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Do Your Users Have Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues?

Everyone loves a good deal, and shopping comparison and coupon sites have made it easier than ever. If you’re like most people, the minute you see a better deal on the item you wanted to buy, you effectively leave your shopping cart abandoned in the middle of the digital aisle. The infographic below explains more in detail which particular abandonment issues are causing your users to leave your site – and how much it could be costing you.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Even though it’s clear that more than 75% of your users are leaving your site to go coupon-hunting or comparison shopping, you can still reel them back in. Here’s how:

  • Offer a coupon code directly on your site. Fill it in for customers once they add an item to the cart, saving them from searching for it themselves. Remind them of how much they’ve saved today versus the regular retail price, once they add the item to their cart.
  • Don’t hide your Return/Refund policy. Make it absolutely clear how customers can return an item for a replacement or a refund and let them know approximately how long it will take. Much of the shopper’s decision to return to your site after they’ve purchased is based on after-sales service.
  • Show How Many are Left. Being able to include real-time inventory updates can help prevent customers from abandoning their cart – particularly if there’s an in-demand item that’s running out quickly. If you’re almost out, follow’s lead and let them know that more is on the way. Even better: let them know approximately when you’re due to get more of the product, if at all.
  • Use Social Proof and Competitive Shopping – It’s a given that everyone wants a bargain, but it’s even stronger when you can show the social proof behind it. If 59 People would Recommend This to a Friend, there must be something great about it! You can even tie this tactic in with a bit of competitive shopping, by letting your customers know how many other people are shopping online right now too. Nobody wants to let a good deal slip through their fingers, and as a marketer, you can capitalize on this “fear of a missed opportunity”.

About the Author: Sherice Jacob creates beautiful, high-converting landing pages, in addition to designing blogs and writing compelling content. Learn more at iElectrify or @sherice on Twitter.

  1. Here at Dydacomp, we work with a number of small business owners who are making there way into the world of eCommerce. This is a great resource to share with them to help them understand and deal with shopping cart abandonment! Thanks for this one :)

    • Absolutely Molly. We are committed to finding the best solutions to increase your conversions. Let us know what changes you make for those people and what kind of difference they see.

    • The shopping card abandonment rate is a good indicator to make out why people come to your shop and why they leave your website.

  2. Heather Dawson Jan 26, 2011 at 10:03 am

    Nice post. On you first comment you suggest the retailer use a coupon code; however everyone would see it – even the shoppers who are buying at full price. Why not pop up an offer as the shopper is about to abandon and trigger them to buy now with a time limited dynamic offer?

  3. Jonathan Kennedy Jan 27, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Although not a new technology, catching these people with Live Chat tools is another great method. Most providers offer triggers that alert you when people are on the checkout page. People always have last minute questions when they buy – if you can serve them in real time – the chance of them completing the transaction increases 5 fold.

  4. Molly Sylestine at Volusion Jan 27, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Love your infographic and the important information you shared. It’s interesting to see what merchants out there are doing to limit the number of abandoned carts and get people to stay on their sites.

    Volusion has made it easy for merchants to get back in touch with those who have abandoned the cart. The newest version of our ecommerce software ( directly email customers who abandoned their shopping cart to help bring them back and complete the sale.

    We also agree with you: it is good to offer discounts, coupons or free or reduced shipping. Luckily, Volusion is PCI certified so the security is already there.

    Thanks again for consolidating this information into an awesome infographic!

    • Interesting how it does that. I think that it’s definitely a great feature to have. I’d be curious to know if there are any analytics on that information.

  5. Alexander Rink Jan 27, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    “27% wanted to compare prices on other sites”

    Assuming your pricing is competitive, one way to remedy this issue is to provide a link to comparison pricing directly from the shopping cart. While it may seem counterintuitive to offer competing prices, it certainly builds credibility that you are willing to open yourself up to comparisons.

    • I think you bring up a good point. Have a link that simply compares your price to the competitors that opens up in an iframe or popup could definitely prevent people from having to go outside.

  6. This is an issue we help our development clients with. We help them gain he knowledge and experience they need to deal with shopping cart abandonment.

    Volusion is in my opinion one of the best shopping carts in the market today.

  7. Awesome! Great info and the graphic rocks, we shared it on our site with a link back to you guys.


  8. And don’t forget you can always trigger automated follow up emails to shoppers who started the checkout process. When done right, it’s a very effective technique to bring in lost sales

    • That typically requires asking customers for their email address before they can get in the checkout process. Which goes against the 3rd tip shown.

  9. Cameron Carter Oct 26, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Great post about the problem that is shopping cart abandonment! I recently came across this infographic for ways to avoid this trend that you may be interested in

  10. Formula is wrong it shud be 1- whole thing

  11. Hey,

    Excellent post. This is true that shopping carts play an important role in getting more and more sales. It has been seen that shopping cart websites are getting more sales then other websites.

    Thank you

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