeline that caused the delay. Anyone else have any experience with this? Thanks, Kristi, for the great writeup.

    • Great info Sarah! I think I read about a bug with the maps, so it might just be part of converting to the new layout and other functionality quirks.

      • I just started a business page and I wanted to pin all the locations I have shipped items to on my map, how can I do this? Why is my home page map different than my business page map?

  30. This was soooo helpful, thank you so much for the great “easy” to understand information.
    Dr. Amy

  31. I have a question as a professional photographer.
    “Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties’ intellectual property.” –
    Our wedding couples do get a personal copyright release on their images. Does this mean they can upload one of their images as a timeline top image without giving us credit?
    If we design a timeline top banner for them can we include our copyright name?
    The portrait sessions for children, high school seniors, etc do not get the files or a copyright release so they would have to definitely include our logo.
    Thanks, just need clarification on this please
    The article was informative
    Wally (Ms nor Mr)

    • I’m not sure how photography copyrights work, but I would assume if they have a personal usage copyright, then they can upload it to their personal profile as they choose. The Facebook timeline photo is essentially just another photo in their photo album, so if they are allowed to upload your photos to their Facebook albums without a logo, the same should go for their timeline. What you can hope for is that their friends will be more likely to see their wedding pic and ask who the awesome photographer was. :)

  32. Great article Kristi. Those apps are looking easier to deal with after reading this. Looking forward to knowing all of this rather than learning it :)

  33. Hi Kristi, thanks for your helpful post! I am editing a business page for the nonprofit I’m working for, and I can’t get the Twitter tab to work with the new Timeline, it seems to be a dead link although all the Settings seem correct.mAny advice on this? Thanks.

    • You might need to check with the company that created the app – it might be old and just not supported anymore. I use the one from Inline Vision ( Most of the app functionality should be the same regardless of the new layout though.

  34. Finally a blog that explains Facebook in a way I can understand. Thank you.

  35. Hi Kristi, great post! Would you know if it is allowed ok to put “New book coming out in July” on the timeline cover or would this be classed as call to action?
    I thought it would be more a statement rather than call to action – but it’s better to be sure… Any thoughts on this? Thanks

    • It seems like that would be an advertisement, but at the same time, I’ve seen some company’s already displaying their upcoming conference… :)

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    Shared and memorised.

    Thanks Kristi.


  37. Hey Kristi,
    Great info! Thanks so much for sharing. Since the new Timeline for pages will do away with default landing pages, how can I continue to use my Aweber form to capture names and email addresses? Although my fan page is not fan-gating, will I still be able to do this?

    • Yes, you can still use this. The difference is that you will have to put it up as one of your apps in the top row and hope that people click on it as opposed to setting it as a default landing tab that all new visitors coming to your page would go to automatically.

      • Or if you are sending them to your page via a link you can link them directly to your landing page. Just use that url instead of the timeline url.

  38. This was very helpful. I get so tired of trying to keep up with the changes Facebook makes. I am not opposed to learning and changing but I “Dislike” most of them.

    • Completely understand. I think I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that Facebook is constantly evolving they have no need to be considerate of their user’s feelings about changes. :)

  39. The best article I´ve read about timeline changes. I need your help. In my page the option “invite friends; share page link on your profile timeline” does´t appear… do you guess why? Thank you very much. Ana Mendes

    • Do you have a high number of fans? Mine still appears as an option on a page with around 3,000 fans.

    • Hi Ana, I had the same problem, there is what to do:
      Admin Panel —> Edit Page —> Use Facebook as …. and change it to your facebook account. Then when you go to build your audience you should see all options !

      All the best,

  40. Great guide. So no more fangating. What about video? Will video be used anywhere on the page another than shared/posted content? Will we be able to one day put video on the covers?

    • Video on the timeline cover sounds like a great idea! Aside from shares or custom content tabs, I’m not sure there’s any other place for it for the time being though.

  41. Excellent info thanks! I have heard that businesses will have the option to modify business names where it was not possible before. Do you know if this is possible and if so how it is done?

  42. excellent article thank you :)

  43. Great overview of Facebook pages. I referred to this blog post in a Facebook developer meeting. You find the meeting notes online here:

  44. How do I use all 12 of the tabs? I would like to know how to add an ‘app’ to the tab because FB is telling me I am out of apps and I still have a few empty boxes. Thanks! :)

    • You might have more than twelve apps that aren’t being used on your page so it won’t let you add more. Check by going to your Admin Panel > Manage > Edit Page > Apps. Maybe remove some that you don’t use and make room for new ones. :)

  45. Another question. :) It seems as though anyone can see my ‘business page’ at and not need to click ‘like’ to gain access. Is there a setting that I am missing? Why would I want someone to get the info w/o ‘liking’ the page? Thanks!

  46. Chris Farrell Mar 09, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    Hi Kristi!

    To quote Steve Martin in the movie ‘Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels’….ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!

    This is the most comprehensive breakdown of the new Page structure I have read.

    I am about to share immediately.

    Thank you for the work you have clearly put into writing and creating this article.


    Chris Farrell

  47. Hi Kristi!
    Thanks for sharing a lot of ideas about our best friend ( Facebook) of today. Although 28 things of Facebook we get to see each and everyday but we don’t actually try to know about and make use of all those. But going through your article I have come to know a lot of different things from Facebook. Thank you so much Kristi once again.

  48. Hi, does anyone know what happens to the “write a recommendation” option in the timeline upgrade? I’ve upgraded one page that I manage, and all recommendations from clients just vanished. I’m not sure if there is any way to get those back, in the meantime I have another page I have NOT upgraded yet and I’m wondering what I should do to keep the client recommendations that exist there now — or if I even can. I’ve been unable to find anything about this online, other than one post that indicated “place recommendations” would be kept, whereas reviews and discussions apps would not be. If you have any insights, please share and thanks in advance for doing so!

    • As of right now, there isn’t a clear answer on whether that section will be coming back. If you haven’t published the page with the new design, you can revert to the old design and at least copy the testimonials. I’d suggest copying them for the page you still have too, just in case.

  49. Kristi – In our local business page ( our about tab shows rather than the hours, phone, etc. We would like the latter to show rather than the former, but can’t figure out how to change it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • That’s funny – I want just the opposite (to show the About information instead of the local business info). When you go to Admin Panel > Edit Page > Basic Information, does it show your main category as Local Businesses & Places? That’s the only thing that I could see making a difference. All of the other local business pages I have seen (including my own) show the phone number, hours, etc.

      Alternatively, if you can’t fix it, you can just enter that information in your about section to compensate.

  50. Thank you for sharing the fantastic examples of brand pages, as I live in New Zealand I would have never seen the Verizon Wireless page otherwise, and I really like the way they’ve used their own fan base as the basis for their cover image – very clever.

  51. Ginger Miller Mar 12, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    This was really helpful! It has been tricky compiling all of the changes into one, easily understandable post–you did a great job, thanks.

  52. Thanks for the great post! Very helpful and I’ll be sharing this with clients that are putting together their timelines. Question for you … how do you removed the “likes” tab and show only “photos” as I see in your Soulmates page example? Thanks for your insights.

  53. Peter Stanton Mar 13, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Chris Farrell just shared the 28 points

    Thank you for it…very helpful details.

    Like Chris..thanks for all your work!!!

    Best regards

    Pete Stanton

  54. Praveen Rajarao Mar 16, 2012 at 7:30 am

    Hi Kristi – This is awesome stuff and you have done a great job in detailing everything. I just cant wait to go home and logon to my page (it is blocked at work :-( and check out all these new features.

    I did switch over to the new look a while back, but havent actually gotten into the details. Thanks for sharing.

  55. This is a kewl list you put together! Obviously a considerable amount of work. I have been getting prepared myself for 30 Mar. Progress is nice.

  56. Cinzia Garoia Mar 18, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    thank you very much. I have some recomandations from friends and clients now. where are going to appear in the new timeline Page?

  57. Good thorough overview and although I really like that Jive cover I think I blew everybody out of the water with my cover!

    I linked it to my name in this comment so all of you can give me the top FB cover award :)

  58. Thanks Kristi for the great info.

    Please can you tell me why I do not have ‘Invite Friends’ under ‘Build Audience’???? I can’t find this button anywhere, might there be a button i need to click to activate this? I would like to invite my friends from my personal page asap

    Any advice would be much appreciated

    • Amelia Ryan Sherry Sep 11, 2012 at 10:38 am

      I’ve had this same problem! Sometimes it’s there and other times it isn’t. Also, if and when it does show up, is there a way to tell if I’ve already invited them? (Would had to invite twice.)

      Great post, Kristi!

  59. Have you noticed that although you can HIDE, HIGHLIGHT and ALLOW on your page your activity, you cannot delete it so it shows up on everyones news feed no matter what you do. Effectively if you make a few changes to a cover picture a few times and upload a few times it will show up that many times on fans news feeds looking pretty bad! The lack of control on areas like this are suspect!

    • I find this really annoying too – I like to have personalised photo covers for each tab, including the ‘photos’ tab, but only way to do that is to make it the last photo you upload – unfortunately, this means I have re-upload the said same photo after every photo upload in order for it to be the album cover again – very irritating to fans’ news feeds, I’m sure even though I hide it as soon as I upload it – FB need to give a privacy option when uploading to albums!

  60. I can’t remember where I read it but when you change your cover photo, it could show in the news feed of your followers. Instead of allowing that, you can hide the update and then create your own status update announcing why you changed your cover photo and asking for a “like” if your followers do indeed like the change.

  61. Shannon Blyth Mar 29, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    Great stuff. Thank you so much. I’ve just gone through your article step by step and my page is good to go! I’ve passed it on to all my friends too and encouraged them to be ready for the big changes!

  62. I am the Admin for my page Queen Victoria Pub Las Vegas but when I go to the drop down Build Audience, I dont have the option to invite friends???

  63. Kristi, thanks for all your help.

    I have the same problem as a number of people above: I don’t have the ‘invite friends’ button under ‘Build Audience’. FYI, I have about 1100+ friends in my presonal profile, and I also have three other pages that I’ve created with only a few dozen likes, but there is one other fan page where I am admin, which has over 34 000. Could that be the problem? If so, then I will just unlist myself as an admin there and focus on my own pages.

    However, it’s very funny that this was not an obstacle before the new timeline changes went into effect in such a sweeping way. Even a couple of weeks ago, I was freely inviting friends to like my pages…

  64. Amazingly informative! This post was so engaging that it has taken me over an hour to read~ I kept hopping over to my Facebook tab to explore, then I’d come back to learn more. This one is definitely shareable!

  65. FYI, I finally figured out what the problem was re. inviting friends to like my page: you have to be looking at it as yourself, not your page. So you have to check at the top right corner of your fb window, and click back to your own identity, not your page’s.

    It took me a while and there wasn’t much info on it anywhere, I actually noticed it by total coincidence.

    Yet the kissmetrics page above is still very useful, so thanks again!

    • Amelia Ryan Sherry Sep 11, 2012 at 10:40 am

      Thanks for the answer, Gabor! Do you know… is there a way to share a link of yoru fan page on your personal page? I can’t seem to figure this out. I’d like to ask my personal friends to check out (and like) my fan page. I can’t post a link to it on my Timeline, though I know Kristi mentions that you can in the article. Do you know how to do this?

      Thank you!

  66. Hi Kristi ! You have done really great job.All 28 Things Need To Know About The New Facebook Pages to develop the business.Specially “Extended About Your Business Section” is simply awesome.Thanks to share nice information.

  67. Hi Kristi,

    I have set up a new page and invited some of my friends, I am now unable to see the “Invite Friends” option in “Build Audience” tab. The only options it gives me is “Invite email contacts” and “create an advert”. I have reported the bug but fear I wont get a reply – any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong if there is no bug?

    • Hi Kristi – please disregard my question – however I believe I have the answer should anyone else like to know. Here is my reply to another person also wanting to know:
      “I’VE GOT IT!! Man I’ve been doing my head in. OK – go into your page ONLY as yourself (not as your business/group). Go to Admin Tab, Build Audience and Whalla…”invite friends”!! To test this theory is correct, used facebook as your page and you will probably see that you cannot invite friends (because technically your business doesnt have friends, it has likes) – YAYYY!!!!!!”

  68. What a nice article it is! Thanks a lot Kristi!!Hope to do this types of great work in future also.”Change Dates on Status Updates” is a great article.I want to know more in future.Great job indeed.Thanks again.

  69. Why is the “Invite Friends” option missing from under the “Buile Audienc” tab? The old style of facebook allowed me to invite friends, and from everything i’m reading it’s supposed to be here on timeline as well, but it’s not. It only gives me the option to “Invite Email Contacts” and that’s it. The “Invite Friends” tab is just no there. Can you please help me figure out what that is? Thank You.
    Rick –

  70. Great post!

    When trying to view Insights, Page Posts, there is no data. System appears to be trying to load, but nothing appears. Another Admin for the page is able to see data. Do I have settings set incorrectly?

  71. Hi, Thank you for the detailed info!
    When I try to invite friends to my page, I choose the list of all of them but some can not be clicked
    ( I can see that on your list too).
    why is that? are these people all ready invited?
    Do you have an idea?

  72. candice perera May 14, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Regarding custom tabs, how can I create a new tab
    I have created a new page through my facebook account, how can I display that page on facebook

  73. candice perera May 14, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    I have created a new page through my facebook account, how can I display that page on facebook

  74. I remember the old Facebook pages had an option which allowed non-admins to recommend pages to their friends. I’ve not been able to find it on the new page. Has it been removed?

  75. Do anyone know how to hide the recommendations section on their page? I’m receiving hundreds of post, many of which are problematic.


  76. Does everyone that has “liked” your Fan Page see your posts and updates in their timeline? …I’ve had some say they don’t see it… and I myself have quite a few Fan Pages that I’ve “Liked” and I don’t see too many of them in my timeline… So, do others see my posts?

    • Same issue we are having :(
      Have done as much research as I can and emailed FB…. no answer yet.

    • When you ‘like’ another page remember to hover over the ‘liked’ button for a few seconds, you will see a little drop-down – make sure the ‘show in news feed’ is ticked – it quote often isn’t! This could be why your page isn’t showing in their feed too – not sure why some are ticked already and some aren’t. I always check anyway. :)

  77. Faisal Jaffer May 26, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    This was very helpful and useful, thanks for your effort!

  78. Hi Kristi – amazing overview !!! Just one problem i would love someone to clear up – i made a new Page – well, started to – and i have this at the bottom, which is hiding most of my content :
    “See more recent stories”
    I note that many Pages have a continuously scrolling end to them so readers do not have to click on that phrase – how do i get that open-ended feature pls ?
    Warm wishes,

  79. Christy,
    Do you know why people who have “liked” your page cannot see status updates- They have not blocked the page etc. My post are just not showing up in the newsfeed even when “show most recent” is selected

  80. Hi Christy,
    I hv my business at Fb.How do i create a tab for testimonals my customers would gv and that can show beside my photos tab.

  81. Casey Moffett-Chaney May 29, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    My photo was tagged incorrectly. I put my true tag in, but the other name still appears as if this person is in the picture which they’re not. How do I remove the incorrect tag?

    • Hi Casey – I don’t think you can delete the incorrect tag unless you were the original tagger – if you can source who put the tag on, you could probably politely ask them to remove it. Click on the photo and then hover over the name of the wrongly tagged person in the information on the right – a little drop-down should then appear telling you ‘tagged by in this photo by ?’ – contact that person direct. Hope that helps x

  82. Christy,

    This is a terrific article! Thank you!
    ONe question that has been very frustrating to me; I need to get my 500+ fans to ‘vote’ for my business on grant (I need 250 votes to be eligible) and posts on my page have not gained much traction.
    What I would love to do is to be able to message all my likes, or perhaps invite them all to an event and post there…or really any other direct notification system other than wall posts.
    I’m able to do this as ‘me’ from my personal page to my friends, but I can’t seem to access my ‘likes’ either as me or as my business page.
    Is there a workaround for this? My FB business page is:

    • Ellen,

      I, too, am curious about this inability to “Send an Update to Fans” or “Message all or part of the people who Like your page”. I’ve done a bit of searching, and based on my experience with Facebook, they no longer want you to be able to ‘market’ to your Fans or Likes without using their paid advertising options.

      That would be my best guess. Any other thoughts on this?

      Is there a way to message all the people who Like your page?

  83. Amazing post, and I mean it, best fb page walk through I’ve read!

  84. You can also add your Timeline cover photo, change your About information, and preview your apps / custom tabs to see how they look.

  85. The only thing missing from these is the option to pin a post to the top of your Timeline – that has to be done using the pencil icon on the individual story on your Timeline itself.

  86. The following are 28 things you need to know about the new Facebook pages, including using the preview, timeline cover rules, how updates have changed, admin panel features, messages, and what will happen to custom content on your page’s tabs.

  87. Lots of information, but can you help me. I would like to know how I can like a page when I am using my page. I can only like a page when I am using my account.

    • You can like a page from your business page, BUT the like only counts from your personal page, so try doing both :)

  88. how to make my page posts viewable in others wall?

  89. Why is insights unable to detect some of my posts?

  90. I never comment anymore on Facebook because since the changeover i have noticed that when i read a post i can see under that comment the location, so now i am thrown back as i dont want my location published. Even though my city is in my profile i do see that the area or near by is under the comments i read. Is there some way we can override this as it is not right to publish where we are. It even tells you in your account settings, security your active sessions. Is that what appears.

  91. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I can’t see the activity log on my page which is pretty stressful when I schedule posts or want to hide an old one. Do you know why this is?

  92. My page recommendations never came back and I can’t figure out how to get it. Any ideas?

  93. hi PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE IS OPTION FOR CHECKING THE NO.OF PEOPLE i had sent for liking my page?i did and try every help but its showing the same thing like cancelling the request i sent in my peronal facebook but not for the page.?i want to delete some invitations i had sent out to people for liking my page??please help ty..

    • Hi … have you found a way out of this ? i’m facing the same issue, can’t figure out how to see the friend requests sent all at one place :( ??

  94. I set up a Fan Page for someone this week…but now as I try to set a username, it says the name is unavailable. However, when I search facebook and type in the url of the name I’m looking to set …it says “The Page You Requested Was Not Found” ….?

    This is confusing… I’m trying to create a username that is clearly available, but it says “not available” :/

    Please Help!

  95. How come now we can like a post/posts in somebody’s page without Liking the page itself?

  96. How to attract unknown visitors to the fan page..?
    But nice information very useful..

  97. I recently created my 1st page. I can’t find the publish button. I see the box that can be clicked to check to have the page unpublished. It isn’t checked. I can search for my page and see it but others can’t see my page. I have contacted facebook feedback and posted on the forum without a response. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • Hi Christina – same situation for me right now. Did you ever get a reply or find the solution?


  98. Very informative post! :) Great work.
    Can an fb page like another fb page? I just started a page and can’t seem to hit like on other pages. I can like their posts and share though. Thank you!

  99. Why won’t my tagged businesses cross-post to the Recent Posts by Others? Say I have Business X that I tag from my Business A page. The post appears on my Business A page (with the blue tag) but DOES NOT cross-post to Business X’s Recent Posts by Others EVEN THOUGH other businesses’ tags appear there, such as Business P. I tested this by going to Business P’s page and seeing their original post with tagging of Business X that cross-posted to the Recent Posts by Others section of Business X’s wall. Why won’t our tagged posts cross-post?

  100. why do some of my pages get a burst of new fans and others don’t. I noticed the new fans come from Facebook Recommendations when I go to “Like Sources” when I look into Insights.

    So my question is, are Facebook Recommendations based on some algorithym that FB has or is it done manually by their staff?

    How can I get my pages on this FB Rec Site?

  101. How do I make my Facebook page a place to ck in at? It shows it on the map on the page it just doesn’t appear to be a place to ck in at!

  102. Hey – I’m wondering, since when do you have to login to FB to visit FB pages? It seems to want to preclude people from getting info who are not on FB (or just not logged in).
    (There is a sneaky function of hitting escape key to dismiss login screen, but most regular nonFB people would not realise this)


  103. Can I update that comment? Yesterday this was happening. Today they load fine, without being logged in. An error perhaps, or else they are testing the response to things (sorry if that sounds paranoid!)

  104. do the friends displayed on the right of your profile page have anything to do with the certain people that talk to u the most or anything like that or those friends random

  105. Hi Kristi, great article on the new facebook features. I was just wondering if you knew how to display post from third party apps as individual post automatically?

  106. Hey Kristi!
    I was just wondering if we could make people post their photos only after liking the page in the new pages instead of allowing them to post just like that?


  107. Barbara Maaskant Jun 24, 2012 at 1:04 am

    Hi Kristy,

    This was a great article. I am pretty much a beginner. The content of my facebook wall used to show up on my website This no longer works. Instead, the area is blank/ Has anyone else experienced this problem? I wouls love to know how to fix this.

  108. Hi,
    Do facebook Likes from other facebook pages count in the number of your pages total Like count?

    • Barbara MacRobie Jun 26, 2012 at 10:22 am

      No, they don’t. Only Likes from individual people (those with Profiles/Friends) show up in the counter.

  109. Hi Kristi,

    I’m hoping you can help me. I have a Facebook friend who spends all day posting – serioulsy, I often find 40 or more posts from this person by the time I check my FB at the end of the day. I don’t want to delete this friend, but I sure would like to find a way to limit the number of posts I receive so that this friend’s post don’t dominate. Is there a way to do this or do you have any suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance !


    • Hi Jeff – if you go to your ‘friends’ list on the left-hand side and click ‘more’, you’ll get a list of all the friend groups you’ve made – click ‘create list’ and give it a name like… ‘A little Bit Annoying List’ or whatever, lol, then add the people you don’t want to hear from 40 times a day – you can make as many lists as you like and then just choose which group’s posts you want to appear on your page. ‘Acquaintance List’ posts will show up less frequently than ‘Close Friends’ or ‘Family’ so place your friends in the relevant lists.

  110. I am having some major troubles trying to invite friends. I find the build audience button but for some reason it only allows me to invite e-mail contacts. I do not know e-mail addresses. Can someone please help?

    • Tabitha,

      The ONLY way I’ve been able to get around this issue is to use Facebook as myself (not as my Page name) and then type in in the address bar (where “yourpagename” is, well, whatever your page name is). For me, I just type “” into the address bar. That way, you are viewing your page as you and not as your band, business, etc. You will still have administrative privileges and the “Invite Friends” option will be in the drop-down menu. This is because your Page doesn’t have any friends (just “likes”), but you do. There may be an easier way to switch to your Page and still be you, but I haven’t figured it out yet. In the meantime, this should work. Cheers.

      • Well, i tried your steps Tim and unfortunately, it isn’t working. It still won’t allow me to search for the business either in the search bar. Very frustrating. I signed up on Monday for the business account and have had nothing but problems!

  111. Hi and great post! Just launched my first page couple days ago but every time I comment on pages I have faved & they have liked my page, my profile photo and name does not appear on their wall. Help!

  112. If I can see a friend being tagged in things on his/her profile page but I can not see there own personal status updates/pictures/check ins etc what does this mean? And how can I fix this so I can see everything they put up on FB???

  113. I accidentally got rid of the “Recent Activity” Box off of our Facebook Fan Page – how do I bring that back???

  114. great information thank you! I’m wondering if it is possible to set my page up so only people who have LIKED us can view our photo’s, photo albums, video, etc……Any idea’s would be GREATLY appreciated.

  115. Please I need help. By accident my girl delete Recent Posts by Others box and likers box from my page. I cant find a way to bring back them. Is there a way? can you help me?

    My page

  116. Thank you, thank you! You gave me the answer I was looking for!! Yippee!

  117. Super helpful, thanks!

  118. Please help. I created a page that was under my personal account. I then created a brand new page a stand alone page. I then merged the two pages. Now that they are merged no one can search for my page. The only way for people to see my page is for me to send them a linkl When I merged them it did not work as planned I thought it would merge to the stand alone page under its own account but it merged to my personal account sepearate page. I checked the setting and still can not figure it out. It was working fine until the merge. Also, the account was locked, unlocked and recovered account and people still can not search my page.

  119. I accidentaly deleted myself as the manager of my facebook page and now i cant acess the admin panel any suggestions to ad myself back

  120. Narasimha Pemmunnu Nayak Jul 08, 2012 at 7:35 am

    I only wanted to rectify some technical problems which i am having on my Timeline! Many of my older, as well as latest…,videos,photos etc etc….which i had posted on my Timeline are missing!! and i don’t understand how and why!! Everything which i had posted after 1/7/2012 to 6/7/2012… (more than 150 posts)…are missing from my Timeline!! Please,can anyone guide me what is the problem and how can i rectify this serious problem??!!… does any of my Friends have any idea about this ,and how can it be rectified!! Narasimha Pemmunnu Nayak

  121. I have a question. When I restrict an album to only be viewed by ‘close friends’, and said ‘close friends’ comment on those pictures, do the pictures show up on their friends news feeds? It would really be appreciated if this was answered. Thank you.

  122. Emily Tompkins Jul 09, 2012 at 3:23 am

    I wonder if you know why I’m not able to like other pages as the page I have created? It isn’t just a business page (which seems to be the main reason why it isn’t possible to like, post, etc.) and is linked to my personal profile, but whenever I go onto the page and it says I am posting, liking etc as my page, the moment I click on another page to try to like it, it is liked by my personal page. Can you help?

    • First I thought you had the opposite problem, which I had. Anyway I will tell you how I solved my opposite problem with a local business page – maybe it will help you somehow, Emily.
      I choosed the option to use fb like my page
      I clicked Edit page and then Manage permissions, but just to come to the next page
      There I clicked Your Settings up in the left column and there was the opportunity to choose Posting preferences.
      I hope you’ll solve your problem!

    • Hi Emily, you need to click on the little arrow next to ‘home’ at the top right of your page – a little drop-down will appear – click on ‘use Facebook as ?’ and choose your page name – every comment/like you post will now show under your page name until you change back to your personal profile, via the same route – hope that helps x

  123. Hi, I am revamping our Facebook page and it is coming out great! This new design and features they have added make it real easy to add content.

    I am having one problem that I hope you may have an answer to. We have one Milestone which is called Founded. I believe that is the default? Anyways I can add everything except a picture. Why does this occur? I have the correct dimensions and everything.

    It is a picture of our Seal/Logo. Is there to much white space around the picture that is causing the problem? Other than this I am having a great time updating the page.

  124. Hey. Great page and tips. Thank you. I have a question. Why is it that some postings to my page are not always showing on the wall of the person who makes that posting? It seems that the same posting is seen my some people because they like my page, but some others cannot see it on their wall, even if they like my page…

  125. Hi there… hoping someone can lead me in the right direction… I do not have a personal facebook page, but I do have a facebook business page only that I just started. I have noticed that I can see my profile picture fine on my own facebook business page when I comment, add posts, etc. However, when I try to post on another person’s business page, I notice when I post or comment, my profile picture disappears and it just has that “blue and white, John Doe unidentified picture” next to my post. My business name does not even appear as well. I do see other business pages posting away and their profile pictures come up just fine on these same business pages I am posting, commenting on.

    Am I missing something? Do I have to have a certain amount of “likes” or “fans” to my business page for others to see me when I post on their page?

    I tried emailing facebook with this same question but to no avail.

    Thanks in advance! Jen

    • i’m having the exact same problem, just set up my business page too.
      Noticed my posting preference is use facebook as . to use facebook as business name click account on any page. I have no account on any page and cannot de tick preferences and save changes. Dont know if this has anything to do with it?
      Its driving me mad no help from facebook either.

    • Hi Jenny, I have the same problem! It is frustrating because your business name is part of promoting your business. Have you had any luck?

      • Jenny, Sarah and Aimee – I am having the exact same problem and it will not work if I “use facebook as”. I’ve received many replies on other websites to do that but it doesn’t make a difference. It’s like it won’t switch over to use facebook as my business. I’m the John Doe unidentified picture with no name whenever I post a comment on someone else’s page and I can’t “Like” anyone’s page. If either of you get an answer, please let me know how to fix it. I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

    • I have the exact same problem! Did you get an answer?

  126. Have you any idea if I can make a photo album private on a local business page? I am a photographer and I want to be able to let the bride and groom see their photos privately while they are on honeymoon.

    • I have tried to make certain albums private too, Fiona – there is even an ‘edit album privacy’ button on individual photos, but this only allows you to edit the text, not the privacy! Really annoying as I wanted to create a private album for a competition and didn’t want to publish it till all entries were submitted, but it seems all business page photographs have to be ‘public’, grrrr

  127. how do i convert my facebook account to official mark as on some users.

    • Hey guys i wish to share with you a way i make $500 daily and i only spend 15 minutes doing it a day! Anyone can do it, you dont NEED to have a wbsiete. I strongly suggest you check their wbsiete out as there is really a brilliant video that explains each thing you have to know. Check them out at . That’s the name of the System and i suggest should you own a web site that you at-least go and take a peak, you wont regret it

  128. I have no option to upload pics in new iPhone timeline. Only update status. It’s my business page by the way :0)

  129. Hi, I would like to know how to make my page public only to people who like it.


  130. shreesha rana Jul 14, 2012 at 7:43 am

    i want to know something regarding close friend setting. I want to know if i could know about avoiding other people from my friendlist could not be able to include me in their close friends and avoiding my daily activities posted on their notifications. i dont mean to block that person but simply i want no one adds me to the close friend list. i wish to get quick reply about this matter.

    • Shreesha, go to your friends list and hover over their picture till drop-down pops up – hover over the ‘friends’ button and then ‘all lists’ – tick the ‘restricted’ option – they will then only see posts and photographs you make ‘public’ – hope that helps

  131. HELP! I don’t the have option to Pin To Top and move my post. Also, when I try to move it to a more recent date, it won’t allow me to move it at all.

  132. My friend can no longer see the photos posted on her business page by others (videos are fine). This has been the case for over a month now and we don’t seem to be able to find a way to fix the issue. Other people can see her photos (I can from my account) she just can’t see them herself.
    I can only assume she’s inadvertently changed her settings. Can you offer some advice?

  133. hi, anyone knows why my Page’s name and profile photo does not appear when i post on other page? It seems I did everything but still no changes. Please advise. Thanks a lot

    • Hi Hannah, I have the same problem. I’ve tried clicking “use FB as [my biz name]” to no avail. Still waiting for an answer. Have you learned anything since this post?

  134. I’m still NOT a fan of the timelines…never can figure out how to use it and its totally throwing off my experience with the good ole FB

  135. Did FB take away the ability to search for pages to like while using FB as the page you created? Seems now I can only get a “top ten” list, instead of looking through the hundreds of pages I know are out there. I used to be able to post as my page, but not being able to find pages to begin with, really throws that off. Is it me – or is it FB?

  136. the pencil to edit my page is missing so i can’t fix my birth year because it is wrong

    more info
    the button that says update info is there but the pencil is gone I’ve tried to relog-in but that doesn’t help so can’t fix my birth year.

  137. hi,
    Just gone through the above docs.its a really nice to get all info at d same place.thanks for all d above details.
    i have a query….today i saw in one of facebook group i had joined that…..there was a new button ….”seen by …” below the like button.i want to know how to get that button for our own group too.please reply..hoping for a kind reply reply from u soon..
    thanking you,
    sitesh sinha

  138. So I am just wondering how to add your business page to closed groups you are already a member of with your personal fb page. For example, I am a member of The Pageant Sewing Room. This is a closed group. I am a member and can invite my friends to join, however, I cannot invite my fb business page to join. What can I do?

  139. We are trying to up a facebook page that will be used in a not-for-profit setting were we would like to limit who can post to our page. You talk about an Admin Panel in this blog, however, I can’t seem to find it. Could you please help me out with this?

    • Hi DP, the Admin Panel is at the very top of the page marked ‘show’ or ‘hide’ – you’ll need to go to ‘edit settings’ then ‘manage permissions’ to change who can post, etc. – hope that helps x

  140. The new format won’t let you see all your fans, only about the first 160 this poses a problem because you can’t get to the older ones and when you need to ban someone it is impossible because you can’t see them where they liked the page to ban them. It’s impossible to ban older fans over 160 people ago. If you find a way I would love to know.

  141. Jaytee Minton Jul 20, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    There is a new issue arising. Facebook has been threatening people who allegedly have “multiple accounts” (not Pages) that they must at login either choose “Remove This Account” or “This is My Main Account” before they are allowed access to their account.

    The reason it’s an issue is because some of us absolutely MUST keep our private personas (“real names”) and public personas (“stage names”) separate and unlinked. The Private Persona is used among friends and family; the Public Persona is available to fans and those within the industry network.

    Pages are linked to the account that creates it. So the Private Persona would not want to be the account used to create the Page for the Public Persona. To keep the fans from having access to the real name and friends and family for safety reasons means creating a second account for the Public persona—then create a Fan/Business Page. Which was fine up until this week—Facebook has just made this IMPOSSIBLE.

    It’s not just an issue for small-timers—it can and probably is affecting well-known figures as well. Facebook needs to wake up and understand not everyone can afford a separate computer and router for each and every person who lives in one household, and that there are special circumstances where the LEGITIMATE use of more than one account by an individual is NECESSARY, and stop threatening people over it!

    Thoughts? Workarounds?

  142. How do I get my posts made so that others see the “share” link so they can share it on their newsfeed?

  143. Hi Kristy, If I eliminate someone’s posts from my wall by clicking them off the “news feed” option would that do the same the other way around? In other words, would that eliminate my posts from their news feeds? Thank you!

    • Hi Andreina, yes, if someone unticks the ‘show in newsfeed’ when they hover over the ‘liked’ button, your page will no longer feature in their feed

  144. Hi,
    Thanks for your article.This is very helpful. I was worried about my default landing page.
    The older version of fb is user friendly. The feel of the page design is lost
    Thank you!

  145. Yes very helpful indeed. Just one QQ? I am having problems with loading photographs from my Iphone straight to my Fanpage. I am on the admin list. But when I post anything it just goes onto the section..Recent Posts by Others on The Day That..
    Do I need to download a new app from somewhere!
    Many thanks

  146. hi..if i update my cover can i make sure that my friend or subscriber will get the notification

  147. akis pantazelos Jul 31, 2012 at 1:23 am

    Thanks for your article.This is very helpful.
    But I have a question, is there a penalty for deleting photos from a facebook page?
    I deleted 2 pics yesterday morning and since then I can’t post ANY pics on my business page timeline!!!
    Please tell me what to do…

    • Interesting, Akis… I deleted a photo from one of my albums because I wanted to substitute it, and since then haven’t been able to upload any photos to two albums, even though they’re well under the FB limit – anyone got any suggestions?

  148. How do I change the logo/pic on my Facebook business page?

  149. Thank you for sharing this information this post is very useful.

  150. Cheryl Shadday Aug 02, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    maybe you can help me with my problem. Just started a fb page for our church. When I log into it, I only see our page, no search bar, no left sidebar, no way to navigate into fb. Just the admin page. What step am I missing ??

  151. Any advice about viewing the new Facebook pages on a mobile?

  152. Thank you Kristi for this helpful information. Just building a client’s business page and this info will be quite useful!

  153. I notice that other Fan Pages appear even before I log in to FB. Our Fan Page does not appear, you have to log in to see it. Is there a setting for this? Here’s my FB link:

  154. Hi all,
    I don’t want pages that I like to be posted on my friend’s wall !!!
    Need help :(

  155. Nicolas Travers Aug 10, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Hello: I found you on Google. I write as well, and created a Facebook page with basic data a few days ago. No I want to update it. I type in my updates, save them, Facebook tells me they are saved, but then they vanish. I currently have something like 3,000 potential fans lining up, and I cannot reach them. What do I need to do?

  156. i have made a page. whenever i upload a photo it’s not visible on my friend’s walls. Whereas whatever i post in my group is visible. Why?

  157. Hi:
    I have a business page on Facebook. I can search for it under the search tab, but my clients and myself cannot check into it? Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

  158. HI there! Awesome blog btw. Thank you for the wonderful info… I do have a question though before I roll out my first promotion on my FB biz page. It will be ‘photo’ based… likers will post a pic and will have to earn LIKES to win. My question is, how do I make sure that people have to like my page before they can like the pic? I am having trouble finding out if it’s already like that… thanks so much!!

  159. Hi Kirsty, very helpful blog post -Thank you. I do have one question about my facebook page for business. When I view my profile it shows the thumbnail and business name but when I post on other pages it shows as blank and no name. Do you know why this could be happening? our page is on the following link

    Thank you


    • I also have the “blank” name problem on my facebook business page. When I post on other pages it shows as an anonymous person with no name (blank). If I try to use the “Use Facebook as”, it doesn’t work. Because of this problem, I can’t “like” anyone else’s page. I’ve asked this question on many sites and no one has an answer although I have seen the same problem posted many times. Our page is at If anyone has ever fixed this problem, please let me know. Much appreciated, Thanks!

  160. Thank you for that information!

  161. Very helpful post. I deleted my personal facebook account that was linked to an older business page. I opened up a new business page directly and find using it like this a little more problematic. I am hoping you can help. 1. I didn’t mean to link my notes page to my business page, so I am not able to write any notes, is there a way to reverse this? 2. When I comment directly on a page that I liked, my name does not show up, there is no image and name to my post. How can I change this? Thank you.

  162. William R. Marshall Aug 19, 2012 at 5:37 am

    I tried to find the answer to a puzzling question. Had no luck here.
    Why are there no “comment” choices on some very controversial pictures?
    I would love to be able to add my 2 cents worth, but I am prevented from doing so.
    I can either share or like, but not comment?
    What am I missing, or doing wrong?

    • Hi William, do you mean on photographs on another page, or yours? If someone else’s page, then they have probably set their permissions so that no-one can comment (can’t quite see the point though) especially if they’re trying to attract controversy!

  163. Hi, I have just been switched auto to the new timeline format on my personal page which I created for clients and colleagues – I have a business page attached to this personal account. However, the image I had (pink flower) representing my page which people could see and click on (listed at bottom on friends list on old layout), can no longer be seen. Since my personal account is made public for natural therapies, how can anyone find my page, not everyone like me is up todate with FB/computer technology and I’ve had to adv people before to click on the pink flower in order to reach my page and like it. FB are a nuisance changing the formats, now the personal site looks so much like my page. first we lost the landing default page we created now this! If anyone can help me step by step that would be fantastic, appreciate it, Lyn

  164. I am having trouble i made a facebookpage for my hairsalon through my i click on the buid an audience tab the only option i have is invite email do i invite friends i am super please help!

  165. Hi thats very informative.
    How to get many friends on Facebook? I am interested in the quickest way.

  166. Very helpful. Thank you!

    Question though:

    On my business page for Special Request Weddings, there is a box near the top of my timeline that says which other business pages, etc that I’ve “liked”. Is there a way to remove this? Give my timeline a more streamlined look, simply with the content I want displayed?


    – Dave

  167. Can you kindly help me out? I can’t post apps on fan page I handled. I only have about 60 likes. and I dunno how to add apps on it. I do alot of things but facebook wants me to use my profile to continue to the add. -.- HELP!

  168. Daniel Watkins Aug 25, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Kristi – lots of good info here thanks!
    I have two questions. On my facebook business page I was able to construct an album showing a grouping of different photos from a specific job. However, after successfully doing it once I’ve been unable to do it again with other photos and jobs. Don’t understand what’s happening.
    Also, I can’t seem to delete the recommendations I have. Ex. – when I was first setting up my page a recommendation (actually more of a suggestion) came through that I should post before and after shots. Well, now that I am, I’d like to remove that recommendation, or at least hide it. But I can seem to make it go away.
    I do use a Mac OS 10.

  169. Got new Timeline this week,. Now only two or three can see my posts. How can I fix this or can I?

  170. Hello, this is a great website, thank you for all the good suggestions. After watching this video, I have a question regarding linking pages now that we (regrettably!) have timeline. I have a personal FB page and a business page. I’d like to be able to link the two pages together, so that if I post on my business page it also shows up on my personal page if possible. One wrinkle: unfortunately, I have “friends” on my personal page that I don’t want to make aware of my business or see my business posts (it’s a long story!). Is it possible to achieve this, where I can link these pages and still block a certain group (for which I’ve created a list) from seeing my business info or posts? Thank you.

  171. Melissa Spille Aug 30, 2012 at 7:10 am

    I hope you’re still moderating this post. I have a community page and I’ve added 2 admins. For some reason, when they post via mobile, even though their posts appear in the News Feed, the page notifications show it as a Wall Post (therefore, no share button). Is there a way to add the share button to Wall Posts?

  172. Can i hide my profile Album?

  173. Can anyone help… I have something on my timeline that I can not delete.. I can not see it on my wall, but when I go to someone else’s view it is there… It was one of those silly quiz things. I go to block apps and it’s not there either. Can anyone help. Thanks

  174. Hi Kristi, this is very helpful to understand the new changes, do you know where I can find out what are the pros and cons of opening a business page versus community? I have set up a page as community but not all the options are available (like becoming friends, or subscribing to the cause) and I want to migrate but to which format? Maybe I am missing some of the options available to the Community Format? thanks Niki

  175. Can someone pls HELP. I have a business page and I like other business pages as a business and I see that other businesses like my page but the number does not increase. I am sure that I have seen likes with businesss names in my list so why is my number not increasing? I am miffed as my likes number does not seem to be increasing AT ALL!!!

  176. Why would I work really hard at making my page the way I want it to look when other people will only physically see way not the same way? The sequence is all different with an added post that I don’t see from my computer. That’s so weird, to design something for people not to see it the way you designed it or sequenced it?????

  177. I have a client who doesn’t want to use their personal page to import contacts to their business page (he hates FB for personal use but wants a biz page, unfortunately you can’t have one without the other – lame i think). BUt everytime I try to import his contacts I have to switch to his personal account to send. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  178. I have “Likes” and “Friends” showing below the tabs and taking up room on my page, why? It seems the new likes and friends should only be in those tabs above. Can you explain, please, how I can get them to only be listed under the tabs and not on my page as well?

  179. sync 1 month I can not like of any Facebook page what should i do?

  180. Hi there,

    I have recently started a reasonably popular Facebook page to help revive an old game series (for Playstation). However, I cannot invite anywhere near the kind of numbers I was hoping to.

    There are many fan page, for this game, spread throughout Facebook. Some of them have thousands of members. I was hoping to invite every member from every fan page.

    The problem is, when I click on ‘Build Audience’ and then ‘Invite Friends’. When I then click on the top left button which brings up the drop down box … I am only given a few of those fan pages to choose from. 7 to be exact. In other words, I can only invite fellow fans from 7 out of litlary hundred of fan pages.

    Is there any way to recify this?

    Any help you could give me would be gladly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,


  181. George Rockman Sep 20, 2012 at 9:36 am

    someone has shared one of my photos from a page I posted to. It is now without any link to my page or me. It has been shared over 50 times and has over 3000 likes – none of this links back to me or my page. is this legal and how can I change it ?

  182. this is so helpful but for some reason the about section only shows what is written in the about line, not the phone number, address or website. ow can i change this? ive tried to change the type of page i have because i thought that was the problem, bot no matter what i do, nothing shows up in that section. can you help?

  183. I really appreciate this guide that you’ve shared. I’ve learned a few new things and changed some settings as a result.
    I do have a quick question, if you don’t mind.

    I’m having trouble being able to tag or share photos, that I’ve posted to my business page, with other business pages. For example, our company donated $ to a non-profit organization. There was a picture taken that I’ve posted on our business FB page. I’d like to tag or share this photo with the non-profit organization who is also on FB as a business page but I cannot get their company name to come up. Is this not allowed with the new Timeline format?


  184. I’m not sure this applies, but I can’t see the content of any facebook page. I get the header and footer, but nothing else. Search results is blank as well. Thanks.

  185. I am trying to build my audience. However, my address book is in Outlook Express. I export it to csv as FB states, but when I upload it and click on “preview invitation” it just disappears. Any ideas?

  186. Anastasia Horwith Sep 28, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Hello and thanks for a great bunch of info. I am getting ready to try to make a page for my artwork and your info will be very useful.
    One question, on my personal page, is there any way to control who shows up on my wall? Seems like the same people are always on it and I wish there was some way to change who shows up from time to time. When I comment on a friend’s wall, (a friend that doesn’t normally show up) it doesn’t seem to make any difference – it just seems so random, like fb controls it and sometimes it just changes all by itself.
    I know you can block people, but can you request certain ones for your wall?


  187. I used to get notifications when someone tagged my business name but I don’t anymore…has this happened to anyone else? Do you know how to get that back?

    Thank you for your great article!

  188. when people post photos on my wall i cant see them unless im friends with them personally, is there any way of changing this?

  189. Hi there,

    I have recently started a reasonably popular Facebook page to help revive an old game series (for Playstation). However, I cannot invite anywhere near the kind of numbers I was hoping to.

    There are many fan page, for this game, spread throughout Facebook. Some of them have thousands of members. I was hoping to invite every member from every fan page.

    The problem is, when I click on ‘Build Audience’ and then ‘Invite Friends’. When I then click on the top left button which brings up the drop down box … I am only given a few of those fan pages to choose from. 7 to be exact. In other words, I can only invite fellow fans from 7 out of litlary hundred of fan pages.

    Is there any way to recify this?

    Any help you could give me would be gladly appreciated.

    Many Thanks,


  190. Kristi,
    Extremely helpful post, thank you for writing the article. I do have a question: since the new format came out, I can’t seem to “like” other pages/people while using my FB page admin account. Why is that? Can I change a setting to allow it? Thank you!

  191. I and John has been together for 5 years. We both put our capital together to open a supermarket and since then we have been living happily without any problem. I always discuss about marriage with John but he replies me with, we will soon get married. I was surprise on Friday evening when i was in my brother’s house, John called me on phone and told me that we can no longer carry on with the relationship because he has find himself a rich a lady whom he want to get married to. I shocked and hospitalize for 4 days. I was so tired and tried to take my life because i truly love him. All the investment was opened in his name and signature and i am left with nothing. One Sunday evening when i was searching online for help, i was directed to cafaispiritualtemple@yahoocom. I contacted him and he told me what i need to provide for he to bring back my happiness

  192. Thanks for this! Its really helpful!

  193. Chewang Sherpa Oct 08, 2012 at 9:33 am

    I have a Facebook page for my small business of hotel. Now I want my page to appear in their Facebook panel once they liked it.How is this possible .Pleas help me

  194. una pregunta: donde se encuentra el link de la pagina?

  195. Kalyan K Lahiri Oct 08, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Sir, my fb is blocked for 30 days from 28.09.12. due to excessive friend making. i am 70 years old. i would request you to open it and kindly let me know how many friends i can approach per day.Thanking you. with kind regards. kalyan k lahiri

  196. Kalyan K Lahiri Oct 08, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    friends request blocked for 30 days. kindly open my fb for viewings,comments, liking etc. please open my fb.with kind regards. kalyan k lahiri

  197. Sally Puckett Oct 08, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    I liked to copy like Bible verses or pretty pics
    off of News Feed but I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE!
    Why ???

  198. Ludmilla Ferguson Oct 09, 2012 at 10:22 am

    I am really upset with my facebook – I can see the messages when I click on the sidebar but cannot open any of them or archive any of them – in fact the buttons on this page do not work

    Also I want to start a new group but when I click on that option I go to another page which is but does not open

    Also you go to great length about what cookies are, but if I want to control my cookies, you do not tell me which cookies are essential so I don’t block them. I do not want to give other sites access via cookies but facebook does not help

    I cannot use the three little icons to the left of the ‘Search for places and people’ box.’

    5 out of 10 I cannot type a comment without re-typing

    I can login with two different e-mails but prefer to only use one but do not know how to do that or cannot find out

    Finally I would be happier if I could report my problems EVEN IF I DON’T GET AN ANSWER but there is no e-mail to facebook link anywhere.

    I don’t know who you are and if you have any direct influence on how things are with facebook, but I am getting really frustrated. I know where the button to cancel my account is, but would I be able to resurrect it afterwards

  199. Rachael Voaden Oct 09, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Can you please tell me if there is a way to know if I have already invited a friend to like my business facebook page? I am worried I will annoy people by inviting them more than once!

  200. my fb profile notifications,msgs,friends etc is on rightside…… i can’t see the logout button…….can i get back to the old style which was on left side?

  201. stephen mains Oct 11, 2012 at 5:54 am

    Hi there can anyone tell me how to search through facebook as my business page so I can share photos from manufacturers?

  202. Very useful information!

    My business has two locations and we’d like to use one Facebook page for both. Is there a workaround to list the information for both locations in the “About” section?

    • Greg, I am having the same problem, My business has 2 locations next door to eachother. I have 1 facebook page and want to have all the check-ins combined for both locations, is there anyway to do this?

  203. Craig Quesnelle Oct 12, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    On my Facebook Page I had a recommendation section and it seems to have disappeared from my page. How do I get it back. There were a number of client recommendations and now they are lost.

  204. kushal malhotra Oct 15, 2012 at 2:27 am

    its a fabvullous thing i like it.and i won”t that asson as possible..pls god pls do my work fast..i really like this thing.

  205. I’m not sure I’m using the same version of FB. I just joined (Sep 2012), but I can’t access the admin panel that you refer to and I can’t see “insights” “manage…” etc. There’s no hide/show button or text in the upper-right corner of my page. Can you send me a screen shot of what it should look like or how to update my version? Thanks!

    • Sounds like your page is a profile page, Teri. These don’t come with the features you mentioned. Only fan pages do.

  206. Hello Kristi, I have set up my business page as a company and that is working fine. The trouble I am having is finding it when I want to update my employment information on my personal page. When I go to create a new job, my company page does not come up even though you can search for it. How can I get it to show in that list.

  207. Can somebody tell me if somebody else than your self can add & remove contacts in your profile of friends? waiting for help…Thankyou

  208. Can somebody tell me if somebody else than your self can add & remove contacts in your profile of friends? waiting for help…Thankyou

  209. That is some sublime material. Ne’er new that opinions could be this diversified. thank you for all the ebullience to offer such accommodating info here.

  210. Unbelievably helpful and informative. Thank you so much for taking the time to clearly explain this to us!

  211. I love this part “A photo that represents what you work with (see the HSG Accounting cover photo)”. It reminds me of my favorite access accounting software. :)

  212. hi,…if im using private chat with my friend…can she know from whr i chat with her…will my location appear to her phone or computer

  213. Hi I would really like a reply.

    All you information was quite helpful, though I wish I found this information before I had to figure ll this out on my own :( But thanks anyways.
    What I really was looking to find out is I have a facebook fan page:
    When I post a article to my page or have any activity on my facebook PAGE, I want it to automatically show in my normal news feed, on my Home page. I have liked my own page, but I don’t think that has helped.
    Reason being, not all of my friends like my page, but if my fan page post would automatically post to my news feed, then they can still see my post and maybe be interested in liking my page.

    Please assist and let me know if this can be done. Thanks.

    • Never heard of such an option (maybe someone else has), but it wouldn’t be logical to me. I’d say it’s just not how FB wants the system to be used. If you want a certain post in your profile news feed, you’ll have to post (or share) it on your profile page. What you could do, is to use IFTTT ( and activate a recipe “IF status update on facebook page THEN share it on facebook profile”. That would be valid for every status update (you’ll have to create extra recipes for photos or links). If you want to forward only single posts I guess you’ll have to do that manually.

  214. Great info :) Still, there is something I cannot understand, when I make a new post in my FB Page I cannot see it in my personal timeline and I have noticed that other people who have already liked my page do not see that post either. Any idea why this is happening.
    Thanks Christy!

  215. I am a volunteer networker to help save the lives of shelter animals; now the comments on Facebook on those threads are all out of order making it difficult to see the pledge amounts and recent applicable activity; costing some their lives. Is there a way to set the comments on the threads back to chronological order

    here is an example of one of the threads where the comments are all out of order

  216. Very helpful article, great compendium! Every now and then I’m returning to look for the solution of minor problems.
    At the moment my question is, how to showcase on the timeline a post someone else put on my (clients’) business page. Kristi recommends to go to the Admin Panel > Manage > Use Activity Log > click on the Circle of the specific post and select Highlighted on Page. That works so far. I now have a highlighted post 2-columns wide. If I don’t want it to be such prominent, but only a normal post in one column, she recommends to “click on the star to remove the highlight and move it into a single column”… Does that work for anybody? I just see that the post has disappeared from the timeline after refreshing the page.
    Till now I’ve SHARED such posts on the timeline (often preferable as it gives me the possibility to add a line), but is there really a way to simply ALLOW certain posts from others on the timeline?

  217. Really helpful to understant the Facebook new fuctionalities.. lots of them i am doing in my Facebook Timeline Cover website..
    Good Job!

  218. hi, i just started a new page and there is no search bar at the top so i cant search and like other pages, can u plz tell me how to search and like specific pages and people

  219. hi i am getting notifications , messages and friend request on right side of the page how can i reset.

  220. I used to be able to share lost and found pet links but have recently started receiving messages that what I am trying to share cannot be posted on my page. I can share it on my personal timeline, but not on my page. Any ideas about that? I am only having trouble with one organization, and she’s as flummoxed as I am about the problem.

  221. Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you’ve shared in your articles. I’m looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

  222. I have both a personal profile and a business page. Many of my business acquaintances send friend requests to my personal page. How can I redirect them to my page and/or is there a way to accept their friend request but then filter them so they don’t get all my personal stuff?

  223. Great article. I have a quick question and have yet to find an answer after much searching on the internet. I am wanting to change the category so it is more specific and hyperlinked. For example, instead of the category on Soulmates Wedding Photography being Professional Services it would say photography with a hyperlink to other photographers in the area. I would like to put eyewear & optometrist both in this area but can’t figure out how. I know other eyecare places have this so it is possible. Do you have any idea how I would go about doing this?!?!

  224. I can no longer share posts from my business page’s news feed onto the timeline. I go through the process and get a message saying that the post was successfully shared, but it isn’t there. Anyone know what’s going on? And yes, I am making sure to designate the proper location from the top left drop down menu. Thanks!

  225. This is the most comprehensive info I’ve seen, yet, about Facebook. Well done!

    One thing I don’t see on the Page that I’m managing is an ‘Info’ tab. I want to see who my customer has liked previous to me taking over as admin. Is that an app, or something I have to enable, or am I just looking in the wrong spot?

    Any direction would be appreciated.

    • Never mind, I’ve found the answer, even though it’s totally not obvious.

      There is no ‘INFO’ tab on my Page.

      It’s another “LIKES” area.
      Just under Timelines image, there is a area for Photos, Likes and Maps.
      These Likes are for people that like your page.

      Underneath the “Recent posts by others” is a box called ‘LIKES”.
      This is where you find the pages that your page has Liked.

      So, two areas for Likes for different reasons.

      Hope this helps someone else.


  226. Yannis Larios Nov 09, 2012 at 1:41 am

    I have come across numerous “guides” on the “new” Facebook pages.
    This one is hands-down the *most* comprehensive and practical I have read for quite a while.
    Many congratulations and a great thank you!

    I have made serious changes to my Facebook page thanks to your insights.

  227. Ruksana Hussain Nov 13, 2012 at 7:46 am

    Hi, I cannot seem to see the link where I can suggest my page to my friends. There is the build audience tab but under i can only invite friends by email. What am I doing wrong? Please help!

  228. Hi Kirsty, why when I want to invite people to like my page only a select few of my friends from build an audience section can be selected. How do I get to the ones that can’t be ticked? Any help most grateful

  229. Verna Wiseman Nov 23, 2012 at 9:37 am

    I’ve added a new administrator for my page. How does he find it, so he can start posting or using that identity?

  230. can you stop others from sharing your cover photo ? it seems whenever i upload something cool, some one from my friends lists steals it by “sharing”

  231. I’m posting this comment from Jenny again because no one has replied and it’s so frustrating. I do not have a personal facebook page, but I do have a facebook business page only that I just started. I have noticed that I can see my profile picture fine on my own facebook business page when I comment, add posts, etc. However, when I try to post on another person’s business page, I notice when I post or comment, my profile picture disappears and it just has that “blue and white, John Doe unidentified picture” next to my post. My business name does not even appear as well. I do see other business pages posting away and their profile pictures come up just fine on these same business pages I am posting, commenting on.
    So many people have this problem. Any resolutions?

  232. I’ve got a FB page under Brands & Products for my gaming website. I’m noticing that if I find a cool video or related photo that I want to share on my FB page, it will never show up when I try to share from an external site. Also I’m unable to “like” any other fb pages when signed in to my FB page. This is seriously aggravating.

  233. I have an issue with this, so I’m hopeing you or someone else can help. Ever since thursday, it has told me there are 9 page invites and yet I have repeatedly looked and done everything under the sun to remove the # 9 off here and nothign has worked. ive asked everyoen online, including multiple times on facebook help and still no info or advice or help at all. Is there anyhtign you can fdin out or know or anyone else who can help me wiht this issue at all? And I’m positng the link to the picture here and if ti don’t wokr at all, I’m sorry.

  234. Sandra Wetzel Dec 08, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    I have noticed, when my name appears on a friends list,it has no box giving the choices of “friend” or “add friend”, why? It has been like this from day 1 on facebook. Can you help me?

  235. Allison Saretsky Dec 09, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Hi Kristi!
    I helping evaluate and update a community’s orchestra’s Facebook. We can’t seem to get their page to show up in a google search for “North Bay Symphony Facebook” and you can’t see the page if you simply key in the URL:
    This is very strange, as must of the company or organization pages I’ve setup or seen will always appear in a public search. Could this be an account setting?

  236. Peter Stevens Dec 17, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Ok, Facebook was 30% adverstisement and now even 50% extra a gameplatform. No problem till the last weeks I received many mails from Facebook that maybe I also knew xxx and yyy and zzz to add them as friends. Some of them I really knew from years ago. So I added them and now for the second time in 2 months I’m blocked for adding friends.

    I am spamming…. Spamming, me ??? only adding a friend FB suggests !!!

    If they want war, they can get it. But before I start war, I searched for a solution. If you deactivate your account for 10 days and activate it again, the 30 days block is totally gone :-)

  237. When I’m using FB as me (my personal profile) I see different posts on my Page than I do when I use FB as my Page profile. Why is that? This means that my fans aren’t seeing all the posts that others have left on my Page. It’s really frustrating!

  238. Thank you Kristi.

    One thing I seem unable to do is to remove or hide my page’s “likes” (not people liking our page, but our page liking others). We can click “unlike” but the like still shows up on our page. Any thoughts?

  239. Question – on the business page, is there a way to hide the friends that have liked it so that others don’t see your friends on the timeline? All friends or individual ones?


  240. I personally use PageYourself to customize my Page, it’s really nice, all the more so as it links the tabs together to make it look like a real website! They call it the f-Site. Have a look if you like

  241. how can i share ‘post by others’ in FB page?

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  244. how can I setup if I post on pages that it copy”s on my main page??

  245. hi, i am trying to build an audience on my fb page,, and when i go to select my friends – i can’t. i can see them i just can’t select them. please help me out.

    • Hi. In the earlier version of fb I made a page for my business linked to my page and became the admin for this page. I want to delete this so I came make a stand alone page for my busines. I cannot seem to find anywhere this can be done. Do you have any advice. John

  246. Great article with very well put together guides! I’ve got some work to do now!

  247. I have made a page,I want to invite my friends.
    But,I want to know when I invite them will I invite them as myself or the page will invite them?

  248. Help!! Suddenyl I keep being asked to schedule my posts and add a year to a date I have not entered in the first place. Have I activated something by error?

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  271. Chris Howarth Dec 09, 2014 at 12:50 pm

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