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Let’s face it, SaaS businesses are amazing.

The margins are great and the revenue is stable.

But to keep growing a SaaS business, you need a marketing machine that consistently draws traffic, gets people interested in your business, converts them into signups, and persuades them to become customers.

Here’s the thing: there are reliable methods to build this marketing machine.

That’s right, you can use the same tricks and strategies in order to build the marketing machine that powers your SaaS business.

But how do you build this marketing machine in the first place?

Optimize Your Website

First, make sure that your marketing site is in tip-top shape. Let’s be clear: a huge part of your success depends on the quality of your website. When people hear about you from a friend, they go straight to your website to see what you’re all about. It has a massive impact on how people perceive your business.

To get your marketing site headed in the right direction, check out the 8 Elements That Make A Great SaaS Website.

Hack Your Distribution

Growth hacking is all the rage… but the common growth hacks don’t work for B2B SaaS companies. Instead, there are 5 distribution hacks to get you new users quickly and reliably. For example, integrations help you keep current customers longer and get you free marketing when other companies talk about your integration.

Want to know what they are? This article covers all of them: Find More Customers for Your B2B SaaS Product with These 5 Distribution Hacks.

Get New Users to Start Paying

Turning traffic into signups is only half the battle. Then you have to convince people start paying you which is no small feat. A lot of SaaS businesses struggle with this step.

Here’s a guide on how to overcome it: How to Get New Users to Become Paying Customers.

Track the Health of Your business

As you begin to build your business, you want to see whether or not it’s healthy. It’s easy to optimize for the short term while forgetting about the long-term.

Luckily, there are 5 core metrics that will keep you headed in the right direction. Monthly recurring revenue for instance is a lot more valuable than regular revenue, it shows you the amount of revenue you’re receiving from your subscriptions. If you’re growing your MRR, you’re building a stable revenue stream.

To see the other metrics and get tips on how to track them, read The 5 “Must Have” Metrics for Your SaaS Business.

Want Even Better Tutorials?

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1) The Steps of the SaaS Customer Lifecycle
Every customer goes through several steps as they become a customer of yours. And most SaaS businesses forget to track the most important one.

2) How to Optimize Each Step of the Lifecycle
Once we’ve covered the customer lifecycle, we’ll give you our favorite tactics and strategies for increasing conversions at each step.

3) The Critical Metrics for Each Stage of Your SaaS Business
A SaaS business grows through 3 predictable stages. Not only do you want to focus on different metrics at each stage, there are clear benchmarks that show you when you can move to the next stage.

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