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Infographic: SaaS Operating Metrics Uncovered

Expansion-stage SaaS companies have an overarching goal to grow very fast and achieve sustainable profitability. Understanding the operating metrics behind other expansion-stage SaaS companies can help them form an optimal economic model.

With that in mind, OpenView Venture Partners recently surveyed more than 160 senior executives and consultants at SaaS companies to create a report that is specifically focused on some of the growth and profitability metrics that are most relevant to SaaS companies at the expansion stage. Below are some of the report’s key findings.

SaaS Operating Metrics Uncovered

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Facts and Stats To Tweet:

  1. SaaS Operating Metrics Uncovered (Infographic): Many SaaS companies with over $5 million in MRR are still growing at 50%+. »tweet«
  2. Early stage SaaS companies typically have to spend up to 39% of their revenue on sales & marketing. »tweet«
  3. In order to grow, expansion stage SaaS companies typically have to spend at least 20% of their revenue on sales & marketing. »tweet«
  4. Companies earning btwn $3.5-$5 million of MRR appear to hit a major inflection point in terms of workforce efficiency. »tweet«

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  1. Justin McGill Nov 09, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Great post/infographic…timely for us as we are in the launch preparation stage ourselves of an SaaS model.

    What tool are you using for the survey pop-up? The one that asked what I wanted to read about next?

  2. Great infographic.
    Thinking of sharing the inforgraphic on my blog too but the niche is different and that won’t work out.
    Any ways thanks for sharing the work here :)

  3. Awesome infographic! I think SAAS business model is really good especially when software that the company makes is not a one time payment but recurring

    BTW don’t you guys think infographics is the future of web-content? They give reader so much info

    • Visual is pretty strong, so it’s not surprising it’s so popular. Is it the future? Sure, along with other forms of content (text, video, images, etc).

  4. Thanks for the info. I do not particularly like infographics, but the content is certainly valuable.
    I hope you don’t mind if I link this article on my blog.

  5. Manish Bhandari Mar 07, 2014 at 4:43 am

    Awesome info-graphic Dear! I
    but can u tell me about how and where we create info-graphic.

  6. Great infographic.
    Any ways thanks for sharing the work here :)


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