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Online Testing Essentials

A well-built sales funnel is never complete until every part of it has been tested and optimized. For maximum success, marketers should dig deep and experiment with every customer interaction point. What follows is a brief guide that outlines what things are good to regularly test and optimize—including PPC, media buys, landing pages, and email campaigns. You don’t have to test everything all at once. Start with the marketing activity the produces the highest return and then work your way down.

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online testing essentials infographic

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Tips and Tricks to Tweet:

  • Too many unrelated links within eyesight of your call to action can distract visitors and lead them away from your sales funnel. »tweet«
  • Some fonts are easier on the eyes than others, and experimenting with various sizes and styles can have a noticeable impact on the success of your sales funnel. »tweet«
  • Use KISSmetrics to A/B test your landing pages and easily view their performance with the best conversion funnels in the business. »tweet«
  • Fewer form fields don’t necessarily mean more sign ups. Sometimes, as in the case of lead generation, it’s beneficial to add extra form fields to extract more information. »tweet«
  • Use KISSinsights to find out what copy and keywords are attracting customers, and use them in future ads. »tweet«
  • Try displaying your ads on a wide variety of websites and test the responsiveness of each site’s audience to build an optimized display network. »tweet«
  • KISSmetrics can track which combination of displays ads and landing pages are producing the best ROI. »tweet«
  1. Tanner Christensen Jul 28, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Solid tips (and beautiful infographic, as always).

    The best marketing and sales teams test often, and test everything they can. Because there’s just so many factors involved in sales and conversion!

  2. This is wonderful. Thanks for the instruction. Love that you guys are so generous with you information.

  3. David Gadarian Aug 01, 2011 at 6:56 am

    very well done. I’m getting ready with a new product and right now I’m on Steps 1 and 2 but this is a great primer. I’ll be sharing this on my site later today!

  4. Thanks for another blog post!

  5. hey,

    Excellent info graphics. This is true that if we do not test our landing pages then we can not create any kind of work from it !

    Thank you

  6. Awesome infographic..

    One thing to mention, if it hasn’t been already, is to only test one thing at a time. A lot of people try to identify all the bottle necks and issues and make multiple changes at once and then test it. If if works, they never know which one of the changes led to the improvement! Test 1 change, measure and then reevaluate.. dont get ahead of yourself!


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