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Facebook: The Power of “Like” Marketing

A great feature of Facebook is that the messages you send have the potential to spread not just to fans but to friends of fans—known as the “multiplier effect.” Not only does this “multiplier effect” have the ability to spread marketing impressions, it also acts as a validation from a friend. Let’s take a look at a few Facebook fan pages and see how the multiplier effect might impact your marketing strategy. Data courtesy of, and

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facebook power of like marketing

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  1. André Faria Gomes Aug 11, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    Very nice! Congrats for the great work. Very informative and well designed.

  2. Another great infografic:) You guys should make a podcast about mareting also. I will name my firstborn “Megatrone” if Kissmetrics podcast wont be successful. Please think about it:D

  3. Awesome infographic! The content is of great useful (and the design is astonishing)

  4. hmm… problem is : if i’m fan of a page and i like one of their status, my friend won’t see it if he’s not a fan… unless he goes to check directly my wall.

  5. vikramjeet singh Aug 26, 2011 at 10:15 am

    The big promise of marketing on Facebook
    is that a marketing message won’t just hit
    one person, but their friends as well. It’s that
    multiplier effect that gets marketers salivating.
    Additionally, third party validation (the friend)
    makes the marketing message more trusted
    and powerful.
    Case in point: Bing has 1.7 million fans. Each of
    those fans has an average of 136 friends, which
    boosts Bing’s potential reach to about 232
    million. Not too shabby.

  6. awesome design

  7. its a very generic marketing info graphic…. not interesting

  8. Very very beautiful bro

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